How To Invite Friends In Google Plus & Create Circles?

find-and-inviteIt was once said that the biggest migration that ever took place was from MySpace and Orkut to Facebook and now it's time for social media history to take a u-turn and the biggest migration to place from Google+ to Facebook is yet to occur. Just today we shared a tip on how can you join GooglePlus and today we will travel into this great new social software to discover some more tips step by step. You will learn in this tutorial on how to invite new friends to join Google Plus and create new circles for different social categories.


How to find and Invite Friends In Google Plus?

  1. Log into your account
  2. At the right side you will see suggestions. Click the link that says "Show All"


You can also   do this by clicking the Circle Icon that appears at top as shown below,

Find people on google+

  4.   In the new page you will find a list of friends that you can invite and add to Google Plus. Click the link "Add a new person"


You will be asked for that persons Email ID. Just submit your friends Email ID (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, any ID you want!) , give your friend a name and add him to a specific circle. As shown below,

Inviting Friend in Google+


You will see a Green +1'd button appearing flying into the circle you chose, indicating that your friend has been successfully invited and added to your Circle. That's it!

How to create Circles and add Friends to Circles?

On the same page where you invited friends you will see circles appearing just below the Profile Pictures. You will see a white circle that says "Drop here to create a new circle" Just click it and you can then easily create a new Social Circle by following easy instructions there.

Create Circles 

Why not watch a easy to follow video to know more about Google Plus Circles?


Hope this little info proves helpful to most of you. Have fun. Peace out! :)

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