How to Join Google Plus? and Who Can Join It?

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google plus logoGoogle Plus (+) project seems to be one of the greatest creation of Google all time. Google has really changed the way one can surf net and now with plus one, the limits are set to endless. As i was impatient to get to see the new bloggers layout in the same way i cant get hold of my self to use Google Plus one. 

Presently Google isn't allowing to join or sign up for Google plus one openly as its in testing process, though invitation process is going on. You can post your Gmail ID in the comments box below and we can invite you as a free favor. For invitation kindly first subscribe by submitting your email ID by clicking here
Some thanksgivings:
google Plus Invitation
At this point if you don't have any idea about  Google plus one i would  recommend you to get a tour of it.
google plus
You can get registered and get in queue by providing your email address. Google plus one is generally for every Google user and is basically a social networking project that would help connect people in a better way. Many of us are already annoyed with Facebook privacy issues where we don't want to share every thing with every one in our friend list. 
Google plus one has got over that issue and have introduced 'circles'. Its a worth using social  platform and i would definitely recommend over Facebook. That was a general idea of Google plus one project. Ill keep you posted with further Google plus one development.
What do you think about this new development from Google. Do you think it can attract Facebook diehard users?

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