How To create Videos of Blog Posts and Share it on YouTube?

Traffic-Through-Youtube YouTube is is the most valuable source when it comes to driving traffic to a weblog or website. Most people often waste precious money on adwords and other Traffic driving services when the most cheapest and easiest source of traffic lies secretly in growing social websites. An example of one such free traffic generating source is no doubt YouTube. If you have observed the search results on Google carefully then you might have noticed that no matter what you search for, Google often displays results from two major sources i,e Wikipedia and YouTube. There is indeed a great advantage for those who wish to significantly increase there website traffic and today I will share one important trick of driving continuous and targeted Traffic from this Giant video Broadcasting service i.e YouTube

How Can You Drive Huge Flow Of Traffic From YouTube?

The Answer is simple, start broadcasting your Blog Posts on YouTube! Yes you heard it right! Let me explain it now.
Last year I tried every possible Traffic resource in order to multiply the number of unique visitors to MBT but most methods were often hectic and required great deal of time. I am sure you have tried linkreferral or EntreCard and you know how often do we get angry when after having worked so hard the Traffic that we receive from them appears insufficient and non-targeted (Irrelevant visitors) So then I started experimented with some sources which worked wonders and one of these Magic  wands was YouTube. What I did was creating videos of every post that I would publish. I did not create more than 8 videos but the Traffic from them was and is plausible. If I had kept on recording more and more videos then I am sure the Traffic that I receive today would have been thrice with no exaggeration. But due to lack of time I often fail to achieve many great opportunities..
I will share some easy steps by applying which you will be able to make a video of all your blog posts within 1-2 minutes. First kindly see the sample video below as an example,

You might have observed that I simply added a background music and then started simple recording of the post. We really don’t need high quality videos for this purpose as we just want the viewer to visit our blog after having seen the video so keeping the video short and straight is what we aim for.

How To create Videos of Blog Posts and Share it on YouTube?

The method is simple. Kindly do the following,
  1. Download CamStudio Video Recorder From
  2. Install CamStudio
  3. Then view the video below to know how to adjust your camStudio settings for quality recording.
     4.  After having understood the proper use of CamStudio simply jump at your Blog post and start Recording. Your Purpose is to provide the viewer with quick answer to his problem so keep the video short with following points in mind,
  • Start recording from your Blog header and then move to Post title and then move slowly till the end of your post.
  • Turn on your media player at the background while recording. This will make the video interesting.
  • After you have reached the end of your post then display a short ending message to the viewer as shown below,
Note:- You can use our image. Simply right Click it and click “Save Image as”
See the video below
   5.  Now Upload your video to YouTube using your Google Account
   6.  Keep the Video Title as your Post title
   7.  Add your Post link to the description and then finally hit Save.
   8.  View your video to see if it is working fine.

Multiply the Traffic Even Further!

Once you have created your video then it would not be very time consuming if you submit your videos to metacafe and dailymotion. This surely makes sense and has helped a lot of people in reaching a desired Traffic target. One of the biggest reasons why some people receive huge flow of traffics is the use of proper media. Digg, Stumble Upon, Delicious have helped people but personally I find them more time consuming and less effective these days (My personal opinion).
So people its time to Broadcast your blogs! Good luck! =d

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  1. Can any body tell me how to add adsense in youtube?

  2. never thought of it. I m sure it will work. thank you Mohammad for all the HELP! :-)

  3. @Fahad

    Thanks fahad for the appreciation and for helping others.

    @Online Helper
    Dude You must apply, or be asked to become a YouTube partner in order to display Adsense ads in your videos. Check the partner help section of the YouTube help categories to find out more details. Hope this helps

    You welcome pal! :)

  4. @mohammed @onlinehelper
    and to all ,

    Frnds, you can also drive more traffic by just uploading your posts to or ,which have high potential of indexing and ranking your blog in search engine.

    -manivasagam vrscet
    @mani4astro (twitter)

  5. hey Mohd.
    excellent post buddy ,you are SIMPLY THE BEST !!! somehow i only understand what you teach :))so it will not be wrong if i say you are my favorite teacher.this post is simply wonderfull and very informative.
    thanks for giving ur services .
    loads of love n blessings

  6. dear sir,

    very good idea......

    now i want to know some thing.....
    i want to make a web site, already i have registered my domain name.

    now i get my domain name.

    but i want free web space and other things to develop my website.

    please guide me how and want i do to a good web site of mine....

    thanks & regards,

    ashish kamthania,
    tax guru & advocate
    email :

  7. @Asal
    Thanks for the info pal.

    I am moved buddy. Thank you so much for the kindness in your speech. God bless you :)


    Kindly read the first few tutorials on this page ->Blogger Tricks
    This will help you with every thing you need buddy.

    Oh yeh you can use camtasia instead of camstudio but then it is not available free of charge :p

  8. Great post.

    To make your video BETTER, here are my 2 cents...

    1. Don't make it jerky! Too much bouncing around (like this video) gives some people a headache. Even zooming in and out too fast is very bad.
    2. Consider your audience when it comes to communicating.
    - do not speak too fast or too slow.
    - speak clearly and pronounce words correctly.
    - what language does your target audience speak?
    - get a friend who can speak better in that language for the audio.
    - include a script if you cannot speak well so that your audience can follow what you are trying to say.
    - include multiple languages (written & video) to reach more people (if possible).
    - Go by the K.I.S.S. Theory (keep it short and simple/stupid).

    We all have accents and accents are what makes us unique, so I hope no one gets offended with my pointers.

    I have left many tutorials, blog posts and videos, without reading or seeing it through for the above mentioned reasons.

    What good is you video or written words if people cannot understand you? Remember communication is key!

  9. Totally forgot to include tip about music.

    DON'T include loud and weird music! It is VERY annoying! What you may think is cool or hip music may not be to your target audience.

    Try playing loud heavy metal music to an 80 year or opera/classical music to a teenager and see what happens.

    Yes, the simple solution maybe to turn down or turn off the speakers. But that could also lead them to turn YOU off completely instead. Is that your goal?

    Again, who is your target audience?

  10. can we add blog links to pictures in Facebook.
    i.e when a picture is clicked on Facebook it directs the user to a particular blogspot