Top 10 Earning Blogs In 2011

Figures are always motivational. We all know how fascinated we get by reading different success stories. Isn't it? Search Google with 'Monthly Adsense Reports' and you'll find various inspirational writings.

Likewise, what presently you are reading is indeed a list of success stories. So sit back and control your mouth watering..So, the Top 10 earning blogs, right? The purpose of today's post isn't to just motivate you, but to show how traffic can reward you and bring you to such a golden list.

It would go in ascending order so that you don't loose interest..(still i know you would hop up to the last one :P)

Note that all the figures shared below are approximate and can vary from the original.

10. JoyStiq

JoyStiq is owned by AOL. The blog has an Alexa rank of approx 2000 (recently dropped from 1000). JoyStiq gets a huge ton of traffic which makes it one of the post popular blog online. With an approximate worth of $1.28 million, the blog secures 1700$ daily.

The major income that Joystiq grabs is by CPM Advertisement (Cost per mille) that is when advertisers pay for the exposure they get for each 1000 impressions.

9. Perez Hilton

Mario lavandeira founded Perez Hilton that presently holds 978 Alexa rank. The blog is one of the top blogs in the world with over 3500$ daily income. You can buy the blog for $2.66 million (:P). The major source of income is through Advertisement banners that sells in big figures.

perz hilton

8. Gizmodo

Gizmodo, the gadget guide, as it says, is a poplar technology blog that has a pretty high Technorati authority.The blog post 10-20 daily articles that has awarded Gizmodo with 590 Alexa rank. The blog again plays in millions with the total approx worth of $2.86 million. Daily income is around 4000$.

7. Life Hacker

Nick Denton founded Life Hacker. The top notch blog provides daily tips to get things done. Daily revenue is quite mouth watering. The blog generates around 5000$ daily with $3.52 million total worth.

Advertisement through banners is the main source of income of Life Hacker.

life hacker

 6. Tuts+

With an Alexa rank of 623, Tuts plus gets massive traffic that generates 5000$ daily approx. Tollis Taeed has build up the blog that holds 722 quality tutorials with more than thousand tutorial source files. Tut+ is the top tutorial blog. $3.7 million is what all you have to pay to get hold of it :)

tuts plus

5. Smashing Magzine

Smashing magazine is an online magazine for professional web developers. You get thousands of techniques to approach a specific task. It has an Alexa rank of 578 with daily income of 6382$ approx.
The blog's worth is $4.66 million.

smashing magzine

4. Engadget

Engadget is one of the most popular Technology blog with millions of daily visitors that provide a daily income of around 10,000$. You could read the blog for all day long and wont get bored. Engadget is worth around $7.2 million, being one of the top earning blogs all time.

The new iPhone 4S is hot on Engadget now days :) Engadget is in the top 343 websites on net! Peter Rojas is the guy behind the mighty site.


3. Techcrunch

Techcrunch is THE top technology blog and is considered as the guru blog. There is a huge staff behind the blog success with many writers. Frequently post 20-30 articles daily, Techcrunch has set a reputable space in the modern tech world.

The blog gets around 14,816$ daily with a total worth of 10.82 million dollars. Techcrunch has an Alexa rank of 215.


2. Mashable

A blog that every body has heard of. You might be waiting for it in the list. Mashable, as the name suggest is the mash up of almost every thing online. Its the ultimate blog to follow. The posts are quoted world wide due to the authority that the blog has created over the years.

Mashable is owned by Pete Cashmore. The daily income is around 15,781$ with the total worth of the blog approx around 11.52 million dollars.


1. The Huffington Post

Last but first..The Huffington Post. Arianna Huffington developed the most profitable blog over the years, with daily income reaching 30,000$ ! The main source of income is through PPC (pay per click) with dominantly Adsense. The blog worth an amazing 21.82 million $!

(See you jumped right here first!)

Ok guys, hope these figures were motivational for you and inspire you to start your own blog. Always aim high. Plan to make the best leading blog like these are. Note that non of these blogs got these figures on their disposal over nights. They had to be consistent and hardworking for their early years.

Best of luck!

Guest Post by Hassam Ahmad Awan. MBT's Gold Star Guest Author.

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