WordPress or Blogger - Which one is the best?

Wordpress-or-Blogger--confused? Are you confused with which blogging platform to choose to start your blogging career? The major blogging hosting platforms are no doubt Blogger and WordPress. Now to judge which one is better I have written a detailed comparison chart below that will be of great help in making a smart decision.

Note:- I am not an employee of either Blogger or WordPress. The below chart is solely my personal research.

WordPress VS Blogger Comparison Chart 2010. © My Blogger Tricks





Template Customization Offers Free Layout/Style Sheet Customization

No style sheet customization. Payment required

Tutorials/Help Innumerable Tutorials on Blogger Tricks Hardly some Blogger
Number of un-official Themes Innumerable Designers Creating Free Templates each day Few Designers Involved
in offering free templates
Coding Used Uses user friendly scripting and coding i.e HTML, XML, CSS Uses advance scripting like php that few can understand Blogger
Dashboard Interface Highly user friendly. Easy to navigate. Complicated Interface with hectic navigation Blogger
Default Template Collection Limited Collection Of Default templates mostly un-professional Over 70+ high quality Templates WordPress
Default Template can be replaced by a more free professional template No template change allowed Blogger
Widgets Innumerable Official and Un official Widgets available Limited Official widgets available. Rarely few un- official gadgets available. Blogger
Comments No commenting editing. Moderation allowed. No Spam protection. No user friendly comment form Comments can be edited and moderated. Spam protection available. User friendly comment form WordPress
SEO, Optimization Though Owned by Google, no favoritism. Manual optimization is required Owned by a private party. Meta Tags Plugins used. Easy To optimize Both
Blog Privacy You can limit access to your blog to 100 Authors and 100 readers. All must be Google account holders. You can limit access to your blog to 35 Wordpress account holders. Posts can be password protected or Private. Blogger
Comment restriction You can restrict comments to Google account holders, Open ID users or Any one (includes Anonymous) Comments can not be restricted. Anyone can comment Blogger
Blog Import Only from one BlogSpot blog to another A Blog can be imported from another WordPress blog or from Blogger, Yahoo! 360, LiveJournal and Movable Type and TypePad WordPress
Posts and Comment Notification Authors and subscribers can be notified of latest posts and comments via Email Same here Both
Comment Verification Asks users to verify if they are humans using a 4-6 digit code Does not asks for any verification.
More spam effected
Video Storage Limit Unlimited with Google Video and an upload limit of 16GB Just 3GB. More space on upgrade. Blogger
Image storage limit 1 Gigabyte With Picasa Web Albums

3 Gigabytes. More space can be gained through upgrade.
You can also upload .ppt, .doc, .odt and .pdf files

File type Storage Only allows image uploading Allows upload of files like .ppt, pdf .doc and .odt files.
More file types can be uploaded on upgrading.
Blog Stats Does not have any default stats system. But allows third party tracking scripts. Has a default visitor stats system that shows statistics for two days only and does not provide detailed stats reports.
Does not allow third party tracking scripts.
Blog co-partners 100 Google account holders can be added as Administrators or Authors 35 WordPress account holders can be added as Administrators, Editors, Authors or Contributors. Blogger
Advertisements Displays no advertisement of its own on your blog. Displays discreet AdSense advertisements on your blog for small percentage of the page views Blogger
Posts By Email Has a Mail-to-Blogger feature which turns any email account into a blog-posting application Posts can be published using emails Both
Post Feed On Mobile Phones Supported Not Supported Blogger



When choosing a blogging service three things are most important than anything else which are,

  1. Template Editing
  2. Huge Image Storage Capacity
  3. Huge Video Storage Capacity

Believe it or not Blogger has all these three features and is undoubtedly a blessing to millions of teenagers and people from other classes who can’t afford to pay online. The Template editing feature of Blogger is one of its best feature. Within a year of blogging a guy like me who didn’t even know what CSS, HTML, XML meant, is now playing with codes day and night. Blogger made my life meaningful and interesting and will surely be a blessing to you too. Blogger is surely the best free Blogging Service available in Blogosphere if equipped with a good web hosting service.

Which one do you think is the best?

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  1. Mohammad that was really a deep research from your side. I am now fully convinced which way to choose. I thought wordpress was more flexible in terms of features but I found it disappointing that they ask for money for simple features like CSS editing.

    I would agree the free CSS editing option in blogger is the best part of its success.

    Thumbs up to Blogger!

  2. well done mybloggertricks.i have been using blogger since 2 years.at first i made it for fun but now i became professional educating many internet users about software tips/downloads.hats off to blogger.

  3. Mohd this is a great post ,You have really done quite a hard work I must say )) and i like the way you have explained with colorful table,simple yet very informative.Looking Fwd to many more post ....you are doing simply great .
    All the best




  5. I must really appreciate the amount of effort and intellect you put into that post. Undoubtably I do echo your opinion that Blogger is the BEST! I must however point out an error on your part. You have missed out on the fact that there is a provision called mail2blogger by which you can email all your blog posts. In addition you may choose to save them as drafts or publish them too! Nice blog. I just became an email subscriber :)

  6. Hahaha, what a question! Sure, Blogger is the best. And I play with codes too ;)

  7. Oh I am so glad you did this post MOHD. I tried Word press and got no where, it was so confusing and I couldn't find any help what so ever. So now I don't feel like a total idiot because it wasn't all me.

  8. @Macawo @ Jayaraj @Manihsa @Rahul @Lucky Flaush

    I thank you all for your encouragement and motivation. I am glad you all voted for Blogger :>

    @Spam Emails

    Thanks for pointing towards mail2blogger. I will correct that part immediately. Your subscription is an honor :)


    Hi marg,
    I can understand what technical problems you might have been while using Wordpress. Wordpress is loosing the play day by day.

  9. If its wordpress.com then blogger is better. :)

  10. It can be seen that you put quite some effort into this post and it gives a lot of useful information. However there is some confusion of terminology and I hope you let me point it out, so it becomes clearer.

    You are comparing blogging services, not platforms. From the title and the beginning of the article it seems you compare the platforms, but you do not. You are not comparing wordpress and blogger, you are comparing wordpress.com and blogspot.com blogging and hosting services, not the software.

    If you have a self-hosted blog with wordpress you have as much storage as the hosting services provides, many widgets and plugins (great commenting systems!), and a lot of customization options of templates.

  11. @Benjamin

    I would agree with you. I am indeed comparing the services provided by these two giant blogging platforms. No doubt wordpress has advance features for those who have hosted blogs with wordpress. But the point is friend the things that wordpress is providing on upgrade or purchase, Blogger is offering it for free. Imagine if Blogger offers premier facilities...Its service would turn out to be even more impressive!

    No matter whether it is hosting or the service, the table above is enough capable to en-light both factors.

  12. As I see it, the advantage of Blogspot
    is that it could be monetized. Not Wordpress.

  13. Blogger is still the best for those who like to make their own customizing without any pay.Beside posting,we can learn how to designing our own blog instead..what a wonderful platform,haha..
    This comparison chart is really a great job from the author..this really help expecially for those who still confuce which one to choose for blogging..thanks Mohammad.

  14. @Poch

    Wordpress can be monetized too but not as easily as Blogger.

    @Fazrul arhan

    Agreed 100% :>

  15. lol..i totaly agree about this post, myself trying both blogger and wp. and wp isnt simple at all for newbie. o.O thats the fact

  16. I use blogger. It is very economical and versatile. It is owned by Top 1 website, Google. My only expense is my domain name which is 500 pesos a year. Blogger won. I gonna try wordpress for my next blog.

  17. @smart Club
    A truth indeed!


    Mercy be upon your second blog :p

  18. I don't know blogger because of the commenting system and the fact that most of the blogs using it look the same and are not very well laid out.
    I think you can use Disqus or Intense debate with Blogger.

  19. @beywaynet

    The only thing where I would agree with most Wordpress users is the Wordpress's Great Comment System. Blogger will need to upgrade its Comment form.

  20. El mejor es Blogger sin duda.
    Un saludo

  21. I just started my own blog and am starting to learn more css and html each day. I thought you're a computer science student or something. Never would imagine that you've learned everything that you know just by doing exactly what I'm doing now. I'm very impressed by how much you've accomplished with this site and it motivates me more to learn as much as I can so that some day I will hopefully become as knowledgeable as yourself.

    Good work.

  22. @Markenstein

    Thanks for your kind remarks dear! Well you have already become a knowledgeable and mature blogger for you chose Blogger.com to start your first brilliant experience. I am sure you will come out with innovative articles to further beautify the ever expanding BlogoSphere.

    To increase your skills in HTML and CSS I will recommend http://www.w3schools.com/

    Best of Luck! :>

  23. Hi, love your work. You know its a blogger blog so you can really not expect wordpress to win.

  24. @John

    I have remained quite unbiased throughout the table. I support Blogger due to reasons explained. If you can disprove any reason mentioned above then I will be more than happy to correct the table :> There is no doubt in the fact that Blogger is indeed far superior than free Wordpress!

  25. I was just sayin that many pro bloggers do prefer wordpress. You do agree to that, right. My cousion who is a well established blogger shifted to wordpress for some reasons, may be because he uses the selfhosting features or somethin. I personally find blogger much easier and I think it has a lot of nice features. Infact I find wordpress a bit overwealming and prefer blogger.

  26. I m agree from above post blogger is much easy or better than Wordpresss

  27. blogger rules!
    wordpress sux..

  28. Blogger is the best as it is free and easy to use.

  29. you are just talking about the wordpress.com Automattic is not as big a company like Google and it runs on donations and web host affiliate payments. So you can't wish that they provide you with free hosting like blogger does.That is the only pro of Blogger when compared to Wordpress. Wordpress is a blogging software which is 100% free and Open Source.It is thoroughly updated by 1000s of passionate open source developers and the automattic employees. They release updates every week or so. You get all the code in your hands. You can install it on your webserver and make a professional blog. Blogger is just for newbies who aren't much familiar with Geek stuff.

    Templates can be customized to a great extent when compared to blogger. Large collection of free themes are available for Wordpress and many premium ones too.Many more tutorials are there on wordpress.90% of the unofficial blogger themes are ports from Wordpress templates.Coding is advanced and poweful.Akismet provides powerful way of dealing with spam comments.

    You are just talking in favour of Blogger, because you write some tutorials on blogger and most of your readers and noobs who don't really know the power of Wordpress. Wordpress is Open Source and developed by 1000s of passionate engineers and developers across the globe and is provided for free. Even you can setup a site like Blogger.com(which provides free blogging solution to any number of users. the only thing is that you would need a good hosting solution) by using the Wordpress MU, the multiversion of Wordpress which is absolutely free.

  30. @Wordpress fan

    All your points are valid and agreed upon with no doubts but the theme of the post is that everything can be highly useful and more equipped if it is not free! Does free wordpress has all those features that are badly needed by bloggers? Of course not! Then whats the use of it?
    I never disagreed with the amazing features offered by the Pro Wordpress! No doubt the upgraded wordpress is the best blogging platform one can get.

  31. Wordpress will be best if you are using self web hosting. and in blogger there is a high change that Google might delete the blog for no reason. Three of my blogs were deleted. The reason they said is "blogger is fighting againts spam...." and in wordpress we can make users signup. I think in wordpress things are better than blogger coz there are millions of pluggins available for seo page speed commenting so and so and we need not scratch the head for errors in code..

  32. I think blogger is better because there you can use scripts that you find on web. On wordpress the page is static. But for a new user wordpress is just fine.

  33. And I don't agree on many things that you 've said.
    Tutorials/Help -- both
    Number of un-official Themes -- I found better templates on wordpress. Also the ones of blogger are transfered from the wordpress templates.
    Dashboard Interface -- both good. ( wordpress is slower though)
    Blog Stats -- Who cares? We use sitemeter.

    the other suggestions are ok

  34. I started using Blogger, but within a week changed to Wordpress. I like that I can host it myself since I have the space anyway. Wordpress has many thousand mostly free plugins and widgets that enhance the basic program. I have 70 plugins running right now. Most are set and forget.

    For instance, not only is there a standard plugin to eliminate spam, you can also get a conditional captcha which only activates when it thinks a comment is spam. There are so many enhancements that make it extremely usable.

  35. by a page size of 4.66MB i believe the 70 plugins are active.

  36. Ok ..... I came to know these thing after reading your article.....
    Thanks a lot..... I take the full advantage of your article about how to change the read more features and include a picture for it. I couldn't make a post there. Thanks for your service just like us.... (We are still newbies to this fields)

  37. Thank you very much for the details you supplied. I thought that wordpress is the best for getting higher google PR. Thanks for make this clear for me.

  38. I was blogging in blogger since May,10. Them at Oct,10 I moved to wordpress, as theme customization was difficult as obvserved by me in blogger. Yes, my words contradicts yours, but I'm very happy with wordpress now. And more, now many blogger users are moving to WP, as custom domain bloggers are currently having problems with indexing in SE(eg Google). I run wordpress on a 500MB shared hosting which costs me 1000 rupees /year. But it's not a very big amount to think about when you get all facilities there that blogger doesn't.
    Also, I find there are many things that are wrong in your article. There are no adverts from wordpress in my blog, (there is footer link which I can remove anytime by editing footer.php), I can have CAPTCHA verification for comments by suitable plugin, Post feeds on mobile, and mobile view is also possible. Atleast there are thousdands of different plugins for wordpress whereas not for blogger.
    I simply think, you are using Blogger, so praised blogger to the top.

    I know very well that you will delete(90% chance) my comment as soon as you read it. I wanted to let you know my view, so i did, you have read my comment throughout.

  39. Great work, dude. Very enlightening :)

  40. i consider WordPress the best and it is the reason for decline of blogger (sorry dude,not to sound rude).
    And as for themes, I find all blogger themes adopted from WordPress and there are also numerous widgets in WordPress which can be acquired by installing plugins.As for dashboard interface,Blogger has to do something with the old boring looks.You have also written many other wrong things in the comparison.Looks like you compared with WordPress 1.6 or 1.7 ....

  41. I thank all for their great views but let me avoid just one misconception:
    The Chart above compares Free Wordpress To Blogger amd not Upgraded Wordpress To Blogger

    I hope that answers the points raised by most of you especially @Arup Basak and @Ayush

    Ps: Arup Basak what you said should be respected and there is nothing wrong in expressing your contradictions. So you are always welcomed pal. :>

  42. I am Sorry Mustafa i thought you were comparing with the self-hosted version.
    Any Way ,I expect both rock!!

  43. My vote is for Wordpress. There are lots of plug ins that can be used.

  44. @Ayush
    No problem :>

    You have the complete right to vote. :)

  45. when i came here i was confused which one is best, but NOW i am CLEARED BLOGGER is best, Thank you Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

  46. "Blogger is surely the best free Blogging Service available in Blogosphere if equipped with a good web hosting service."


    Why would you need "a good web hosting service" (which is linked to a webhost company) when your Blogger/Blogspot website is (web) hosted for FREE on Google?

  47. But i feel wordpress is better than blogger.

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. thankss for the info we can add tag in wordpress but how to add tag in blogger plzzzz

  50. If you compare blogger with wordpress.com, then the winner is always Blogger.

    But when you compare blogger with self hosted wordpress blog, then winner would be obviously wordpress. It will win most of the section, you mentioned above.

    But very good comparison

  51. Both platforms have there own values but now a days word press is more popular and blog spot is very easy to use for newbie in webmasters field at the other hand word press takes some time to understand how to use it properly.I am also a blog spot use my blog very comfortably.

  52. Despite lot of positives for blogger why wordpress is being used by professional blogger just because of space availability or variety of free templates.
    Good article doing full justice with both the types.

  53. a very helpful article . i am confused too, i thought when i try wordpress before,its best, but try to look where to find the html's then,but can't , now i know it has to be paid, and in blogger its free, hat will surely make me make my website really in blogger..thanks alot..^_____^

  54. I would prefer blogger due to its unlimited free features.And you guys making it possible. Wordpress required you to be premium member to upload themes and dashboard seems complicated (For me) so i quit and go back to Blogger.

  55. oh ! its very nice impressed a lot. Because i am a Blogger FAN !!!!!!!!!!!1

  56. Thanks to my all friends & this site owner for found a great site.

  57. hi am started new blogs with custom domains www.cinerak.co.in and www.cinerak.in .web master tools not indexing sitemaps and google indexing links after 2 or 3 days (whenever i check site:www.cinerak.co.in) .why this happened i have seen some custom domain sites indexing but why to me? Is There any other option to submit sitmaps like atom.xml and rss.xml ..i tink we can use sitemap.xml in web master tools for blogger.pls replay me boss

    pls replay me please.........

  58. no doubt you are a good teacher, you know how to stick on to the point and elaborate things in simple yet concentrated way, thumbs up

  59. Good research....

  60. but I've read somewhere in a magazine that the content which we post on blogger.com that will be not of us after publishing.
    Is it correct or not?

  61. @MacawoWell appreciated Mohammad for the post you have shown to us users. I appreciate Wordpress great works and achievements however, some posts are more higher in their rates.

  62. @MacawoWell appreciated Mohammad for the post you have shown to us users. I appreciate Wordpress great works and achievements however, some posts are more higher in their rates.

  63. comprehensive study.... very informative

  64. I guess you are comparing with wordpress.com. Self hosted wordpress blogs are much more than that. For a coder, Blogger is the best(low cost, domain expense only).

  65. There is something in Blogger.com that others don't have. You can everything that is beneficial to all in the internet market or business. It's a great help...

  66. hey, you said blogger has no default stat system ? eh..blogger has stat system right ???? or is it not worth it??? should i use any third party stat system another than analytics???

  67. Wow, thank you, you just saved me a world of pain!

  68. great article thank you for your relly unique effort...I which if I can use blogger but I want to have bilinguil one Is there anything I can do so that I can use blogger with 2 languages?

  69. Hi, Mr. Mohammed (well I'm too young to call you as a brother :>) I want to ask about posting frequency because the exam announcement disturbing me. Is it okay if left blogging for a few month to get my preparation for exam? Does it affect to my PageRank or Alexa rank?
    thanks for the answer sir :)

    1. PS : sorry for the off topic questions