How To Show AdSense Ads On Blogger Mobile?

AdSense for Blogger mobile
Bloggers will go to great lengths to optimize AdSense ads on their websites, but many focus their attention to desktop version of Blogger, mostly because it is easier to test and preview changes. However, they are missing on an ever-growing percentage of users who surf the web with their smartphones - and currently at around 25% (both mobile and tablet), the percentage is significant. If you're a Blogger user, now would be a great time to enable AdSense ads on Blogger mobile (if you haven't already done so).
Displaying ads in mobile version of your blogger blog will help capitalize on all the mobile traffic and increase earnings. Monetizing mobile version of your blogs requires some understanding and use of certain responsive web design techniques. However, enabling ads is easy. So this tutorial is for those of our readers who have asked similar questions.

Display ads in Blogger mobile

AdSense ads can be displayed in mobile version of blogger blogs by enabling AdSense from the Earnings menu. Follow these steps to do this;
  • Go to Blogger Dashboard >> Earnings
  • Sign up or log in with your AdSense account
Google AdSense

Note: Sign Up for a new AdSense account if you don't have any, or just log in. Remember that if your AdSense account is disabled (as is the case with many bloggers), you can click on the 'Switch AdSense' button and setup a new account or login with a different one. A ban on an account doesn't necessarily mean a ban on the site.
  • Set 'Show Ads on blog' to Yes, and in the 'Display' drop-down, select an area you want to show AdSense ads in, for example '"sidebar and posts"
  • Save settings, and be done!
Once you're done, the ads will start showing up automatically. Most bloggers simply insert the ad code in Blogger to show ads, But with this approach, you can easily show AdSense ads from any account, and this will automatically insert the ads within the desktop and mobile versions of Blogger.

Every blogger should monetize their site's mobile version because it will help them increase their revenue. I hope this tutorial helped. If you have any questions, please feel free to share them with us. Take care :)

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  1. Nice Tutorial MBT... This is really useful for those that are yet to enable Ads on their Blog's mobile version. I've enabled mobile ads on my Technology Blog since, but the main problem we Bloggers are facing right now is Displaying Google Adsense on Opera Mini, almost 70% of our Mobile Traffic visits via Opera Mini. Do you know of any means to make Google Ads work on it cuz we are losing a lot of money ?

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  5. same problem is appearing with my blog, I'm not able to see AdSense ads on my mobile including UC & Opera Browser. Please check and post same resolution. It will be more useful for us. Thanks :-)

  6. Hi there, there seems to be information missing. This explains how to put ads on your blog, but not blogger mobile. Can you explain further?

    1. Dear Simon to enable or disable AdSense ads in smartphones/mobile devices for blogger blogs kindly read this tutorial instead:

      Disable/Enable AdSense Ads in Mobile Devices in Blogger

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