How To Get Your Site Noticed in Google?

Get your site noticed in Google
So by now, you should have learnt what it takes to build a great website, and how to get it started (provided you have followed this series ofcourse!). What's the next step? To be successful, (almost) every inch of your website should be visible to search engines. But more than that, these search engines should be able to notice your website. In case of Google, some of the steps required include setting up a Webmaster Tools account, submitting your website's sitemap, and making sure your site is all set to be noticed.
If you haven't followed up to the series yet, here's your chance to do so!
Part 3: How To Get Your Site Noticed in Google?

Google Webmaster Tools

You’ll need to verify your site in Google Webmaster Tools to view the data Google has aggregated from your site, such as search terms your site shows up for in Google Search, how it ranks on those terms, and how many users are clicking on your site's listing. Google Webmaster Tools will also let you know if there are any issues with your site that are negatively impacting its search rankings. These issues include malware, hacking, or violation of the Google Webmaster Tools guidelines.

But for all this to work, you need to get your site verified with GWT first. So how can you go about doing that? We've written a useful article explaining the very process. Make sure you catch it before moving on.

Making your site crawlable

To determine if Google is having problems accessing or understanding your site's content, check the Crawl Errors page in Webmaster Tools. This page lists problems Google has encountered when attempting to crawl your site. There are basically two types of crawl errors;
  • Site errors: These are problems that prevent Google from accessing your site at all. These often mean that your site is down, so you should address these issues as soon as possible. Site errors often occur because your server is down or overloaded, or because your site or hosting provider is blocking Googlebot.
  • URL errors: These are problems Googlebot encounters when trying to crawl specific pages. Your site or web host may be blocking access to these pages or a visitor may have clicked a broken link or a link to a deleted page.

404 errors

One of the most common crawl errors is a 404 error, which occurs when a user tries to access a page that does not exist. The page may have been deleted or the link is broken or incorrect. You can safely ignore 404 errors most of the time. But if you're seeing a lot of traffic leading to a URL that 404s, check your site for broken links. While individual pages that return 404 will drop out of Google search results over time, having 404s or other crawl errors will not negatively impact the rest of your website's visibility in Google Search.

Submit your sitemap

OK, so you now have a site set up with any errors removed, and some content online. It's time to submit a sitemap. Create a Sitemap to help search engines better crawl and categorize your site. The following link can help.

Hit the forums!

The Webmaster Help Forum contains a variety of useful resources for webmasters. Get connected with many experienced contributors who post in the forum, including Top Contributors and Googlers. You can utilize the Webmaster Help Forum by:
  • Viewing answers to common questions from other webmasters
  • Asking others to take a look at your site and offer feedback
  • Posting questions specific to your site
You can also check out the Google Webmasters Google+ Page to get even more help and resources!

All the best for your soon-to-be-great website ;)

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  1. Hmm Nice & Informative Post!

    Bro I had a question that my blog and I noticed many other blogs are showing errors in Google Search Results and crawling "updated=max" like Tags Links.

    Kindly suggest me any solution??
    Waiting for your Reply! :)

    1. Dear Usman Ghani brother, You have asked one of the major problematic questions of Blogger! Please listen to my words carefully

      1/ Blogger adopts a technical way to create automatic dynamic URLs specially we see these URLs work to build Next, Home and Previous links on homepages out of labelled or archived search pages

      2/ These dynamic URLs contain ? and & characters that any search engine robot can't crawl again you can't reformat this dynamic URL by eliminating these deindexable characters

      3/ But you can make custom static URL instead of showing Next and Previous links that search engines can crawl and easily rank your pages for static URL

      You can learn to build up static URL for blogger with following tutorial

      Create Custom static URL for Next and Previous button in Blogger

      Wish you best regards...

  2. Nice post and i really like it. helpful for newbie and beginners. Thanks

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Google never stops crawling and indexing pages from a site either the crawler has been blocked by robots.txt or the crawler has found infected materials like 403 errors, malware, spammy content etc.

      If googlebot stops crawling a site or the crawler's inability to crawl pages then Google obviously reports the website owner on his WMT account.

      Then the website owner has to take several actions to fix the problems.

      I'm going to write a detail guide on this issue today at


  4. very nice for begginers like me.

  5. very nice for begginers like me.

  6. hi mybloggertricks founder i have little problem with my blogger blog which i've just connected to a costom domain the problem is :
    when i type with no www it doesn't display and i have to type my blog using www here is my blog :

    1. Your site has several problems, fix them

      1. Enable blogger search preference settings from your blogger account dashboard
      2. Add custom meta description tags close to your <head> tagt
      3. Set up your post title and blog title appearing on search results
      4. And save your template

      You can have all these things on following tutorials

      Enable search preference settings and meta description tag
      Set up post title and blog title appearing

      Wish you best regards

    2. Please have a look at custom domain settings and make sure to tick mark the redirect without www to www option. You might also need to update DNS A Records on your Domain Registrar's Settings to Google's mentioned A records. This will help you solve this issue.

    3. This is due to problems with your DNS settings. You haven't set up redirects properly. Also, you need to update DNS Records with your Domain Registrar. If you're a beginner, I'd suggest you contact your domain registrar's customer support for help

    4. And thank you very much @Ahmed Shawan and @Hasan Shahzad for your informative comments!

  7. Well written post for newbies. I find it difficult to make use of forums, that is the only stuff I don't do that you've listed in this post and I would do my best to change that.
    Which forums would you recommend?
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Google Webmaster Help forums dear. They're the best for beginners. If you're feeling pro, check out advanced SEO forums such as SeoChat forums

  8. @Qasim, A small notice: I saw an error in your blog recently when i try to access your site without mention "www" its not redirecting to your blog and showing message like "The requested URL / was not found on this server. That’s all we know". So try to check redirecting status in settings.

    1. Thank you dear. The error has been noted down, and we'll soon work on correcting it. Thanks for pointing it out!

  9. hey i cant open the link to submitting blogger sitemap... pls help!!

  10. thank you very much brother Ahmed SHAWAN

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