Facebook Timeline has Officially started Replacing Old Layouts

Remove Facebook TimelineThe most awaited Timeline Update is soon to roll out all over the world starting its first major release from New Zealand. On 6th December 2011, all old Facebook profiles in new Zealand were replaced with the new Timeline layout that displays a hierarchy of all your experiences  date-wise like post updates, photos and video uploads. The activation will be applied to the remaining 800 Million accounts this month and it will be completed hopefully before the start of 2012.


Live Demo

What is Timeline?

Here is the Facebook Official video link which will describe you, what is timeline. Watch this:

You can also add interesting new Social Apps to your timeline profile that lets you show the things you like to do on your timeline. Things like the music you enjoy listening to, the recipes you try, the runs you take, the movie that you decide to watch today, the Cinema that you select for outgoing and much more! Watch it:

Official Release Note:

On their official blog post Facebook's Product manager stated:


UPDATE on Tuesday, December 6, 2011: Beginning Timeline Rollout in New Zealand

We announced Timeline in September and made it available to developers building apps on our platform. Since then, over a million people have signed up for the developer beta to access Timeline. The feedback we've received so far has been invaluable. Starting today, we are making Timeline more widely available as we measure speed and other types of performance. We'll begin by making it available to people in New Zealand and then roll it out more broadly in the near future.

The Timeline has also slowly started rolling out in Uk, USA, India,  Pakistan and Sri Lanka. It has been applied to our public profile:

facebook timeline view Pakistan

How to delete it after being lunched?

Unfortunately once the launched is made official then there is no way you can remove the Timeline Feature and revert back to old Profile. Those who have Enabled the Timeline feature using the Developers page would be forced to use the new layout even if they try to remove or delete the app. There is no option available at present that lets you to use Old Facebook profile just like how Facebook changed the Chat column and provided no option to switch to old Chat layout.

If you want to enable it before the launch then read this:

This is one way to remove the Timeline using the App method which wont work for countries where timeline has already been activated.

Man I honestly hate the new layout just like any user out there! Let us know what you think of this new feature and how can you favor the new Profile look over the old. Peace pals! :)

News submitted by Yasir Tahir.

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  1. I also hate New Facebook Timeline Layout.

  2. last time when mbt made a tutorial on changing the time line , i chang it but when i see i it was not very good i remove it from by following the process in another mbt tutorial , i think the old one is cute then the newer!

  3. Booooooring this New Facebook timeline.

  4. The old style is better !!
    @Mohammad : Hey Bro; I PM you asking help about Monop template; any chance of getting it ? Thanks

  5. Honestly, I like new timeline feature. It pretty cool.. like we can set a large landscape size picture along with the profile picture.. and moreover it has been activated on my profile too.
    Before, i used developer app in order to activate it, then i deleted that app and switched back to old.. coz i hated it that time..

    one day, automatically, my timeline was activated and i was little surprised. First i thougth like either that app is activated or something wrong with them or someone has hacked into my account & did all this mischief :D

    But what i found ISSS!!!! There was no developer or any other app with open graph enabled! :O

    I was confused!! I serached alot in google for removign it.. but all i got was old methods of removing it..
    but now as time passes away,, i am little habituated with timeline.... and I hope everyone will like it some day.. and then everyone may say like "How fool I was, who hated this and love OLD one" :D :D

    But thank you so much dear, I got your feed in my inbox and now finally i got to know that it has been launched officially!!!

    Thanks a LOT!

  6. assalamualikum ahmed bhai , i have a problem ,i have tried your related posts method (http://www.mybloggertricks.com/2011/06/related-posts-widget-for-blogger.html) but your method is showing photos in related posts, but i dont want photos and i just want show related posts one by one, not side by side. please tell me a way to show related posts one by one. and please tell me how to correct bookmarking icon error. my facebook bookmarking icon is showing something else (http://qayyumhackingarticles.blogspot.com)please help me with my 2 problems. allah hafiz

  7. It sounds cool that most of you have a rather optimistic approach.

    @Faiz I wish the same method worked but the new change is not reversible and is auto set. :>

    Pretty fast at accepting new changes haider? :d


    I will check the comments on that post soon buddy. A little stuck with many tasks as the year is closing.

    That's exactly I tried. I am visiting the developer's forums in order to find a tweak to get rid of it but till now there seems to be no working way to remove Timeline.
    Since I don't use Facebook for personal use therefore I don't bother the change a lot as long as the Fan pages remain the way they look (A change there could enrage the Devil inside me :P)

    I rechecked the Demo page set by Facebook for timeline and I must tell it gives a much better social touch, things though seem a little confusing and it will take time for all 800 Million users to get use to the new interface but I am sure Zukerberg's this idea has a deep logic in it which we will be discovering soon from User Response.

    Thanks for your kind comment. :)

    You mean you just one Links to appear just like in MBT. I got you bro, will be writing a tutorial on it soon. It really saves load time.

    Even My blog has that thumbnail/snippet display problem for facebook and Google+. It is happening due to wrong fetch of data. I am looking into this problem. For the time being you may use this method:
    Post blog Feed to twitter and Facebook

  8. Mohaamad Bro i have emailed you. kindly reply me back
    thanks a lot and stay blessed.

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  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  12. Check out Cover Photo Magic:It’s a Facebook App that will allow you to create a personal unique cover, based on photos from your FB albums. Over 200 pre-designed templates. NOT the common cover wallpaper app.

  13. thanks a lot...
    take a look at my website :)

  14. I HATE the new Timeline. The ONLY solution out there to Remove or Delete the Facebook Timeline:


  15. thanks admin i looged after year to my account :P

  16. Lets make a cause and zukerberg see it !!! :)

  17. Salaam Faiz..well i everythng google it..I hate timeline..unfortunately my frnd ,made it timeline to our facebook page..i want my page to be back to old..please share if you have any idea..

  18. http://www.fbpurity.com/remove-facebook-timeline.htm

    friends pls follow this link you can remove timeline