Highlights of our Exciting Experience at 'Pakistan Festival 2014'

Online Business - A Love AffairCovering institutes across the country with the message of entrepreneurship and youth awareness, is an obligation that STC Network is trying our best to fulfill for the past 5 years. Communicating with a qualified public is indeed a simple task but conveying your message in simple words to an excited crowd of thousands consisting of mostly school children and housewives in national language was the toughest challenge of all. Pakistan Festival 2014 has therefore become the most memorable event of my life where we learnt a lot. Pakistan Helpline in association with Talib e Ilm Society, Anima and students across Karachi had organized a successful event on 23rd March 2014 at EXPO center, to share the spirit of being a devoted and loyal Pakistani. People from across the city participated in it including Nisar Ahmed khuhro (former Speaker of the Provincial Assembly of Sindh) , Dr Fauzia Siddiqui requires no introduction, Altaf Shakoor (President Pasban), Abid Beli, city Police commissioner, ARY TV Anchor Iqrar Ul Hasan (Host Sare Aam), Celeb Faisal Qureshi, Syed Qaiser Mehmood, NGO heads and a lot more amongst guests.


A Video Message

Just after the presentation, I realized how difficult it was presenting in front of school students who were new to complex business terminologies and the term entrepreneurship was more like a scary word than a phenomena for these sweet little kids  so I ignored all power point slides that I prepared along with a motivational video and decided to talk in desi style, presenting our point of view as simple as we could. Amazingly - This crowd proved to be even more interesting than we expected and we enjoyed a lot!

Sharing some additional views in the video below:


"Online Business - A Love Affair"

Following were the core topics of the presentation:

  1. Types of Online businesses

  2. Blunt Lies being told at School, Colleges and Universities!

  3. Your Priceless Assets, resources and their smart use.

  4. The Fake Earning Mechanisms Online and the Black Giants

  5. Black Hat Techniques - concept of Halal and Haram Earning.

  6. Underground world of Freelancing Communities - Good/Bad Realties

  7. Blogging, Blogosphere - The Misuse

  8. The underestimated Golden Eggs!

  9. Advertising Networks - PPC, CPA, CPC, CPM etc.

  10. Art of Web Development and Mobile Development

  11. Affiliate Marketing - The Working strategies

  12. Some Funny yet practical real life stories!

But after observing that the crowd was more a type of entertainment-loving, I pushed back all the above elements of the talk and narrowed it down to a fun loving discussion based on educating students, youth and housewives with the idea of Online Earning, making a lucrative income online from their living room. By quoting famous examples of Summly application, whatsapp to local examples of home business, the crowd seemed to loved this approach and easily digest the message which we wanted to deliver.

Mystery Gifts!

holding mystery gifts

We had made some extra plans this time for gift distribution. It's a convention that we often distribute gifts amongst active participants who answer to questions related to the talk. This time we brought two gifts with us. The small gift hamper consisted of a Fabric material and the jumbo size included a digital device.

When asked which gift would she love to prefer, Mam Farzana wished to have the Fabric one which seemed more like a Silk Dress to her! =) I called her to stage and told everyone that this gift is the most precious one of anything that we have distributed so far and it's the most expensive gift one could have. I asked Mam farzana to open it her self. As she slowly moved up her hand, the crowd and media present there were shocked with excitement to have discovered a hidden Country flag inside the gift hamper! Colored with White and Green. Rest what followed were slogans and dozens of photos which captured this memorable moment for you all!

asking question from mam farzana

unveiling the gift

Mam Farzana holding flagholding the national flagnational flag winner

It was indeed the best moment of my life to have gifted the country flag to a hard working Pakistani Housewife. This gift is far above our status but it is only love that can buy it. I shared a touching story behind this flag in public which I can't online and I pray to God that we may lift it  up again with honor and dignity and share its colors with the rest of the world.

The other gift was honored to this talented guy:

giving gift

Some Snapshots

Photos by our personal photographer Saad Khan, an active member of STC Network for the past 3 years. The event started at 10 AM and continued till 8 P.M. We left at 3 and missed a lot of fun that continued. We are therefore sharing those photos captured by Pakistan Helpline Team.

Nisar khuhro with DR Fauzia Siddiqui




chief guests

with Altaf ShakoorNisar Ahmed Khuhro


My sister, teacher and inspirationwith Dr Fauzia Siddiqui on National TV

School children perfromancerespect!gifts by Pakistan helpline team

leaving MessageMohammad Mustafa AhmedzaiMohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

Abid beli, Faisal Qureshi, Iqrar ul Hasan and QaisarNational AnthemHonoruable GuestNation's sister!NGO head10153964_235130993341415_517751863_nwith Ali raza and abid beli

audienceiqrar hasan and faisal qureshimusical bandfun!

mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzaimohammad Mustafa Ahmedzaimohammad Mustafa Ahmedzaimohammad Mustafa Ahmedzaipromoting App developmentat Anima Stall


I always feel honored to be accompanied by my friend Wali Khan from AbdulWali.net on such occasions. This Time few readers also came travelling from a far distant areas. Among them were Danish Iqbal. I was blessed to be accompanied by my home buddy Muhammad Saad Awan, photographer Saad Khan and a friend from Mardan, Ali.

With Wali Khanwith Danish IqbalWith ALiWith Muhammad Saad AwanWith Saad Khan


Special Thanks

This memory could not have been preserved without the invitation given by Syed Ali Raza, President of Talib-e-ilm Society and Ayesha Gull President Anima "Towards Light". We therefore offer our token of appreciation to them exclusively.

with Syed Ali Raza

 Ayesha Gull

Your Views!

PS: Do honor us with your precious views and questions by posting your comments in the comment box below.

2014 is a hectic year. It's the same year when we organized STCnetwork's first mega project by the Name "Unexplored Success Treasures"  and travelled all the way to Islamabad to spread love, joy and awareness. It is the same year when we came across this exciting experience of Pakistan Festival and realized that we badly missed spreading our voice in rural population and it is the same year when I will be no more single! Yes that is right, my journey from a paper boy to an entrepreneur completed this year Alhamdulillah and the journey of a responsible  married man would start on April 12 inshAllah. Fingers crossed! :>

Its your love and prayers that brought us to this stage and Allah subhanawatAllah's blessings. No matter what I do, I will never be able to pay back what you guys have given me buddies. May you all have the best in life, succeed in your endeavors and make the nation proud wherever you go. Life is a short journey, utilize every second of it the best you can. Every second awaits you and every new sunrise has a surprise for you. Ups and downs are part of life and we all face that, but great minds never give up and they keep moving forward fighting all circumstances. Success is a mixture of Patience, modesty and Hard work. If you maintained all these ingredients in life, you will find love and respect everywhere. I wish I live up to that also and pray to God I may never forget that day when I used to sell shopping bags in a Sunday Bazar.

Peace and blessings be on you all buddies. =)

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  1. Just one word


    And congratulations on getting Married FINALLY ;)

    Hope you will not forget us later :P

    1. Haider is always ahead of everyone is sharing his kind words. I am always thankful to God to have friends like you. thank you :)

      BTW I am not yet married, its on April 12 this year! =d And you will surely receive the card :)

  2. Wao Dear, Very Inspirational, May Allah Give you more Courage for more such Festivals.

    1. Ameen dear waqas and may Allah shower the best of His blessings on you first! :)

  3. OK, I understand what you said,,,
    but the thing is , you told not to spend time on others application.....
    but if i create a UNIQUE content/anything....it's not 100% that it will be shared or will be popular

    1. yes that is correct, if you are able to bring up a unique app or resource from your end then there is no doubt that it will be embraced by the online community. Its only the infringed idea that never wins. Cleared? :)

    2. THANKS,,,


  4. All the best for the future bro! (Y)

    1. Thank you Saad for the beautiful pics and wish you all the best too! :)

  5. A dream achievement my dear friend... Feel a lot proud to say you are my friend... Well covered event and wonderful, eventful pics too... Truly an inspiration for a lot of youth... Hope that you get to cover more places in the next edition, whenever that happens...

    And yes, good luck for your marriage too bro... You will be joining the club soon now... hehe... ;)

    1. Prashanth!

      Its indeed more of an honor to have a great friend like you buddy. India has always given me love and courage to do better and it is the place where I have the best of my readers and friends like you. Prashanth I am sure we would meet in Delhi or bombay some day very soon inshAllah :)

      About the club - 15 more days to go! =p

  6. Thanks alot for sharing my pic bro! and i want to say this is my first pic with you on the net. May Allah give you more success and i always with you bro keep it up and you are my rockstar :p

    1. it was really an honor meeting you Danish. Thank you for coming and for letting me know how kind and soft could a person be. I was really pleased meeting you honestly :)

      You are my rockstar too! =)

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    (A Blog Which Helps You ......!!)

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    ap jesi Personality mene aj tak nae dekhi !! Such a nice person u r !
    Love U Bro ! :)

    1. Dear faraz, its only the good virtue within you that makes you think that way else I am just a normal human that you see every day. Its indeed Allah who has put that love in your heart. I so thank you for the kind feedback. Love you too buddy! =)

    2. Yeah Ri8 ... But no one have that type of confidence .... and no one have the same Caliper ! but if there is some peoples like u Inshallah Pakistan would be on top ! ;)

  10. Bro just one line of whole article made me emotional, that a child who sold shopping bags now became a Top Entrepreneur of Pakistan.

    By God I have no words no words to write anything about yourself. May Allah Bless you many many more!

    And now this line became 100% true, the people that don't forget their past always becomes a successful person.


    1. It's indeed a truth dear Usman. We often look at people and think they have achieved that stage overnight but their is always a background story behind every human being's success. The best inspiration is always your parents and then people around.

      With that true intentions, I am sure you are having a great future ahead. I am waiting for that day when you will make us all proud and surely that day is near if you work hard. My best wishes with you and everyone who works hard :)

      PS: This comment of yours without a signature link means that you truly love me now! ;)

  11. Hmm,
    Looking like the event was not at Expo, but the real event is here on MBT :) this is what you have done in a professional to make it the greatest from ever.

    Wish you all the best and am proud to be your friend.

    Kho hagha khaza me aus ham na Heregi, kom che ta wail che how many housewives are here? and all fingers were down except the one, and you said "AMAZING" :) That was the memorable moment.

    1. Wali!

      Man you are always with me and that is the best gift I have wherever I go. Thank you for coming and for making the event even more worthwhile. Proud to be your friend too! :)

      haha I still remember that question and that reaction by the audience. I was even more excited to see how much this thing entertained you! =P

  12. Hi Friend,

    I must be appreciate for your efforts towards success and I wish you to continue this success for up coming days with the same energy, and also I was waiting for articles about blogging since many days.

    Best Regard's
    Nagu Akkina

    1. Thank you nagu for the kind wishes. May God make the path of success easy for all of us and may He shower the best of His blessings on you.

      I will try my best to get back to blogging after May 05 inshAllah :)

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  14. Mustafa Bhaai. I am literally stunned and speechless! No amount of words can ever express my feelings! To have achieved so much, and to earn so much love and respect is truly nothing short of a miracle. And while I am appreciative of how humbly you present yourself, you do not do yourself justice! You're a true inspiration for people like me, and may you have the very best in this life and the life hereafter Amen.

    I really loved your gesture of giving gifts, and even though I am only reading about it without having experienced it live, I must say I am shocked and awed at the gesture of presenting the National Flag to a hardworking person! Being a patriot, tears have literally welled up in my eyes as I consider the implications, which are huge! Most people will prefer an electronic device over a piece of cloth, but to me, it is the Ultimate gift to give someone, and I can only wish I had been there to witness the occasion, or better yet, to get a gift like that! :P A salute to the lady for going for the 'piece of cloth' instead of the other gift, all that glitters is not gold. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!

    Also, really happy to see you're getting married and taking up the responsibility of running a family. Give my best to bhaabi :))

    May Allah grant you both eternal peace and blessing, and always pave your way to success in this life and the life of the hereafter. Amen

    1. Qasim I had never expected that you would be that much moved and throughout these 3 years journey with you, I had never received such a sweet feedback from you as this one. I am touched too now. Thank you for making my day. :)

      The funny part about that flag was that even I wanted Mam farzana to go for the digital device but I didn't know how her attention turned towards this beautiful gift. That moment was really a memorable one Qasim. It was covered with standing posture of respect by all, along with slogans of Pakistan and whistles at every corner.

      That wedding card will soon hit your door, be ready with your bags and luggage. Want you and Hassam here in karachi by hook or crook :)

      May Allah keep us all happy and devoted to life. Honored to have the best writer and blogger as my friend. :)


    1. Dear Rashed,

      you can surely share our resources with your readers but please rewrite everything in your words to avoid copyright infringement. You can share codes as it is with attribution for sure and I will be pleased to help too. :)

  16. Nice mustafa bhai i 'm happy your effort you done great job.

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