What it takes to become a Humble Blogger?

Qualities-good-blogger God bless the blog! Seriously. There's nothing like it. And that's coming from old-fashioned me who's forever nostalgic for the good old 90s when FaceBook and spyware didn't exist. Blogging compensates for all the other irritating things that have accompanied the Internet revolution (people tweeting minute-to-minute updates about their happening lives, for one thing). The closest thing blogging can be compared to in the real world is writing for a magazine or a newspaper. But even then, blogging wins. Because as long as you've got an internet connection and a computer, you can blog anywhere, anytime!

Keeping a blog going seems simple enough (not everyone's a procrastinator like me:P) but there are some pointers that are important to remember when posting , some 'Blogging ethics' that we should keep in mind that will help us communicate more effectively with the reader and make our place in the wide blogging world.

“Tips To Become a Humble Blogger”
1-   Be Simple in writing, Moderate Your Vocabulary
Hard-workingAlways keep your targeted audience in mind! There's no point in using impressive Princeton vocabulary if your readers don't understand what you're trying to say. So keep it as simple as possible. By simple, I don't mean baby speak either, just moderate vocab that anyone , even a ten year old, can get.

2-  Interact with every reader, be polite and address all
images The whole point of blogging is to interact with readers, hear what they've got to say about your articles. Handling reader feedback is a tricky job. If someone has taken out time to read through your post and comment on it, make sure to reply! Be polite and address each reader separately so they know their comments matter.

3-  Welcome even criticism the professional way
critic Ah and what about negative feedback? We all dread getting hateful comments, and responding to them is even trickier. No matter how offensive or abusive your reader has gotten, NEVER rise to the bait. Be a bigger person, take the high road, and be more open-minded! Either ignore the comment altogether or reply as politely as you can, without letting it turn into an all-out comment war.

4-  Always avoid Copyright Infringement – Respect Peoples Efforts
plag03 Say NO to plagiarism! If you want to post someone else's article/poem/story/whatnot on your blog, always include a reference. How would you feel if someone stole your ideas and was getting all the credit? Pretty darn awful, that's how. So please be careful to not do the same to your fellow bloggers.

5-   Always Spread Love and avoid hate Speech
eco-friendlyWe shouldn't use blogs to spread racist, intolerable ideas. I think there's enough of that in the real world, don't you? Spread the love!

6-    Be a soft-spoken, polite and friendly author and not an Arrogant
arrogant2Most importantly, never be arrogant while blogging. Don't make the reader feel like you know more than him/her. If you adopt a friendly, humble attitude, and treat everyone with respect, your readers will return to your blog time and time again!

I hope it helps you in becoming the one! Best Wishes. :)

About the Guest Author:
Syeda Wajiha Maryam is an Engineering Student at NED University of Engineering and Technology. She has a keen interest in Blogging and just recently she started her own personal diary at Red Sneaker Story. You can keep in touch with her on Facebook

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  6. Mohd this a very well thought and expressed post .It reflects more of you All the points covered carry lot of weight.A unique post amidst the blogger's tricks)) Must say a great ONE.
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  7. @Syeda perfect 10 from my side. Its essential to become a kind and humble blogger than a rich and famous blogger. All points mentioned by you is very true and should be followed by every blogger especially newbies because these qualities will surely help them in long race of blogging and off course as a social person.
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  9. Thank you everyone and it feels really glad that you agreed with most of the points. Wajiha has really pointed some important pointers which really needs to be adopted by us all. And since I often fail replying all your comments so I too fail the test#2 i.e Fail to address all due to lack of time. please forgive me.

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    We should and I totally agree with you pal. :)

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  13. Thank you all so much for your feedback!! And especially Mustafa for featuring my article on your blog! Since I'm a new blogger, I'm hoping I can follow my own advice too:)

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