Enable Blogger Threaded Commenting Option!

Update: The Tutorial for Unofficial Templates can be found here: "Blogger Threaded Comments For Custom Templates"

imageBlogger has recently announced an amazing Wordpress like feature of tailing comment system to all official BlogSpot templates. Blogger now supports threaded commenting. Your readers can now easily interact with more freedom and flexibility while leaving replies or posting comments. Normal Comments and Comment replies can easily be differentiated from each other. Previously we would use a Reply button to reply to comments and often used the traditional method of using the @ symbol to point to a specific commentator.

Luckily Blogger team has gifted us with many extra ordinary big changes over the past one year. This latest development of threaded comment system is only available for Official blogger templates which includes Blogger Dynamic views but I have been emailed a guest post tutorial guide which includes the easy tweak which will let you use the same threaded system on your custom templates. I will post it tomorrow inshAllah. For the time being lets see how it works:

How To Enable Blogger Threaded Commenting Option?

You just need to enable two options:

Set FEED to Full

  1. Go To Blogger > Settings > Site Feeds
  2. Set Allow Blog Feed To Full

blogger threaded commenting

    3.   Hit save


Embedded Comments

You must emebede comments below posts as you can see in our blog. The comments are visible just below posts and you don't need to click a link for comments to popup. I am sure most of you are uising emebedded comments but for those who aren't please do this:

  1. Go To Blogger > Settings > comments
  2. Choose "Embedded below posts"

embedded comment system

  3. Hit Save


All done! You must see now a reply link below each comment posted. Clicking this link will allow you to reply to a specific comment.  Enjoy this excellent new feature.

How To Use Threaded Comments in Custom Templates?

I will be publishing a detailed tutorial tomorrow which will include the easiest possible method. I have received the scripts and I will first need to debug them to ensure it works just fine with all running templates without any errors or SEO conflicts. Stay tune buddies. Peace and blessings pals! :)

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  1. Hi, I do same as you say but till now I can't see reply and delete comment option in my blog. But in my another it will see as in given above screen. Please help me out this waiting for your reply.

    1. Congratulations Everyone, We finally found a working way. As you can see the reply button and Delete button (if logged in) appear just perfectly but the comment style like colour, font type has changed which is not a big problem as I will be writing a post on that soon. Be ready for todays post at 12.01 AM.

      Peace :)

    2. One suggestion. We can add something like hiding the comments & displaying a link like view all comments. Drop Down or something. I seen it some template but didn't remember which one was it..

    3. @sam
      That is a Jquery effect. We can surely introduce a Dynamic View like comment collapsing function

    4. Collapse. That's the word. It will be a good edition to threaded commenting.

      And now you don't need to put @ :p hahaha...

    5. Oopss.. That suggestion is already in the post image..
      What Sam where is your concentration? Looks like I need to check up my eyes :p

  2. I noticed they changed that. I am sure hoping the custom template option in your next post will fix mine. I had custom comments design and now it's all boring again. lol I had thought it was something I did, but it just happened after the comment switch. Coding gets to be a headache. lol

  3. Awesome , but i'm waiting for a full version

  4. My template is redesigned closely to yours Sir since most of the knowledge I got are from your tutorials. Now I am hopefull waiting for your detailed tutorial explaining to us how to apply this to our custom blog templates.

    For default templates, as long as their feed is set to full and choose the embedded post option, as of my friends, their comment system automatically adapted the threaded comment option when blogger finally launched it. I examine the html codes, and my template, yes contain the necessary codes for the threaded comment, I can see 'allowthreadcomments' and other related commands or function... there must be something that caused it not to show.

    I know you are expert enough and I trusted you for all that matters! You are my certified Blog Master!

    P.S. I hope I can still use the set of emoticons when it's finally done because my readers and friends really love and enjoy using it!

    Prime Aque @ simplifiedblogging.com

    1. @Prime
      All credit goes to your efforts and keen passion to learn and apply. Its only this quality that will push you even more higher. Always welcomed buddy. Thank you a lot for your kind compliments. :)

  5. in custom template
    a've posted >>> http://www.themasdoyok.com/2012/01/memasang-thread-reply-comments-blogger.html#poskankomentar

    a've modified, facebook style...


  6. Sigh. I installed Disqus just last week! And was wishing Blogger had this system. Oh well. I don't know how to switch back now :-)

  7. This was a much needed feature which everyone was waiting for I think. Thanks for bringing this in front.

  8. Waiting for Customized threaded commenting feature as the older commenting feature is gone.

  9. Hey how to customize comment box like your blog??? plz guide me
    thanks you sir

  10. I will be publishing the codes in a while. We further notice that setting FEED to full is not necessary and it works perfectly even without it.

  11. Waiting for it. Without customization the comment section looks so bad. What Google is doing ?

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  15. here's my blog on iphone unlocking threaded comments won't activate in it :/

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