Facebook Video Calling Now Working!

facebook video callingIn July 2011 Facebook joined hands with Skype to offer its users with video calling option as a response to Google Plus but due to some technical problems it soon stopped working and now after four months of hard labour, Facebook Developers finally made the Video Calling Option available for all their users world wide. You can learn here in detail on how to set up a video call and how to start a video call with a friend and have fun chatting face to face live.


Learn Facebook Video Calling Basics

Click the link below for complete guideline on how to set up and install the video option on your Facebook accounts.

WebCam Settings

If you want to install your webcam and learn how to make proper adjustments for better and quality video and audio streaming then please read this tutorial:

How good is Facebook with Skype?

The feedback till now is not impressive. The quality of video chat on facebook is not the same as you may have experienced on actual skype Call. Users are experiencing several pauses, audio streaming problems and dull video experience. Further at present you can invite only one friend for a video  chat on contrary to Google Plus where you can video call 10 people at a time! Google+ Hangout indeed has received fragile applause from audience and its option of video conferencing is indeed a milestone for Google developers. But we still can expect improvement from mighty Facebook in coming days. Happy video calling! =)

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  1. Mohammad,

    Thank you for the heads up. I didn't know about it until I read this post of yours! :)

  2. Mohammad i visited your blog few days back through search engine while i was searching some code.believe me it caught my sight.
    wonderful blog with great learning atmosphere.
    thumb up for you....
    MM Ahmedzai i am using social media sharing widget and the problem which i am facing is when i visit my blog home page there is no sharing buttons below posts but when i check specific posts then it shows sharing buttons beneath the post.
    have i done something wrong??
    My BLog is http://pashto-arena.blogspot.com
    Saif Afridi

  3. @homebiss
    My pleasure buddy. :)


    An honour to have you here brother. always welcomed.
    Well this is because your widget is coded such that it will display only on post pages and not homepage. You can delete the two lines of code from your widget by reading this post: Show Hide Widgets in Blogger

  4. Interesting.May be one day we will have a social networking cum search engine ,catering all our Internet activities.

  5. MM Ahmedzai what i got from the refer post is that we cant use the widget on home page and posts page at same time???

  6. @admin
    You can use it on homepage too simple delete the codes that are causing your widget to be hidden on homepage. Please email me your code so that I could send you back the correct code.

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  8. @Mohammad Bin Saleem

    Thanks for your feedback pal. :>

    1. Firstly Facebook video calling is a part of our social media Category so not off topic
    2. Secondly posts like "9 biggest Advertisements" are aim to provide marketing knowledge to let people know who far can people invest to advertise their products and it is not aimed to entertain alone. It takes hours of research to find them.
    3. Thirdly blogexpo is not accredited with blogger so you will never see updates on it in your dashboard!

    What may seem nonsense to some is worth reading for others. That's what this blog offers. Variety of content so that readers may stay updated with every blogging related talk. Facebook is the biggest source of traffic to webmasters and sharing news on it is a must. I hope I was clear enough. thanks for writing to me. I really respected it.

  9. @Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

    Thanks for the reply look at this picture from blogger dashboard you can see blogexpo news on it:


    and posts like this still not match with your blog topic such as "9 biggest Advertisements" is not about blogger stuff. If you say my blog is about different topics then your blog's name should have been ''Myotherthings'' instead of ''Mybloggertricks''. There used to be many useful posts about blogger on this blog but now this blog has different stuff like in forums and I don't think it's topic is about blogger anymore.

  10. I really didn't notice that on blogger. I guess I missed seeing that. I came to know about blogexpo from blogger buzz blog and sharing those updates do make sense. Because not everyone including me logs into their blogger dashboard daily. This is one reason why I missed it on my dashboard but found the news on blogger buzz blog. They update us and I updated you guys. :)

    As per coming posts these days are concerned I would agree with you pal. I am on EID holidays and have exams on Nov 17th so I am not able to write new tutorials and MBT is set in guest posting mode. Since not every guest poster is well versed with coding therefore most of the posts are social media related topics. Kindly cooperate till the end of this month after which I have kept several new surprises for all of you. Which includes and EBook, Templates and new widgets of course. Apologies that the current posts were not entertaining for you buddy. Your feedback will always mean a lot.

  11. @Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

    Wish you good luck with your exams bro.thanks for the reply i understand :)