How To Do Mobile Blogging Using Android Phone?

Blogging Using AndroidAndroid developers have developed software for updating your blog with the help of just an android phone. The software is called, BlogAway. The application has been developed by kumar bibek. It works perfectly with blogger. Many other applications have also provided this functionality but what make this android app unique are its exciting new features. Some of the extraordinary features are mentioned below,

Offline Blogging

OfflineBloggingBlogAway Allows you to write posts while you’re not connected to the internet and as soon as you connect to the internet the posts are published. You can write a blog post while you’re stuck in a traffic jam, experiencing a power failure or even if you’re too lazy to open a computer or a laptop to write a post.

Multiple Account Support

android_blogawayYou can use multiple blogger accounts with it. If you have more than one blogger accounts then you can use this feature and update both of your blogs with the same application and the same phone.

Powerful Text Editor

BlogAway brings the most powerful text editor that I have ever heard of. It allows following features,
1) Blog , Italic and Underline
You can make the text bold, italic or underlined.
2) Add Colors to your post
With BlogAway you can change the colors of your post. You can add different colors to your post.
3) Add links
The facility to add links is also provided
4) Add labels
You can add labels to your post and also add geo-tags.
5) Add Images and Videos
You can add images and videos to the post but lacks the capability to upload images via link.
6) Use your Signature
  You can also add your GPS position and signature to the post with it.


FreewareThe application is a freeware so you don’t have to pay a single penny for it. You can get the application for free from the developer’s page.

Comment Back

It allows you to comment back on your blog so now you can respond to your reader’s feedbacks easily.

Read other blogs

You can read the other blogs that you follow on Google reader.

Automatic Saving in Drafts

BlogAway creates a copy of your post as soon as you start writing the post. So if for any reason you do not save the post the application does it for you.

Link your post to Facebook and twitter


You can share you post to Facebook and twitter by ticking the options of share on twitter and share on Facebook.

User Friendly

Its quite user friendly and you would surely feel comfortable while using it. Most the options are displayed on the main screen, navigation is easy and its quite easy to explore the options.
You can always contact the application developer at his website. He has been reading comments from the user and producing new versions after removing the bugs. If you find any bug or you want to suggest a new functionality you can always let him know.
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About the Guest Author:
Fahad is an Undergraduate Student, pursuing his B.E Degree in Computer and Information System Engineering. He is an excellent programmer and part time blogger. He Writes at My C Snippets. You can always contact him at Facebook

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