How To Monitor Your Facebook Page's Negative Feedback?

Facebook Negative Feedback
Recently, we talked about the Facebook EdgeRank algorithm, and how it has evolved over time. Facebook values in a lot of quality factors, which collectively decide how many people can a post reach. A couple days ago, we talked about Negative Feedback, and how important it has become to Facebook. You might be doing every conceivable trick to grow your reach, but could still be losing it, as a result of being held down by negative feedback. Today, we'll talk about how to monitor negative feedback on your Facebook Page.

What is negative feedback?

One of the major changes introduced in the EdgeRank algorithm is the post negative feedback that Facebook is giving an ever-increasing weight to. So what is this negative feedback we're talking about? Facebook surely hasn't introduced a 'Dislike' button, has it?

Indeed no, but it has other buttons that will do the same, more or less. Negative feedback is defined as any time a fan performs any of the following action(s).
  • Hide a story
  • Hide all posts from a Page
  • Report as spam
  • Unlike a Page
As you can well imagine, negative feedback on your content can effectively destroy your post's reach. Facebook takes these things in account in order to try and combat spammy pages.

Monitoring negative feedback

OK, so how do you know when you're receiving negative feedback? The Real-Time Monitor for Facebook Analytics might help! Facebook updates post level analytics every other minute, and the website, EdgeRank checker, has built the Facebook Analytics dashboard to monitor the most important metrics, as they happen

Negative Feedback

The Negative Feedback section in the Real-time monitor helps you keep an eye on all of your posts’ Negative Feedback rating. If an individual post is receiving above average negative feedback, it’s imperative to consider deleting the post to reduce potential damage to your average EdgeRank. Removing a Post before it receives substantial Negative Feedback helps your Page maintain the highest possible opportunity for high EdgeRank.

That was, however, just one suggestion. You can take the information and choose to run with it, or analyze it and figure out what is going wrong. We'll b sharing more strategies on dealing with negative feedback analytics, so stay tuned! :)

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