Publish Several Posts Per Day To Boost Traffic!

Post-Frequency Today’s post can turn out to be the biggest utopia of your life if you take it seriously and apply it for at least a month. What do webmasters dream of? Obviously Traffic because it is the only tool that brings along all other blessings like success and revenue. Just look around internet and see it for yourself that how many tutorials are written every single day on Traffic tips and tricks where short cuts of driving huge number of visitors to your blogs are shared. Same is true about today’s post but then how come our post today is exceptional? With my small blogging network I have observed some guys like my home buddy Rafay owner of Rafay Hacking Articles and Techlo Tips receiving thousands of visitors within first few months of their blog release. Neither do they advertise their blog nor invest money anywhere else to promote it. So how do they actually do it? I chatted and visited them and then they shared just one simple tip that is the reason behind their huge traffic and subscribers and that simple rule of thumb is “Write More to Earn More!”

Yes the simplest yet the most effective key to the Blogging door of Success is publishing 5-7 posts a day if you are the only author and 10-12 if there are multiple authors. The more posts published per day the better the results. 

How can Good Post Frequency Increase Blog Traffic?

Blog traffic Look around some mega blogs like Tech Crunch and Mashable. They publish several posts per day. One after each 3-5 hours. And that’s why these giants have occupied a great portion of the online traffic. But you can surely achieve that stage with better planning and time management. If you have a good friend circle then you can encourage them to write posts on your blog. After all great number of good articles is what you need to receive your desired traffic.

I have always personally observed my traffic expanding greatly when I post more and more. You might have observed that the traffic Percentage Change goes red in your Google Analytics when you don’t post and goes green again when you start posting actively.

Top 10 Reasons why you must Post Frequently!

This is how this simple yet most effective trick works:

  1. Robots visit blogs periodically depending on how often the blog is updated
  2. The faster a blog updates the faster it is crawled and indexed by Search Engines
  3. Since there is big competition amongst search engines themselves so they always look into more updated content and try their best to provide the searchers with the most up to date content
  4. By posting more your blog becomes an encyclopedia for Google where it can find variety of topics
  5. The smaller your number of posts and posting frequency, the smaller you get in the eyes of search engine robots.
  6. Robots are more like school teachers they love you when you provide them with complete homework on time and they penalize you (lower your ranking) when you turn lazy.
  7. When you post more, your readers will remain active and would often visit your blog and read your feeds. Thus you multiply Pageviews and page impressions. As a result revenue through Ads blossom.
  8. The only thing with which you can beat any competitor is by turning your blog into an Encyclopedia of your selected Topic. Remember the weakest point on a competitors side is always laziness so make his dumbness your strength and burst him with tonnes of articles and grab all his readers and traffic. That is surely legal!
  9. When you update more, your readership would increase because readers would often check back to see if you have something new to share. Subscribers mean a lot!
  10. Frequent updates when shared on Twitter and Facebook will surely expand your followers/ fans list.


How To Choose Posting Frequency For Your Blog?

Keep your Blogging goal in your mind and then decide which of the suggestions below best fits your needs:

  • For Rapid Boost Up In Traffic: Publish Several times per day to drive tremendous flow of Traffic. As a rule of thumb posting 3-5 times a day is considered best for Power Bloggers.
  • For Steady Boost Up In Traffic: Publish at least Once a Day.
  • For Slower Boost Up In Traffic: Publish 2-3 times per week. This campaign suits those who blog as a hobby and with no goals in mind. 

So which plan did you choose?

Do let me know how you find this new yet somehow very useful sharing. I would love to know which Post frequency Plan will you adopt to achieve what you always dreamt of. Peace out! :)

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  1. Hey Bro..
    I read this article and came to the conclusion that it would be much more difficult for me if the criteria is "Publish Several Posts Per Day" because my competitors publish 1000+ books in a day..:P

    I need to take care of point no.6 & 8 which discuss about laziness and yes I am a bit (or may be too) lazy :P

    One thing I need you to ask is about "Posting Frequency"
    Right now I am posting on an average on of around 10 books per day and all are posted at once, so in which category do I fit..
    Is it "For Steady Boost Up In Traffic"

    If yes then what is "For Rapid Boost Up In Traffic"..??
    Is it like posting 10 books each 3-5 times a day (total 30-50 books) or total 10 books posted in 3-5 times a day (2+2+2+2+2)...

    Right now I am bit tensed and worried because of suing on file hosting sites for Copyrighted things and the new Paypal-RBI rules for India and as a result I am not commenting much..

    Sorry for that..:(

    Thank You

  2. Buy doing so may decrease the quality of your post and its originality.

    @Off topic

    Have you reviewed my Website?

  3. Hello Mohammad,
    Nice article but its not possible for me to post regularly..

  4. @ Samsexy I think its much better to leave some time inbetween publishing posts. Is it legal to write about novels and other medical books download?

  5. Thats true! Thanks for the great tip.

  6. Hey mohd.
    I have always noticed one thing in ur all posts that u publish very true and practical things and thats the reason u r doing very well.No matter i publish daily or not but atleast i am aware about its good effects...
    Keep it up !!

  7. @Sam
    What do you mean by "....and all are posted at once" You mean you include them all in a single post? If yes then 30 or even 300 E-books in a single post is counted as One. Its all about individual post pages. The best for you is to write one post on each E-book with your title as the E-book title. This can work wonders.
    I agree with just Ayush said. Maintaining some time between posts will make your blog crawling rate smooth.

    And what is that policy I haven't heard about it pal? Would love knowing it. And no need to sorry, you will always be a valuable reader :)

    Oh yes it can surely be the case when you are just an individual writing whole posts. But If you want you can surely keep the quality alive to some limit.
    I have reviewed your blog and have added it to the Mixed Bag Category :)

    Its all about how much you want to achieve :)


    True sis what matters more is how you want your work to go on. If you enjoy writing just one post per week and you know you are satiffied with it then what else? :) And thank you for those kind words as always!

    Thank you pal! If you do it the good way then even two posts can mean a lot. :)

    Always welcomed buddy :)

  8. @Mohammad
    By that I meant the suppose I have 10 Books to post then I post it one after other in say half an hour which makes 10 different posts in half an hour..

    And as per Ayush is it like I have 10 Books to post so I post 1 in morning, 2 in afternoon and so on... Its basically posting in parts if I am not wrong.. Is it..??

    And that Paypal RBI is getting worse day by day..
    Here is the link to the official news...

  9. @Ayush
    What problem you are getting while accessing??

    Please let me know..

  10. @Sam
    Oh I got it now. Well if you do this way then it is just perfect however increase the duration between them. I guess you must be receiving good traffic if not then make sure you are choosing the right titles and right keywords.
    I will read that policy. Though Blogger comments are no follow so you can keep posting here fearlessly :p

    Convince friends, make your own network, encourage friends around you. Give people a chance to write at your blog. After all content is what you need. Hope this helps :)

  11. Salaaam Valekum Mohammad,

    This is Sri frm malaysia, my site is every day there is 400 visitors are watching my site.

    Recently i have signed up for google ad sense, upon 1 week later google mailed me, my account is not eligible to display ads.

    Im Seriously looking for this help. Kindly suggest me how can i configure ad sense to my site. i want to earn some bucks and looking to donate for poor or educational students.Hope u might be helping me out from this.

  12. @Mohammad
    If I talk about traffic then I receive around 300 UV per day and all of them are DIRECT..
    From Search engines its almost NIL...:P :(

    Its getting difficult for me to optimize my site for search engines..

  13. @BSR

    W/salam friend,

    I must say you have a nice blog :)
    Well buddy it is common by adsense not to support hacking, political and porn blogs. I believe the only reason why the blog could not qualify is the topic theme of your blog. In this case we can only keep trying each month and hope to get selected but the fact is buddy political blogs are hard to be accepted.

    That is not bad but if you are receiving no traffic from Google then you must analyse all your post titles, content and implement what I shared. Add words like Download, free, Ebooks and books pay concentration on a single keyword so that it may become the topic theme of your blog. In my case it is Blogger Tricks and Magazine style templates. Decide yours :)

  14. @Mohammad
    What do you mean by Add words like download, free, etc..??
    Do you mean to add in Meta Tags or in the title like "Javascript Step by Step Free Ebook Download"

    And where is "Blogger Tricks and Magazine style templates"..
    Sorry I didn't get this..:P

  15. @Ayush
    Please contact me on samsexy98 [at] gmail [dot] com if you have any problems relating to my blog. :)

  16. Salaam Mohammad,

    Im having a problem with displaying the date on top of the Post,kindly suggest me how can be i able to dispaly the date.i was configured post settings also.

  17. Hey Bro..
    Hope you are fine now.
    Get Well Soon :)

    My Best Wishes are with you :)

  18. Dont worry mohammed , u will be fine soon brother..

    karan chauhan

  19. Just for you Mohammad :)
    Listen this song and all your pain will go..:) (hope u know some Hindi)

  20. Get well soon Mohammad. I hope you make a speedy recovery and my thoughts are with you x

  21. Get well, man! Your friend Lucky Flaush wants to read new stuff asap! I wish you a quick and painless recovery.

  22. Hi Mohammad,

    Is there any info on creating personal signatures and post to a blogger site!

  23. I thank all my dearest friends, readers and supporters for all their prayers and kind wishes. I had a terrible experience but Alhamdulillah I am now just fine and ready to get back on the stage :>

    I heard that music and I must say it was lovely! Thank you pal :)
    By adding words I meant that choose some specific keywords for your blog and compete and build your links based on them. Like make the phrase "Download free Ebooks" or similar as your most widely used keyword. In my case it is Blogger tricks. Hope you get me.

    @karan chauhan

    Thank you buddy. And I have checked your blog it loads just perfect. I see nothing wrong with it. :>

    @My World4Free
    thanks pal. thank you so much.

    I am thankful for your kindness brother :)

    @Lucky Flaush
    My friends prayers were well receieved. I am thankful to dear lucky Flaush :>>

    W.salam brother!
    I wish you best of luck with your endeavors and you surely will achieve the goals at fast pace if you choose to post more and more daily. Good luck pal! :))

    @Cabinet Roll Towel
    And I thank you for your valuable comment! :>>

    @Anonymous 28
    Could you kindly elaborate your question buddy?

  24. Hi Mohammad
    Welcome back..:)

    Just check my site.. I have used the words as you said in my posts.. Is it right??

  25. @sam
    Your titles look far more better except this one

    Download Knots: More Than 50 of the Most Useful Knots for Camping, Sailing, Fishing, and Climbing

    Keep it short like you have done for others and use this strategy for a month and analyse your traffic. Also try to add the words pdf, free etc

  26. @Mohammad
    I will make it to this now:

    Download Knots: More Than 50 Most Useful Knots Free eBook

    And yes I am using PDF word also but for the books which by default have a short name..

    This mean I am on a right track..

    Btw that specific "Download" word to put in the title was suggested by "Ayush Chand" to me..

    Lets see if I can get traffic from search engines in a month or so because I think we cannot get instant traffic from SEs..

  27. @Sam that looks much better. Make sure your titles do not exceed 66 characters else it gets chopped off. Further make your first paragraph rich with keywords and always right your personal review of not more than 5-7 lines on ebooks you share. This will add more content to your blogs and will attract robots more.

    Japan natural disaster is sad. May GOD help those in need.

  28. That's where I am not good.. The writing part on my own..:P
    I am too bad at that..
    If I want to right in on my own then I will need to read the book first.. I will try to do it when I will have enough time to make them..

    Did you read my mail..??

  29. @Sam
    At least two lines or a lttle info on what the book is about. You know a little push of words make difference and you are really smart with words. Don't you?

  30. I will try.. For that I will really need to get into it and will need to release it from my heart rather than from mind and then only I will be smart with words..

    Replied to all your mails :)

  31. Fantastic post, very informative, could you pin point how one could get Google Adds to earn money, what exactly are they looking for in a post and how many page views are needed ?

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  33. Nice post! Does the rule of posting more and more equally apply to niche blog which has a limited target audience with specific keywords. My blog niche is Pollution ( Should I also post most frequently.

  34. I have just read out this post and it is very impressive. Keep on posting for our guidlines. Hussain

  35. posting several posts in a help to get quick ranking and alexa ranking. google robot also count link quickly. it is best way to drive tons of traffics from several sources and boost search engine visibility.

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    I am a fan of your blog.
    I used your template. Please Visit my blog and tell about the errors.

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