My Experience of ACM-NUCES (FAST) – Developer’s Day 2011

DSC01219 After having a terrible appendix operation and a bed rest for continuous 20 days I was out of touch with everything I was addicted to i.e Blogging and extra curricular activities. And just when I got better I restarted tasting the beautiful flavors of life. On 16th March 2011, I attended a “Developer’s Day” event organized by ACM-NUCES FAST University Karachi. The event consisted of IT professionals, active and talented techy students from around the city. The event  had many competitions in which one could participate and I chose the “10 Minutes Tech Talk”. Each participant was given 10 minutes to share his brilliant tech idea with the audience and that idea was to be extra ordinary and unique enough so that it could impress the judges from software house companies.

The Start of the Day

The day turned out more interesting yet funny than I expected. I was informed just the day before the event (15th March) that I must take part in the competition. I was tired and  physically week due to my recent appendix operation and had no intention of taking part in it. Some friends insisted and they took me to the event early in the morning. I was un prepared with no power point presentation slides, no notes and no nothing. I sat almost for three hours scratching my head and looking at presentations given by some extremely talented computer engineering students. But as the event continued I managed to prepare my presentation and the topic I chose as the “IDEA” was BLOGGING :p I was almost prepared and just needed a laptop so that I could display my blog on the projector instead of any power point slides. It took me a further one hour fighting with laptop and USB bugs but then finally I somehow managed to made up my mind and was ready to give it a shot!
I started the presentation with formal greetings and then a series of interactive questions from the audience. I saw a healthy participation from all corners. I described the term “Blog” and “Blogger” and paid more focus on why should One Blog? After having shared how much have blogging helped me till now to build up a happy online livelihood and how it has helped me with my day to day expenses, university costs and gym and studies, I saw people getting more and more engaged in the topic. But then during the presentation since I was unprepared and all spontaneous, I accidently slipped off few statements on some students who presented before me and the IT professionals and these statements were unfortunately taken as criticism. My point was that students often work hard day and night to become good gentlemen. They work hard at academic levels so that they could get good jobs in future. They always live up with this growing job tension in mind and often become patients of hopelessness, frustration and depression. I encouraged the students that everyone of them is a genius and if they apply their talents wisely by blogging for instance then they will have a life time happy investment, whose revenue size will keep on multiplying and will never die. I emphasized that a Blogger is self dependent and fully financially stable and does never have to worry about whether someone hires him as an employee or not because he has his own ever expanding and flourishing Company (Traffic and i.e Revenue)!. I termed some former ideas as manipulated carried forward copy cat adopted ideas and this was what that provoked half the audience and then it was poor me and the angry audience. I personally realized that I should have been a bit softer in my tone but at least I learnt that it is really important to come Prepared when you face a huge crowd.

My Achievement?

No matter what happened in the end but I really enjoyed the entire day. It was interesting, funny but a great learning experience. I did succeed in receiving some great motivating feedback from my university mates and from other students and the best part was that just after the presentation “I received a JOB offer from jeemsolutions!”  and that's what I termed as the biggest applause! :)

Event Photos

I know after the Appendix operation I look skinny so please don’t comment on my looks =d


198859_1465497696973_1819453519_869844_7922885_n 198979_1465497336964_1819453519_869842_6211419_n

Last words:

What I did that day was to show my love for Blogger and the beautiful art of Blogging. Blogging by every definition is the rapidly expanding internet phenomena that is revolving everywhere. Its all about sharing and learning. It has helped thousands of people with a happy, friendly, social, multicultural, academic and fun life. For Bloggers Blogosphere is their only virtual world where they feel at peace, where you find nothing but love, respect and honour. Forever do we Blog and forever will we Blog! Peace out! :)

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  1. I am glad you took part in that..
    And you succeeded as well by getting a job offer..:)

    So did you accepted the offer or it is on hold..


  2. Mustafa bhai its nice to see One more acheivement of yours.I understand the feeling of yours at that time because every time when i deliver my seminar i feel superb.May god give you more happiness and success and most important make you a good person always.want to advice you please work on ur health and take proper rest.
    BHAI i am soon going to launch my personal blog and need a fully customized theme for my blogger blog. i thought to design it like
    If you can design some unique i am ready to pay but it should be unique for my personal blog.
    waiting for ur response.

  3. Well mustafa try to avoid criticism, Because criticism may win the argument but may lose the person whom you are arguing with, Else every thing was fine with the presentation

  4. I was there in the audience. Had presented my project before you.

    1. You were going fine, until you reached a point when you had nothing else to talk about and that is when you started attacking other people and 'devs' in general.

    2. Its not just a blogger that is independant. It is a 'Freelancer' and anyone can be a freelancer. It can be a dev, a blogger, a security analyst, anyone... even the ones with good writing skills can earn without having someone bossing them.

    3. You could have used your facts and figures to a good use rather than using them to prove that you are the best their can be. As the place you were honored to talk at, was FAST and if you would have looked around you, their were 'world-class' achievers of every field of IT. You or your friend might have been awarded by P@SHA but some of the attendees were even awarded by big names such as Microsoft, IEEE. (google about them)

    Anyway, my apologies if I offend you in anyway but you need to reposition yourself in your mind. By which I mean that you have a long way to go to be called someone 'successful'

    Asad Memon
    Freelancer since 2004 ;)

  5. @Bhavesh

    Thanks pal and I still have to meet them and see what exactly are things at work.

    Your teacher did surely had a gentleman delivering the talk. :> and I haven't made up my mind yet.

    Those words meant a lot buddy and thank you for all the kind motivation and concern. I wish I could design a template for you but as time goes on we are often over burdened with too much responsibilities. I have exams ahead and few uncompleted projects. I will tell you about some other good designers who may do the job for you and much better then me :)

    I do accept the fact and have already acknowledged it :)

    Hey glad to have you here pal. And no I am surely not offended but rather flattered to have read your views on the talk.

    1) As I mentioned earlier it was all spontaneous and unprepared. I did saw many stats and wrong non-credited projects being displayed. Even Tabi's Gaming programming was done by Taha but no one objected to it and gave him applause instead. But Yes I realized I should have not gone too hard on developers at least :)

    2) I would pardon correct you here pal. A security analyst, a developer or that anyone with due respect as you termed are Age bounded. Blogging can be done even by a 12 year old school guy and yet he can earn fair enough to cover all his day costs. That's where the point lies. I wish I had more time to have shared the blessings of blogging which rarely do people especially in Pak realize. There is a lot to it. I hope my next post will clarify it.

    3)I do respect and agree to that. Dude everyone is best when it comes to his field of interest and yes I will claim it again that out of those approximately 70 bloggers sitting there, all hands were put down when I asked "Is there anyone with 10,000-17,000 daily visitors?" And there was all silence. That's where I mentioned that rafay, haris nadeem and stupid I are blessed with this gift Alhamdulillah. By best I meant we love to share our knowledge and If given a little more time, I was about to announce that I would teach for free everything that could turn a common student into a freelance active blogger. A career like Development, security analysis requires time and demanded amount of study but blogging can be given a go even from this very day.
    Dear the technology anaylst there and those undoubtedly genius guys all have my due respect but they were there to show what they had but I as a Blogger was there to Show what you Can Have. I shared my revenue secrets to motivate you guys that with a little effort what you can have and on my next visit to FAST I will come prepared with many facts and figures to cherish you all with what was missed mentioning on that day.

    I hope I was clear enough to clarify some doubts. :)

    And I highly appreciated your thought on this topic and you are always welcomed. You had a great presentation and Congratz for the award. :>

  6. how much does mbt earn in a month?

  7. You should have avoided the criticism :P
    All over your presentation was great I must say!

  8. Tell me bro about those persons because i want to start it as soon as possible.
    By the way would you teach me blogger template designing or help me to understsnd the basics of designing at least.

  9. @Anonymous
    I never replied that online for competitive reasons. You should have been present in the talk. :)

    I know I should have :>>

    I have sent you the details. Please check your email buddy.

    I did respect that and would appreciate if you share the URL's of those HardCore Bloggers? :>

  10. Mustafa what3v3r you said that day I luv3d it p3rsonally. Thanks for th3 valuabl3 pr3s3ntation.


  11. @Mohammad
    Present in the talk???
    What does that mean???

    You are correct at your end but look at the other end as well..
    When Mohammad was stuck in between he had nothing to speaking and thereby he got under pressure and his brain didn't function well..

    This can happen to anyone in this world when he is facing large audience and got stuck..

    He told whatever came in his mind because he didn't had time to analyze what he is saying is good or not..

    If you were in Mohammad's place then I BET you would done something similar to Mohammad.

    This is my experience on a person's mind reading.

    Hope you understand the other end.
    No Hard Feelings.

    Thank You

  12. Hey MOHD_ congrats for the job actually you deserve this!!

    Mohd_ I have still struggling so much for loading up of my blog fast likw RHA and You. but the only problem is that yours blog come like flash and but in my blog every thing loads one by one..
    i am requesting you to check my page source code in google chrome and tell the problem.
    plz again compare my blog with you..

    karan chauhan

  13. That Was Amazing!!!
    Your really boosts my confidence level..

    thanx.....will learn more from the great geek bloggers...

  14. Congratulations . .
    well. . .I am not letting you go like this. . .
    meet me in university. . .you are giving us a pretty nice Party. .
    You have the job offer . .and that's enough for it. . :)

  15. Congratulations Mustafa! your presentation was as usual good. Really inspiring.

  16. @Ramesh
    Thanks pal. I wish more people could think open mindedly like you. Those words meant a lot..


    Thanks hari! :>

    I meant the presentation. Its where I shared some of my revenue secrets. :>

    And dear its just ok I don't mind what syed said. People have different views and we got to respect that. I personally thank you for understanding my case so maturely even without having attended the talk.


    Thank you man and I have commented on your load time issue on my latest post. Please refer there. How to add animated favicon in blogger?

    Thanks for the honor! :)

    I still have not accepted the offer so boy patience! :p

    Thanks pal for the kind remarks. :>

    Thank you wamiq :)

  17. @Mohammad
    I respected his views by saying:
    "You are correct at your end" in the very first line..:)

  18. I really don't have much to say but i think you did more than good and about criticism, well it's just that we all have our own views,some present this in a more proper manner and name this as their opinion and others who not familiar with this art are blamed as critical in thoughts. I'm sure you'll learn this art by time. After all you are only at a learning stage my friend :P one more thing my friend keep up the awesome work! who knows , one day you'd be one of the biggest bloggers! ciao :)

  19. @bhavesh

    I know you did and you are always much polite in tone. And you as always was 100% right! :>

    You already said a lot as kind complement buddy. I am thankful to you Sargent and thanks for all your kind wishes. :D

  20. you chawal animal! :P
    when you'll pinch others, they'll scream at least :D hahahaha
    brilliant work though dude! i am most impressed by your humour skills because i know for a fact that humour is one tool to win over the hearts of the most boring audience!
    oh and yes, before i forget: I LOVE MBT!!! :D

  21. @Mohammad
    100% ???
    Don't tell that because there is always something left..
    99% is ok :p XD

    @Syed Bilal Farhat
    For a moment I thought you are "Syed Muhammad Ali" because the first name is same...

    Can you explain what is the meaning of "you chawal animal!"
    I know what is chawal/chaval (Rice).. Is it..

  22. Congrats !!
    Hmm i think you forgot to say in the event how much you helped us all with your hardwork! Anyways i'm sure you were, as always, modest :))

  23. @Bilal

    And as usual I did love your humorous but kind style of complementing. Thank you =>)


    rice? haha bhavesh it is a slang word in punjabi like " Kamina admi" :P

    I thank you pal for your words that count! :>> And I still have to do a lot for you all.. I hope I do :)

  24. @Mohammad
    Ohh.. In hindi Chawal means rice so I thought that...

    Btw I now have sitelinks for my Blog...:) Yipeeeee...

    Now I want to know that does it make any kind of difference..

  25. I was their and trust me you had the best presentation:D ... xcept for that .. ehemz :P:p !
    and pardon me mustafa .. jus got to c ur post now :) ... and yeah as usual ... its beautifully written

  26. M.Burhan:
    i dont think so k itna kuch khny k baaad mughy kuch khny ki zaroorat hai :D

  27. @Sam
    lol no problem. :p
    And yeh sitelinks indicate how purely navigated your blog is. They surely matter a lot.

    I am overwhelmed. Thank you for the first and this days feedback. God bless you :)

    Honor to have you here sir. :p

  28. Hey,
    I just went through the entire report of your presentation and a fortunate experience at FAST-NUCES!Masha'Allah. I'm soo very impressed. I tell you its just the start. Way to go! and WOW you got a job offer too Masha`Allah. ALL THE BEST FOR FUTURE :D

    Keep excelling!

  29. That was just awesome....
    This is my blog and tell me mohammad what i have to do in order to get more traffic to my blog and it is there any change i have to do in my blog....
    Waiting for your kind reply.........

  30. @Daniel

    Thank you pal. I visited your blog and it is just great. A little focus at post titles is required. Write more text and upload less and less media graphics. Robots love text. Kindly read these posts: SEO

    Pay more attention to seo and less to social media. Hope this helps. :)

  31. Congrats !!
    That Was Amazing!!!
    Your really boosts my confidence level....
    & ur are looking beautiful....
    plz can u help me..? i want to add comment box in all pages of my blog plz help..??


  32. Why can I link 5 images only..? I want to link some

  33. Salam..
    hey can i have a video of your presentation..???

  34. i was there that day, blessings adil