How To Arrange Tabs Order In New Facebook Layout?

TAB-ORDERINGFacebook Tab order arrangement in the new layout can easily be changed. Tabs are the most popular apps tools provided by Facebook which can be used to display anything you want on your Like page. The Custom tabs appear just below the Wall, info, photos, discussion tabs. If you have a like page or fan page and wish to move up or move down a Custom IFRAME Tab then you can  follow these steps,

Move Tabs in Facebook

Go to your facebook like page and click the edit link that appears below the tabs as shown in the screenshot below,



Once the link is clicked you can then drag the tabs up or down to your desired position. You can also delete a tab by clicking the cross button that appears when you hover mouse cursor on a tab as shown below,



Note that you can not move the tabs up the default Wall and Info tabs. The tab arrangement can be done on for all facebook tabs or your custom tabs except the two mentioned. I hope this little info may prove helpful to most of you. You can read the tutorial series on how to create an IFRAME tab on facebook below,

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