3 Reasons Why Your PageRank is not Increasing

Why PageRank not increasing?
The actual PageRank is a link analysis algorithm introduced by Google in the year 1998 and it is mathematically rescaled by Google out 0f 100. This is the actual formula that tells Google which website has more importance and deserves to be ranked higher. The PageRank that is popular amongst bloggers and webmasters is the Google Toolbar PageRank which has always remained the hot topic in SEO forums and blogs. Of course most of you know that the Toolbar PageRank is a number between 0 and 10 which is based on the number of incoming links pointing to a site. It is updated mostly four times in a year. The most recent PageRank update was in November 8th 2011. Whenever I update readers about PageRank news many people rejoice on hearing the news while some get demotivated. So in today's post we will learn learn the technical reasons of why some Pages rank high with just few links while others still remain where they are despite several inbound links.

Is PageRank solely dependent on Incoming Links?

The answer is a straight no! It is true that PR is scaled on the number of dofollow links that point to your blog or site, but if that was the only source to achieve high PR then why does PageRank drop for some? and why do blogs with just few links rank higher than those with several incoming links? Google robots look carefully at three factors:
  • Significance of your incoming links
  • Balance of your Incoming and Outgoing links,
  • Use of your Current PageRank.
Lets discuss these three phrases one by one.

1. Significance Of Your Incoming Links

Google scans world Wide Web every fraction of second and crawls and indexes pages in its databases continuously. It looks for quality websites with good generated content and categorizes them separately from those forums, webs or blogs that publish poor content, old stories and violate copyrights. When sites with rich authority and sites with PR greater than 2 (i.e. PR>2) link to you, your blog starts attracting Google spiders and forces them to pay you proper respect because you have been recommended (linked) by a blog that has already won reputation in the eyes of Google for the past 4 months and above. So significance is actually referring to whether sites that link to you have some PR or not. The higher a site's PR the greater its significance. Can there be a difference in who is linking you? Yes there lies a big gap. Follow the table below,
Please Note: Assume that your site has a PR 0.0 and your blog starts receiving the following Links from one single site. I repeat the incoming links mentioned here are from one single site and not several. See how these links can effect your PR.
Note: The follow data is based on my experience so far and are mere but close assumptions.
Website's PageRank Impact
PR 0.0 50 and above links required to earn a PR1 or PR0.
PR 1.0 About 5-10 links from this blog Can Earn you a PR 1.0
PR 2.0 One Link can Earn you PR1
Greater than 5 Links Can earn you PR2
PR 3.0 One Link can Earn you PR 1 or PR2
Greater than 5 Links Can earn you PR2
PR 4.0 One link can earn you PR2
5 Links Will Earn you PR3
15 and above links will Earn you PR4
PR 5.0 One Link can earn you PR2 or PR3,
Not sure about PR5 and PR6
PR 6.0 One Link can earn you PR3
Two Links PR4
Not sure about PR5 and PR6
I have mentioned the impact of 15 links only for PR4 because this is what I have achieved so far and I really don't know the intensity of impact at higher PR's for such numbers of link density.
For the past one year I have been receiving Guest posts on my blog and I have observed how the number of posts from this blog benefitted the Guest Author. With this current PR update MBT guest Authors have received a PR1, PR2 and PR4 from a low PR stage. Hassam our Senior Guest Author managed to receive a PR 4.0 while initially at a PR 0.0 just by writing 25+ posts at MBT and still counting.
So if your fellow mate received a PageRank increase with just  one link and you could not with 20 or above links then check back to see if your incoming links are rich and significant. This is one reason why some rank high while others do not!

2. Balance Between Incoming and Outgoing links:

Make sure to link external sites only when needed. When you link external link , you are indirectly sharing your PR with that site. Linking low quality websites or linking Iframe pages etc often effects your PR. Of course your outgoing links will always be greater than your incoming links but keep the ratio between them as low as possible. This is indeed one of the best optimization strategies which is highly recommended.
If your incoming links are 100 and outgoing links are 10,000 then the chances of a PR drop is certain. One way of keeping external links low is to Tag them as nofollow. The nofollow tag will only allow your readers to visit that link but that link will not be crawled by Google robots.
Please read the following SEO based posts:

3. Use of your Current PageRank

link sellingNow this phrase has a complete different meaning. This will answer the question that why your PageRank drops when you have done nothing wrong.
You loose your AdSense Account when you violate Google Terms of Services, similarly you loose your PageRank when you disobey the rules set by Google PageRank team. It is been clearly mentioned several times by Matt Cutts and other webmasterhelp members that PageRank should not be misused. Misusing means selling links on your website to link builders especially webhosting companies. Selling links is equal to recommending a website to Google just for the sake of money and not because of quality content. When you receive a PR 3 or above, many linkbuilders will contact and pay you to add their link to one of your high ranked post. They will pay you as high as $200 per link for one year or all time. Money is something that no one can resist thus they commit this crime and upon next crawl of your page, Google detects that a new irrelevant link has been added to your post which was previously not present and then the robot scans other pages of your blog and finally comes to a conclusion "Link Sell Detected!"  Thus on next update you loose your hard earned PR. Please do not worry about revenue, give more value to readership and social rank. Revenue will naturally follow up.


Do not worry about PageRank as you should be about Alexa Rank and your Social rankings. Give more value to your readership. Work hard to increase the number of your daily subscribers and pay less attention to revenue for the first year of your blogging career. Everything will play just fine on your behalf naturally when you set long term goals instead of wrong short cuts. I hope this little info proves helpful in clarifying the technical reasons behind PageRank drop and rise. Wish to see you all rejoicing on next PageRank update probably on February 2012. Peace and blessings brothers. :)

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  1. Mohammad,

    Hmm... This is what I call a very caring post. Created specifically for your loyal readers. Admires your sincerity. :)

    But don't forget about On-Page SEO. As for someone that has been slapped with PR0 so many times in the past, I can say that On-Page SEO is what matters most because it is pointless to have lot s of backlinks when our own blogs unnecessarily leak out PageRank juices without ourselves knowing it.

    Oh yes, another thing. Beware of dirty tactics normally used by competitors. I have seen this happened to me on a few of my niche sites. Do you know what my competitors did in the past? They submitted my niche sites (not my silly blogs) to dubious, low-ranking social bookmarking sites and purposely left my links in sites associated with gambling!

    Oh yes, we have a lot of bad people out there. Be careful.

    By the way, what do you think of my social ring idea? It would be beneficial everybody, you know.

  2. this was a very informative post that i have read about the page rank , last time when i meet an seo expert @ifahja , he tell me the page rank do not work , he futher told me to check the rank checking sites and you will find nothing , but when i do so , it was working , this post make me more inspired!!

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    my blog page rank up to PR 2 in the last update .


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    I am using monop template and i want to place infolinks above drop down menu can u help me ? or wherever we want.
    Is it useful submitting our blod to different seach engines or useless ?

  6. @homebiss
    You are surely right brother. There are always black sheeps around that envy you but consistent and quality hard work will always protect you from them. And on-page optimization is really important and I was about to write a tutorial on it too.

    PS: I visited your blog yesterday and left a quest too. I enjoyed that schema tutorial a lot. Good going pal. :>

    Well actually that was a temporary redirection of Google PR server and now all add-ons and plugins show it as normal. It is Google's trademark so PageRank can surely not die. Find more here:
    Did Google Terminate PageRank

    @varinder and @halem
    Always welcomed buddies. My pleasure :)

    Find id='adbar' and please your info link code just between the div codes. I have already answered this question to you on of the previous posts. Please check your previous comments on this blog.

  7. brother thank you for replying i did as per u told but still it didnt work no ads are shown

  8. Brother Mohammad,

    Alright, I will look into your question as soon as possible. :)

  9. Mohammad
    very informative article.great going.
    i have a question if the title and description of the blog is the same
    ie it is about 66 characters.
    will it be okay???

  10. @ndark

    that place it best suited for adsense ads other ads will look awful a bit. You can delete that portion if you wish simple delete this code:
    <div id='adbar'>


    I would be grateful :>


    A simple rule of thumb is: "Less is better"
    Keep your title consisting of no more than 6 words.
    Keep your description within 66 characters
    It would be perfect. :>

  11. @Admin

    For more better illustration read this http://www.mybloggertricks.com/2008/11/count-characters-in-post-titles-meta.html

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  13. Thank you for this post my friend, at least now I am gradually introduced about this thing, when I received my pr the last last update, I did not even noticed it until a friend told me about it, I actually expected for an increase on November, but my blog remain 1/10, but that's alright, at least I did not lost. For now, I will be more extra careful because this lesson is very clear to us, so thank you so much! And about the nofollow thing, I have been adhering on it, I measure out what link should be tag as nofollow or dofollow! You are always doing great my friend! And you are right, as a new blogger, we should not put value on revenue, but instead work hard on our blog readership! More and more power and long live MBT! This blog rocks as always! :)

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    - Is this because the .com URL is now the main URL and I have to start from ZERO or is it a punishment for a duplicated site?
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