October 17, 2011

Disable Facebook Timeline App

disable Timeline layoutFacebook timeline is a great way of displaying your old photos, memorable posts and apps with your friends and family. This feature changes your entire Facebook Profile layout into a more attractive look. I previously wrote a tutorial on how to Enable Facebook Timeline Feature and today I am sharing the tutorial on how to completely remove the timeline app from your profile and revert to older Facebook profile layout. Since this time-based story telling did receive mixed feedback therefore it would be really helpful for most of you to learn how to undo/delete this application.
 UPDATE: Facebook Timeline has been officially activated on all old layouts. Know why you can't undo Facebook Timeline?

How To Disable Facebook Timeline Layout?

  1. Log in to your Facebook account
  2. Then visit this page Developers
  3. Towards your left you will see apps. Choose the app you created for timeline. In my case I named it Timeline Feature.
timeline settings
    4.     Click the Edit Settings link,
edit timeline settings
     5.   Then on the settings page towards bottom-left you will see many options under related links, Choose Delete App. Which will delete the timeline app.
delete timeline
       6.   Confirm to delete the app and Bingo you have successfully shifted back to the older Profile view.
older Facebook layout
Visit your profile to see it in its exact previous look and layout. Do let me know if you needed any help pals. Hope you find this helpful. :>

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  1. if the app is important, just disable open graph, and work....

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. until now i am unable to set my facebook page to timeline plz explain how to do this ??


  4. @mALIK


  5. so, as you can see, my brother was the one who made my facebook to facebook timeline. Fbtimeline is great, but then the sad part about is that, friends can't really appreciate FBtimeline unless their accounts are also activated to FBtimeline. I reverted my FB back to the old one. I just deleted the app and it went back smoothly, but when I viewed my main account from my second account, not a single update shows... except for the automatic apps. :/ please help. :) Thanks in advance!


  6. Hi I have followed the above steps and deleted the app but i still have the timeline active...I need to undo the timeline...Any help would be appreciated

  7. @Neel
    Did you enabled Timeline using the method mentioned here -> Enable Facebook Timeline

    If yes then it must work else I am preparing a new tutorial on it.

  8. I can't get my old profile back. I deleted the app and still it's the timeline

  9. Unable to disable timeline, dont have developer account . PLEASE HELP ASAP :(

  10. me too...i cant disable facebook timeline..huhu

  11. this trick fails ahmed mustafi ............. now what to do

  12. Hi friend.... I activated facebook timeline through this method. http://learnwebtips.blogspot.com/2011/12/how-to-activate-facebook-timeline.html.

    I couldn't see any method for deactivate it. Would you please help to remove it...? pls..

  13. i need help email me @mr.cleanup601@gmail.com i cant get it to change back to the old one

  14. Hi Mohammad,

    I have recently activated timeline feature. But I do not like that and I want to get old look back. I tried your method and I was unable to do it. There is not any apps in my developer account. How can I remove / desable timeline? Timeline is boring.... I expect you will help me.

    Thank you.

  15. not working there is nothing in my facebook left side bar developer page :(
    Facebook timeline cover

  16. nice post but see more on http://www.timelinecover.co.
    and know about fb and more

  17. this method is not working for me because my timeline is started automatically without using developer

  18. Hey!Good day! I tried these steps and nothing happened. Is this because they made it permanent for those who tried it way back before they made it live?

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  20. what if you dont have an app i did this as a joke but i hate the timeline someone help

  21. what if you dont have an app i did this as a joke but i hate the timeline someone help

  22. this post tips is fail. you just remove the apps you created not the timeline layout....try again.

  23. I have try your explain but no happen in may facebook. Please help me

  24. I went to the developers page but it just showed only one option create new app. Please help

  25. Hello Mohammed,
    I dont know how but FB activated timeline on its on for me and I cannot find any App in the developer page. Please help! Thank you.

  26. @ethan @agung @dawn @reshma

    Unfortunately there is now no way to deactivate it. The reasons are being mentioned in this post: Know Why Zukerberg wont let you disable timeline?

  27. thnnnxxx

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  28. Just accept that you are stuck in Timeline

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Nice post Mohammad.

    Here is 100% working tips to disable Facebook timeline option.

    Go to the below link. Just copy and paste it in the address bar.


  31. Go to the Below Link. just copy and paste it in the address bar.

    Followed the htpp://hottest-tips-and-tricks.blogspot.in/2012/03/how-to-remove-facebook-timeline.htlm

    Worked for me just remember to separately remove it from each and every browers that you have Facebook timline running on .... :) :) !!!!

  32. great , visit me too at http://pasangkayuhijau.blogspot.com

  33. http://www.fbpurity.com/remove-facebook-timeline.htm

    follow this link

  34. Im going to break everything within my range. Fcuking Facebook updated my page to the new piece of shit TIMELINE without Fcukin asking me! I want out now!!!!!

  35. Facebook Timeline is permanent. You can also check this site out for some facebook smiley to make your chat more fun, words cant easily express the way you feel but facebook smiley faces will; http://wwsurfers.blogspot.com/2012/04/facebook-smiley-faces.html

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. try this very useful facebook application, http://apps.facebook.com/fbtimelineremove/

  38. Wait, I have a little problem. I go to the "Developers" page but there's no Timeline App created by me. Do I have to create the App before I delete it?

  39. Marvelous !! What an amazing content....subject is very good. Such a beneficial information you have provided that proves it as a golden summary about the topic...thanks.
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  40. didn't find anyapp in time line name .can u re explain again

  41. The only thing in timeline is to share pictures beautifully, otherwise it's very slow.

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  42. Amazing and brilliant to me, i am impressed by this site and i am really gonna share this site to my friends.
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  43. Thanks. Since yesterday I was searching for this answer.

  44. Excellent! its all your hard work. Thank you so much.

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. My account is not a timeline for making it through grapf but through facebook about the timeline, so the above way does not matter to me, there are other ways?

  47. Is This guide still works? I want to revert my Facebook Profile to Old one.

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  48. Nice Post. But when i opened developer page for my facebook account it just simply passes to timeline page. Please Explain this.


  49. Those who still try this trick :
    This will not work, it was only working when the timeline profile was for developers having apps, but now it has been launched to general users and there's no way to revert it back. Sorry..

  50. Nice post now its posible to disable the timeline

    Nature Photography

  51. I have red several post about the removal of facebook timeline but i can say among all this is the best.

  52. Did you know, that this way is not work more. You can't disable FBtimeline otherwise you are a webmater of facebook. LOL.
    Look at me www.syafaatfm.com

  53. Hello, I am very glad that I came across here in your blog. I need this to diHello, I am very glad that I came across here in your blog. I need this to disable my Facebook timeline. Thank you.

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  57. I really hate facebook timeline but thanks for this I get to disable it,, http://www.allfornewbies.com/


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