How To Buy Domain with Unverified PayPal Account?

unverified paypal accountRunning a Blog on a self hosted domain is very important for many reasons. You might have read all those reasons on MBT so i will not discuss them here. In short, custom domain is a must for every blogger. I remember when one year before i started blogging, i was 18 years old. I do not have any Bank Account or any Credit Card. I was searching for some domain providers that accepts payments via Unverified PayPal account.


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What is a Verified and Unverified Paypal Account?

Verified Paypal Account

To verify your Paypal account, you have to link your Credit Card with Paypal. This is a special Credit Card. It is not the ordinary card which is given to you when you opens an account in Bank. This credit card is Visa Card or Master Card which are used for online shopping. When you link your Visa or Master Card with paypal, than your Paypal Account is verified which means now you can send or receive unlimited money. No restriction. No Limit.
And in case you do not have money in your Paypal account than you can use your Credit Card which you have linked for making any payment.

Unverified Paypal Account

Simply the account which is not linked to any Credit Card is unverified Account which means you are restricted to a number of transactions and moreover you cannot shop online as many Big Online Shopping Sources do not accept unverified Paypal account.
Why Websites do not accept Unverified Paypal ? 
Many websites do not accept payments from Unverified Paypal because an unverified account has no GUARANTEE ! If your Paypal is empty than they cannot get their payment.
In many cases you have to pay after the work is done and in that case you can easily cheat them with your empty Paypal Account. So a verified account gives your information to Paypal and they can easily track you if you cheat someone.
In short, Verified Paypal account is due to SECURITY PURPOSES!

How to buy a domain with unverified Account ?

Many teenager bloggers face problem buying a domain because they do not have Credit cards or Bank Accounts. Even Godaddy do not accepts payments with Unverified Paypal. So here i am sharing with you a domain provider which accepts payments from Unverified Paypal Accounts. And that provider is namecheap. Their services are also very good. Same prices of domains. Easy to setup.
So if you want to buy a domain with your unverified account than go to namecheap
Hope this helps many newbies. Peace and Blessing :)

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  1. Unfortunately we Indians still cannot shop online without a Credit Card even with an unverified paypal. I have a paypal verified with bank but still needs to get a credit card to shop due to those RBI rules which are...... anyways... hope it changes soon..

    And yes I am with NameCheap already & it is very good with their live chat included :)

  2. thats good Haider , in pakistan their are also some reseller who provide web hosting and domain names u can also buy from them! RISE PK

  3. thanks bro. i get my domain now.. for just $10.87 sub total. NAMECHEAP is so easy for the beginner like me. thanks buddy.

  4. @pejayuja

    Congrats mate.
    Excellent choice but I think didn't use the coupon code which would have reduced the price to around 9 USD. Anyways not a bad deal yet :)

  5. Yes, apart from namecheap, there is Dynadot & Fatcow.

  6. also accepts unverified PayPal and offers free whois protection as well!

  7. I bought my domain name from this site . It is the one of the best and reliable domain registrar.