How To Use PayPal In Iran, Egypt and Pakistan?

solving-the-paypal-puzzle PayPal is a great Online Money transaction Service where people can send, receive, withdraw and hold payments. Around 80% of online money transfer is now made via PayPal. As I had mentioned in my previous post PayPal is banned in many countries like Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan. Now even India is facing problems with PayPal's new policy.
Now how can one really use PayPal in a country where PayPal does not function. The solution is more simple than you can Imagine. Follow up:

The Solution Lies With Your Friends and Relatives

I started web designing two years back and to receive payments from clients the only option I had was to use PayPal but since I live in Karachi Pakistan, PayPal was what I could not use. I searched day and night for a magic formula that could help me earn a living online. I had skills, clients but no payment source and that was disappointing. Those days were tough but it did not bother me for long. During a chat with a home town friend I came to know How Stupid Was I!
That blessed man told me that Of Course PayPal is banned in Pakistan but he used to receive and send hundreds of dollars a week using his PayPal account from Pakistan. I asked how? He said you can not create a PayPal account from here using a Local bank account but you can Log Into a PayPal  account From a banned Country!
Confused? Let me explain. PayPal works fine in the Following Important countries
  • Argentina
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Singapore
  • Spain
  • Turkey
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
For a complete list visit this link: PayPal Accepted Countries
If you have any trustful friend, family member or a relative living in any of the above countries, then you simply need to ask for there generosity in this serious case. How? Follow up.

How I created my PayPal Account in Pakistan?

I have a sister living in California USA. She is a housewife and an American National. I simply asked her if she could use her credit card to open a PayPal account for me using her Local Bank. Fortunately she was more than happy to help me out and it took her less than a week to fill all the legal forms and create an Online PayPal account. This whole process cost her less than $20 Dollars. Just after five days I was able to log into my PayPal account using my own Username and Password.
Now whenever I have to withdraw some cash out of my account, I simply call my sis and she being the original owner of my account withdraws the amount using her Local Bank and credit card. Within 3 days I receive the amount at home through Western Union Cash Out
This method works fine for me and is a simple practical way of using PayPal the other way Round. As simple as that! =)

How To Effectively Use PayPal In India With Current Problems?

To get rid of the new rules set out to India by PayPal then I would highly suggest my Indian friends to see if my proposed way could be a reliable solution to their current problem. A foreign Account can be used to withdraw as much as you want out of PayPal with no restrictions at all. You just need a good friend or relative to get the job done!
Bhavesh from Plenty of Ebooks Suggested some new Ways for Indian Users which I have shared below,
" The only solution right now is either use debit/credit cards for online payment or switch to moneybookers or alertpay. The second option doesn't guarantee that your problem is solved forever because as more people switch to other options RBI can impose these rules on moneybookers and alertpay as well in future.
Another solution for payments is using VCC but not a very good idea I think.
As for receiving money is concerned here is an eg. what you can do.
Eg. You are about to receive 1000 USD from someone but the limit is 500 USD. So what you can do is get that 1000 in two transactions of 500 USD each. It doesn't matters how many times in a month you receive 500 USD.
The rules are not fully implemented yet in all accounts. Some are able to send money as they used to do before and some cannot. Its just a matter of time when the rules are fully implemented.
Although I don't see that anything is gonna change in these pathetic rules you can still take a step forward a make a petition on the following site informing RBI how these rules affects you.
Here is the site where you can file your petition:
Internet Entrepreneurs of India's Petition to RBI "
I also asked him to further explain what VCC is and how widely do people use Money bookers and alertPay. To which he answered:
"VCC (Virtual Credit Card) is somewhat like a temporary credit card you can say. It is valid just for just 24 hours. Not all banks provide this service. HDFC Net Safe provides a VCC.
To create a VCC you need to have an actual credit/debit card. After creation you get a different 16 digit no. and CVV no. etc etc. which is not related to your actual credit/debit card. By this you can shop online without worrying because it will expire in 24 hrs. and also you can set a limit of how much to use in that VCC. So VCC is for some one who do not want to pay online regularly or for people who are concerned about the security. For people who pay regularly online then attaching a credit/debit card to paypal is best option so far I think.
And about alert pay and money bookers, I can say that money bookers is now getting popular after this paypal issue. Many people are switching to them because these rules are only imposed on paypal at the moment. But it will take time for online retailers because not all of them uses Money Bookers at the time because paypal was ruling but I guess they will start adding money bookers as an option for payment as well. Again its just a matter of time :)"

How Far Do You think This Solution Sounds For you?

I would highly appreciate any other working solution that you may have practically applied and it worked for you. The solution above is what I personally applied and it worked just fine for me. I just hope it proves useful to most of you. Peace and blessings :>

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  1. Thanks once again mohd_
    God bless you and this blog...

    karan chauhan

  2. Mohammad please write a note for making an account from other country.

    "Make sure that you do not login to your account from your country. If you do then paypal may block your account due to different IPs."

  3. @Karan Chauhan
    You are always welcomed pal. I just hope it works for you. :))


    Brother an account can be logged in from anywhere in the world. A PayPal account holder can travel from country to country and if he is in US today then he can be in another country tomorrow. And each time he logs in, a new IP will be registered. If he needs to transfer money from a different country then he needs not to visit his homeland for doing that. :>

  4. Yes your point is correct but most of we have personal accounts for normal web hosting and domain renewal payments. Paypal will temporarily block such accounts and will ask you to provide your identity proof.

    Its better to be on the safer side if you don't want such trouble :)

  5. @Bhavesh

    I got you buddy. Thanks for informing.

  6. @ Mohmd, Your solution is only short-lived. Pp will eventually catch up with you, b'coz their algorithm tracks log-ins made from within (USA) and without (Pakistan). To lengthen the longevity ask your sis to passively add your email in Pp a/c to keep track of it. Don't be surprised when one day you're logged out. The best solution is to use Payonner debit card. If you use elance, freelancer and infolinks, getting this card is a breezy. The request for a USA virtual a/c which functions like a normal bank a/c. Another option is through currency exchangers such as or The latter has been reported to be a scam, so proceed at your own risk

  7. @Felix Waweru
    It took me more than a year now and she often logs into my account. There must be a reason behind deactivating an account. Can't a US citizen live in Pakistan for a year or more stay and at the same time use his PP account? What exactly do you mean by this bro "To lengthen the longevity ask your sis to passively add your email in Pp a/c to keep track of it" Kindly explain it a bit.

    Though I have never heard of the other methods. I thank you for the suggestion. I will those points in mind.

    Of course it will work only if you have a relative abroad. And the world has become a global village now and I hope almost everyone of us has someone abroad to help us out. don't you? :>
    Otherwise people can try those other methods being suggested by Felix Waweru (Comment#6) and your suggested method.

  8. Plimus has been reported as a Phishing and Scam site. It also has been reported to contain Spywares.

    Beware if you are using this site.

    Thank You

  9. @ Mohmd, According to PP, if you have changed your current locations and live there as well. They blatantly advice you to open a new PP a/c to avoid any inconveniences. Passively...? I meant let her add your email as the 2nd contact. Let her email be the 1st contact. This will enable PP to rightly, realize that the a/c is used by two people regardless of location. This buys you more time :-) By the way, is there a need to completely tweek or even change one's blogger template considering Google-blogger upgrade to these same templates?

  10. @Felix

    I am really thankful for that precious guidelines. I will make sure I add my email to the second contact ASAP. Thanks pal. Appreciated the help.

    If you are using un-official Blogger templates as I am using at the moment, then you need no changes. Blogger Designers enjoy bringing new stuff every other year but most often these new changes is not what a professional looking template needs. People will still use Wordpress Converted templates as they are pretty good in design.

    However whenever a developing change is made in templates like the recent Dynamic views For blogger, then such coding is often embedding automatically by blogger into your templates. Hope this helps.

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  13. Ok i understand but if i do not have any relative or friends out of Pakistan what should i do now.I still have Paypal account in Pakistan but with other country name and also it is unverified do still i can receive money in Paypal and withdraw money from Paypal to bank

  14. Dear Mohammad,

    I am visiting US for two weeks in March and have a B1/B2 Multiple Entry Visitor's Visa of 5 years. Can I open a PayPal account and then use it from Pakistan?

  15. @khawer
    Having a relative abroad is a must so that you could use his account based on his passport.

    The requirement for paypal is that your bank account should be in a country where paypal functions well. In order to create a paypal account, you will need to open an account at any American bank and then apply for an online transaction account (PayPal)

  16. Hello muhammad nice and great tutorial posted can we both have some chat catch me up at waiting for your response

  17. If i ask someone to open it for me in the allowed country but am accessing the account from banned,will that not place limitation of my account.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. PAYPAL VERIFIED with card issued by a bank from Iran, Egypt and Pakistan, after that proces paypal account will be VERIFIED, With that account you will be able buy from online stores, send and receive money without pay percentages to various intermediaries, directly to / from your card account.
    If are interested contact me.
    My skype: cmirmd ,
    ICQ: 640442124

  20. In whose name i let my relative to open paypal account from US ?
    In my name or my relative's name?

  21. yeh i agree with Muhammad Mustafa thanks for great article bro.
    But i am using verified paypal account from 2 years and i have bought from which provide me 7 days of money back guarantee and its really worth. I will personally suggest to my pakistani users you can buy this service with confidence from above link. thanks @Anonymous

  22. I was wondering if I am from one of the banned countries and lives in an accepted country with an accepted bank account, how could I create a PP acc? cuz for my nationality should i choose a random one or what?

  23. thanks brother for sharing nice information. brother can you tell me how can i purchase custom domain directly from blogger in Pakistan.

  24. Dear Sir,
    The above rules regarding use of Paypal in India is not up to date .Now Indian account holder can use their account as before . only two requirement has been added ,one is PAN (income tax related ) and nature of service provided from a drop down list.

  25. Hi all
    i want to sell my products on ebay. i want to start online business. my brother(czn) is german resident/national.
    my brother also do have paypal account.
    as i have been used his account twice to get my money from a client. as i said him to use his paypal on regular basis.
    but he is afraid that german bank or authorities will ask when you personally doing job here. who is sending you money and you are transfering to pakistan.
    is there anybody who is using or selling on ebay and have this kind of situation ?
    or any one can help me what is the legal way ?

  26. I read an understood what u are doing but I am not sure if this is legal. I would suggest you check with paypal support that this way is legal or not. There is a risk that anytime they will find out as to what you are doing and then thye might do something like block the account. I have limited knowledge of paypal so can't comment much but this can be risky and illegal too.

  27. I want to sell something in my website
    it's TLD is ".ir" (IRAN) ...
    will there be any problem with Paypal?

  28. this post is not helpful to me !
    i wonder how to open Paypal account , b/c i dnt have any
    relative outside !

  29. Hello Mustafa...... Can you tell me if i ask one of my relatives to open a paypal account from abraod.... Whose name is he going to use??? mine or his???
    If His.... Will i be able to use his name on any online service like elance or because i have my own ids and names on those websites....

    Waiting for your reply

  30. what about me having nobody at least trusted or willing to do something for me outside?
    if I had , it wouldn't hard to figure out what to do
    by the way if you connect from a banned country paypal will block your account for sure (and keep the money)

  31. hi there...
    i have a verified account on paypal which i opened it from italy, and i was using it from italy for 3 years, )since i've been living there) but now i live in iran and i can log in to paypal with VPN, even i purchase goods (changing the address to a friend in italy) so they will recieve the goods and bring them to me in iran, now the question is: if i am able to sell goods and send them to europe from iran. I mean is it possible to put iranian address as the location of the seller? if not is there a way to sell the goods and and contact the buyer that the goods will be sent from iran, not the location mentioned in paypal... I dont care if the money goes to my italian bank and not to me in iran (simply i have an active paypal and i wanna sell goods and send them from iran and recieve money to my italian account) possible?

    1. Hi dear friend, i live in iran too i create fake account from usa because ihad too... Can you please help me؟How can I put my country bank number(iran) without blocking?