Use Windows Live Writer & Kick Blogger Editor!

windows-live-writerI did a small poll survey by asking our readers a simple question i.e "Which Editor do you use for writing posts?" and to my expectation almost 82% said Blogger Editor and remaining said Windows Live Writer . Windows Live Writer(WLW)  is a desktop blog-publishing application. It features WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) authoring, photo, video and map publishing functionality. It is compatible with Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, WordPress,, Windows Live Spaces, SharePoint blogs, the Movable Type API, Blogengine, Square space and several other great blogging platforms.


Here are the poll results,

Which Editor do you use for writing posts?


Why Still Blogger Editor?

The Question that comes to my mind is why still Blogger Editor when there exists such a highly developed Editor that does half the work on your part?  From what I have observed is lack of WLW promotion in this respect. Not many tutorials are written on WLW features and therefore newbie bloggers are still un ware of this great magical tool. I will write a comparison Chart of Windows Live Writer VS Blogger Editor 2011 on my next post. Till then I am sure the videos below will help you greatly in better understanding the use of this great blogging software. I honestly can't blog without it. The New Windows Live Writer 2011 has complete Microsoft Office Functions in it.


1)  Getting Started With Windows Live Writer


2) Basic Authoring Of Windows Live Writer


3) Using Pictures, Videos, Maps and Plugins With WLW


4) Publishing a Post and Viewing it Live

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  1. Great videos mohd_
    i really impressed that you are writing 2-3 posts per day and utilizing your full vacations.
    Hey mohd, plz check my template and you will see credits where i write like that-
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    So how can i bring down to it below footer like you..

    I am questioning too much you because i know you are free now a days and dont forgot to write a post on avatars also.

    Karan chauhan

  2. thanks for sharing ahmed, i really doesn't know about window live writter

  3. @karan

    Its my duty after all karan. Thank you for all the kind words.
    Kindly paste your credits code just above this code,

    <script type="text/javascript">if window.jstiming) window.jstiming.load.tick'widgetJsBefore');</script>

    Your credits code starts from this line onwards,
    <div id="credits">

    Let me know. :>

    Always welcomed pal. :>

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  5. Thanks a lot Mohd _ again and again
    I love you and mbt...

    karan chauhan

  6. hey Mohd_ i wanna talk some serious to you.

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    i say my readers to view my new new blog at some address at my current blog and shift all traffic to that one..

    is it possible to do or is some problem happens with copyright issue...

    tell me the whole process or you can write a post on it !!!
    to get a new adsense........

    Warm regards
    karan chauhan

  7. You are always welcomed Karan. No problem I will write a comprehensive post on it as it would be helpful to many people. Just give me sometime.

  8. Thanks mohd_ i know what you can do for your readers.this made you a humble human.

    I want plz insert my name in your post as a idea giver to you about that post- getting adsense back with new blog....

    your blog lover
    karan chauhan

  9. Well brv, I will surely like to have a personal chat with you, I am also blogger like you =) So is there any way?

  10. @Karan
    That's just a small wish. Couldn't you ask for anything bigger?
    Of course I will. :>

    @Wamiq Ali
    I am honored. You can always contact me via that contact me page. at present due to Blog Load I am really trapped with too many things. Can't really guarantee a chat bro. Though I thank you for the kind request.

  11. @ mhd_

    Asking for bigger makes me down in your eyes. because persons like you answers your reader so kindly and delightly that they thought its their own blog. So for a bloglist traffic to his/her site is the most precious thing to him, so if you ask me to tell you some bigger,so i have a small wish to you.
    on that particular post, can you give my site a link to my site.

    Thats it !

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  12. @Mohammad
    You want something bigger?
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    Buddy you can ask any questions you have on this blog and if Mohammad know the solution then he will definitely help you out :)

  13. @Muhammad ~ Dude, No problem, I think you should have a Facebook that is why I was asking, and I have contacted you there already :D but I think you were busy those days, well yeah I am also busy in taking my blog to next step =) but I,ll like to make better community with you as you are more experienced.

  14. One new thing with Live Writer is the UNDO arrow appears to be gone, which I used often.

    Maybe I am not looking in the right place. Does anyone know if this new version still has the UNDO command?

  15. @karan

    You dont need to mention it brother. Its always a pleasure to help you no matter who the reader be. And yes you have my words that adsense post will have a link to your site. :>

    I surely will buddy. You can spam me with as many questions as you can. =p

    I have permanently delelted my Facebook Account as I was getting addicted to it and that cost me lazy in my real work. But you can always contact me whenever you need any help brother. :>

    You can still do that to go backward/undo just press Ctrl+z and to go forward/redo just press Ctrl+y. For more keyboard shortcuts please read this post -> WLW Keyboard shortcuts

  16. Assalamualaikum brother. I appreciate all you efforts to teach blogging to newbies like us. My problem with WLW is that it downloaded my template but when I create a new post, the post background is black.

    I want it to look like yours (with heading styles and so on) :)

    see my blog here:

    Awaiting your answer impatiently :)

  17. Post is not visible beyond first two paragraphs. I think there's some problem in your template. may be..