Amazing Google Blogger Features & Look In 2011!!

blogger_podcast_01 Blogger has been the revolutionary engine in bringing a mega change in which data is written, shared and circulated online for pure educational and entertaining purposes. With every year passing this great company is coming up with brilliant new features that is taking it closer to premium blogger platforms Typepad and Wordpress. You can read Wordpress VS Blogger Comparison Chart to know the difference between the two giant blogging platforms. Ayush Chand of shared a fairly exciting video made by Blogger where some of the upcoming new features are disclosed. I am sure you will love to see it. So here we go!

What Suggestions Do you have for the Blogger Team?

The best feedback that Blogger can receive is from you people who use it day and night. Feel free to share some of your brilliant thoughts here which could be added to the new Blogger. I can’t wait to see the changes implemented. So far what blogger has done in gifting thousands of people with an online livelihood, I must say they deserve a Thumbs up!
For giving your suggestions to Blogger kindly visit this page –> productideas

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  1. I was expecting this post to come...:)

  2. Great, the new dashboar looks like wordpress now! HAHAHAHA I am so excited... Please let me know when it will be release if You know :D

  3. blogger brand new look, and you too got the great slider of head lines...hohoho
    groarrr \m/

  4. @bhavesh

    And I knew you were gona comment! :p

    Always welcomed pal! :)

    Even blogger itself is so reluctant to share more on this then how come I know. =d But hopefully they wont make us wait for more than 4 months.

    I am glad you liked the slideshow :))

  5. HEy mohd_ i am very very sorry for giving you wrong email in previous mistake and quickness
    my email- instead of

    plz send your instruction at


  6. hey mohd- i am also sorry for that to dont respect your copyrights.
    i have removed guest poster and in future there is no such issue happened again, dont send your instructions again at
    i have read all at

    i understand your problems since you have appendix operation last week,dont wory when you have time you email me at for my banner header of 970*175 dimensions.

    hey mohd_ i want to give you donation but due to paypal policies i will unable to do it as paypal restricts indians to transfer funds.

    Again sorry.........


  7. hey mohd_ you will know that paypal have so many restriction for indians like transfer,withdraw money in 7 days and paypal buttons etc .

    therefore paypal does not support paypal buttons for indians.
    but now i am sharing a html or may be css with you that how to provide and giving the function of paypal donations to indians and others.
    plz check your mail for my guest post i will be very -2 happy if you publish it today and giving me a link and demo at my site.
    i use that paypal button and all can optimize it!!

    karan chauhan

  8. @Karan
    There is no need for CSS and HTML if you just want the normal paypal donate button..

    You can still get the donate button even if Indian..
    I am to Indian and using it on my site :)

  9. but i am indian premium member and paypal button is not available for me

  10. I know that and Paypal button is not available now for Indians (doesn't matters whatever your status in paypal is) but read this and you will get you paypal button within seconds..:)

    Read comment no.20

  11. okkkk, i see that.....

    dont wory my pp button will be attractive and customiseable..

    thanks sam

  12. wow...the new blogger features looks great...when it would be applied


  14. @Hari
    No one know the date I think..

  15. Please check your mail Bro..
    Its Urgent...

  16. Hmmm.... Bloggger is getting greater and greater! Being a bit romantic, Blogger is the first and the last love for me. Great features has been added, and will always be added. Blogger draft is the first place to visit everytime I go online. Unlimited hacks and tricks can be surely applied to Blogger's blogs. Mohammad, thanks for the latest info about Blogger. Proud of it. Oh, ya, been following you... Btw, Divya's BloggerStop and your MyBloggerTricks are my most favorable Blogs. Keep Up the good work, mate! ^_^

  17. @Karan

    Paypal is even not available here in Pakistan but we can still make transactions as I am doing at the moment. However I will chech your mail soon and will reply you back. Thanks for it :>


    I checked your urgent mail and thanks God you understand the problem I am facing :p InshAllah after May 2011, I will be at your service friend :>

    Walaikum Assalam brother!
    I agree with all that you said and it surely is a blessing. I am flattered by your kind motivations and do heartedly thank you for all your kind and generous words. :)

    I really don't have any idea when it will be released because Blogger itself hasn't said much about the beta release.