Blogger Or A FreeLancer? Time To Choose

blogging vs freelancing
Hello guys. The post today is extremely interesting and was in fact the topic that was bugging me from quite a while. Straight away. Blogger or a Free lancer? It could get difficult to decide ones side hobby for your self. A hobby that can make a difference in your life, in the future.

The purpose of this post is to differentiate between Blogging and Free Lancing Carriers. Both are great. But both are not for every body. Indeed you have to work hard to get to an appreciable point, whether in blogging or freelancing. It is said:

Being an entrepreneur is about living a few years of your life like most wont, so that you can live the rest like most can’t.

blogger or freelancer
Blogging is when you start a blog, on a topic that you could write the most. And yeah note that free lancing can be of many types. Like you could be a free lancer for 3d Modelling, coding or making  iPhone applications. So its totally up to you. But for the sake of this post, i would be comparing the writing carriers, as blogging is entirely a writing carrier, where you have to speak up your mind through words.

So lets see if you want to differentiate between a blogger and an article writer as a free lancer. For the ones who don't know Freelancing, its basically working for people online for their set jobs. The most popular freelancing sites are Elance and Freelancer.

You search for the topics that you are interested to write on, and you would get different jobs, posted by other people. A person starts by biding on the job while keeping in mind other bids people have already made. Like say, the job poster mentioned his budget range for which he can hire writers. Say (500-1000$). Now people would bid. Each job on Elance has the highest, Average and lowest bid shown with it.

So starters usually bid low, so that they could get the job easily.  Each freelancer has his own portfolio (profile page) from which his expertise can be judged. So this is a general background of freelancing.

Lets compare blogging and freelancing now.

The Final Show Down

As you read the Top 10 earning blogs in 2011 list yesterday, you get an idea what ill be talking about later in this post. See, blogging can be more challenging then free lancing career. The actual results that you start to get for a particular blog is no less than 6-8 months. And this period is of extreme posting with proper SEO. Other wise it could take an year to just start getting the feel of blogging.

As building traffic is hard to achieve and requires true level of commitment, you wont be getting any sum of money before a whole dry year. An extremely boring one. You would almost leave blogging on every day that you rise. Its just how it goes. But the ones who stick to it, get what most cant.

On the other hand, setting up an Elance account takes less than an hour, with your all portfolio set. You bid for jobs and mostly you get few within 7-15 days period. Depending upon your profile and biding rates.
making money online

You would have written hundreds of quality articles on your blog, but you wont be getting any sum before a proper year of handwork. Where as, people on Elance offer 20-40$ for a single quality article that the writer writes. So just say you could make fast money while free lancing, supposing your portfolio is a good one.

On the other hand, most of us got our first Adsense cheques 6-8 months after we started blogging. So blogging is not a fast way to get into money business, but indeed it grows exponentially in later years. This is the power of blogging.

Where as on Elance, you might make a hell lot more than you would in first year of blogging, still that would be it. We in fact cant judge blogging and freelancing carries right away as it depends upon every individual that what suites best for him. But just to note, that you cant make those 22,000$ each day with freelancing profile that you could get in blogging carrier.

So it depends what level of targets you have set for your selves. Personally to me, freelancing really attracts and i know i could make more than 500$ a month without a problem, but still i believe on the power of blogging. :) Its just me.

So guys, Blogging or Freelancing?

Guest Post by Hassam Ahmad Awan. MBT's Gold Star Guest Author.

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  1. Wonderful post hassam. Really enjoyed it mate! :)
    Obviously I would vote for blogging! :p The answer goes like this:
    Freelancing has a lot of importance if done with dedication and there is no doubt that a freelancer can earn on a fast pace compared to a newbie blogger. Time is precious and indeed no one can wait for months or years till they get some bucks in hand (in case of blogging) but there are few things that Freelancing lacks which are:
    No matter how much you write and how rich you get, freelancers do always live a life of anonymous writers. You do not have readers to motivate you, no fans to follow you, no authority to bring a change and no social existence because you are known only to people in your profile while a Blogger enjoys a life of a celebrity. From family, friends, colleagues to people worldwide, you have your own unique social existence. You make friends every single second, you get bolder every single day and you get feedback for every drop of sweat. Yes it requires a lot of patience at first but the fruitful gift at the end of the day is worth your hard work.
    You wont die anonymously because your blog is a written record of your life and will speak of all your memories and achievements on your behalf to the crazy two and a half billion internet users worldwide. That's a gift a Blogger receives, which in fact comes along with revenue but with a little hard work but a lot of patience.

    If you are in hurry then choose freelancing but if you want to celebrate the glorious moments of your hard work in future then start Blogging today. Because Bloggers are Authors with a name! :>

  2. Thanks bro,

    ;) A fun post after a long time. Personally it was difficult for me to repel freelancing at first..But yeah this is the choice that i had made :)

  3. @Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai
    <Mustafa bhai , what about my post :P i remade and sent you .....

  4. @Hassam
    I respect the choice. Year 2012 will prove it to you inShAllah. :)\

    Within two days pal. Exams going :>

  5. @Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai
    ok ok thnx .... i was thinking that you rejected it that's why i was asking :)
    Best if Luck for your Exams :)
    May Allah Bless You !

  6. Plz can you tell me how to add READ MORE LINK in feedburner e-mail feeds ???? i need it badly but still i did not found how to :(

  7. @Admin

    Go to Blogger Dashboard >> Settings >> Site Feed. Turn 'Blog post feed' from "Full" to "Until Jump Break".

    Hope that helped..

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. @Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

    Brother i have subscribed to your blog's feed ;) plz do send me your templates :) blog buster and mbt church theme i have commented on all themes which i want :) Thanks :)

  10. I like this post Hassam, it shows that you have the passion for freelancing. You just need to do what enjoy to do the most what ever it is. It is the only way you will continue doing.

    And I agree with Ahmedzai that blogger is author with a name. People need to have self actualization. The need to be recognized and the feel to be considered important that thrive him to continue doing it. It is like becoming a movie star he he :) especially for this well known blog.

    For me blogging is like building a company that one day you don't have to do all the hard work yourself. That is the main purpose, since you can appoint someone to dry the sweat of your face and watch it grow.

    By the way Hassam do you prefer full post feed for the reader or until jump break? Which setting will increase the number of your feed subscriber the most? since it still confusing for me thanks.

  11. @ Tips Tricks Blogger

    Pal i am personally more into blogging as i have given a taste of it in the post :)

    The post feed thing is totally up to you. I have seen many popular blogs implementing both the strategies. Presently i have implement full post in the feed, but note that it has few disadvantages.

    The world is full of thieves that would steal away your hard work and would often get a higher rank than you.

    So for securing your content from being stolen, i would recommend to implement post feeds till the jump break.

    Hope that helped.

  12. @ Mustafa

    Ermm yeah well I must thank you for introducing me to blogging.You know very well that previously this topic was so boring for me and I didnt even used to hear anything about blogging :P

    @ Hassam

    Great post I must say!

  13. @Amna
    My pleasure pal. At least you admitted that now you have somewhat a more positive approach towards blogosphere. :>

  14. @Amna

    I am glad that you liked it. Stay tuned for more..

  15. Blogging...!!!!.. i Simply love it.. im newbie.. but.. enjoyin it to the core... and it was nice post bro! :)

  16. Thanks Hassam for the Advise. It looks like I should set feed til Jump break. Once again nice post and keep on writing good post. I will visit here a lot and give a comment on your post :) he he

  17. @ Salaria

    My pleasure and best of luck for you blogging carrier.

    @Auren Lengkong

    Would be great answering your comment next time. :)