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Facebook new and amazing development just to arrive and this amazing Profile layout change method is called "Timeline" This new feature displays a hierarchy of all your experiences  date-wise like post updates, comments, photo and video uploads.  Timeline is your collection of photos, posts and apps that tell your story. You can see what you did in last year or last month. All Facebook status updates that you made or the fun you had so far can be reviewed by rolling back to the old days using this brilliant new feature. At present this feature can be enabled only through the developers page and will be visible to only those people who have enabled Facebook developers App. However very soon Facebook will publically enable the Profile Timeline for all. So why wait when you can try it now!


How To Enable Time Line Feature?

The steps are extremely simple and needs no expert skills. Carefully follow these,

  1. In your Facebook Search book write " Developer" and hit enter
  2. Activate the App if you have previously not activated the Developer App
  3. Click on the Create new app button towards your top-right-corner side
  4. Give your app a name and name space. You can keep any name you want for example I kept "Timeline" as the app name  and "Ahmedzai" as the name space.
  5. Follow the easy instructions and submit the security captcha code. Hit continue and you have successfully created the app and almost done
  6. Now you can see your App name on your app page. Towards the left side Look for the "Open Graph" Link, and click the "Get Started using open graph" link. Fill the blanks as shown below,

time line settings

Fill the first blank with anything say for example Read and the second with Book.  Hit Get Started and You will see three Edit Settings Page. Go through all of them if you wish to change something but you can leave them as default if you wish. I only changed the layout look on the second page.

    Now visit your Facebook Homepage and you will see an invitation at the top saying:

"Introducing Timeline - a New Kind of Profile"

timeline invitation

   7.  Hit the Get it Now button and start exploring this brilliant new feature! Enjoy! :)

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  1. great article keep it up


  2. Hey Mohammad,
    ya i know this update, great look..!!
    i am facing one difficulty, i have added Facebook comment box using your This Article but the default Blogger comment is still there, when i go to Setting >> Formatting and select Hide than it also Hide the facebook comment.
    i am using your MONOP Template so please help me in that.

  3. WOW great tutorial i love it , but one thing is that this layout will not viewable to anyone , only to developers

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    have a new template engine!

  5. @Jeet

    Kindly read this post

    It will be viewable to all after few weeks.

  6. hell yeh .....its eazy and its work thx u very much bhai

  7. Hello friend

    How to disable HTML tags for Blogger Comment area

  8. easiest way to get Timeline..............
    goto>this page and button there called signup for Timeline.....
    click this and also Click Button LIKE on bottom of page and then goto your home page you will see...............
    simple way!!!!!!!!!!!

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  10. @s_maduranga .....yes i'm agree with you so try this (https://developers.facebook.com/apps)
    On the left side of the screen, click Delete App.
    Sorry Mohammad about this spam....thanks

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