Google gives Guidelines for Monetizing Flash Gaming Sites

Adsense on flash sites
Small flash games account for lots of hours wasted as pastime. People love playing these small games online, just to take their minds off things for a while. Whether it be a simple game of pool, or a make-believe world of farming, people get hooked up to these games pretty fast, which is why a lot of people like to add them on their sites. There are also a lot of dedicated flash gaming websites out there, and they seem to be making quite some money out there (not a very bad idea for a new blog niche, by the way). For the flash gaming geeks who like to put such games up on their sites, here are a few guidelines from Google you need to be mindful of before monetizing your websites.

Mind your distance!

People will every now and then confuse animated ad sections with your flash games if placed very near to each other. Some games also require frantic clicking, which leads users to click outside the flash content. And while resizing a web page, or opening it on a mobile device, accidental clicks on ads instead of the flash content are inevitable.

All of this leads to invalid click activity, which might result in your AdSense account getting banned. To avoid such an inconvenience, it is recommended that you keep a distance of at least 150 pixels between flash content and ads. Check out the following image provided by Google to get a better idea.

Ads within games

What websites normally use is AdSense for Content (AFC). Most ads you see on a website are AFC. You can't however, use these kind of ads in games. It is against Google's policies. If you want to display pre-roll or mid-roll ads inside your games, you might want to look into another program by Google known as AdSense for Games (AFG).

As always, Google doesn't allow you to add sexually explicit or profane content on your flash content. It's family safety rules are pretty strict about such things. For a more detailed list on what content Google discourages on your blog, check the following link.

Still have questions? Feel free to ask in the comments below. We're here to help. Cheers :)

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  1. I heard that flash type sites are tough for SEO.. is it true Qasim bro?? otherwise great news for those bloggers running flash gaming sites.
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  3. Great Post , But the problem comes with Invalid Clicks .AdSense can surely get disabled in 2-3 days if it is on Flash Game like webs .

  4. I have no interest at adsense account I have always rejected companions,
    so how ya if you want to receive GA.
    nice information

  5. This is great news on online game sites owner to get their extra income, I have something to ask you, how can i activate my mobile adsense ads? Thanks and god bless!! take 5minutes to read my recent post: 5 Tips to Attract an Audience to Your Blog

  6. Google is pretty smart when they made this new guidelines. I alway hated when I play some online mini games and the ads is like right next to it. So annoying.

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  8. Good news for flash site owners. But flash sites may cause problem sometimes.

    How to Enable Flash Websites on Windows RT and Surface RT

  9. this is great news for online flash game thanks qasim
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  10. This is good news for many bloggers and webmasters. :)

  11. Hi qasim finally something came out which let me get out of the fear of embedding flash games into website.i have been running an entertainment website where i needed some games to engage the user and to force him to spend more time on my website.but i was afraid of before this because flash has zero seo weightage and after the google has put guidelines as i read in your post .it makes us happy.thanks for sharing30 Type of shayari | Best of shayari

  12. @Ankit Kumar Singla yes bro, that is correct....Although not directly, but they do effect SEO in the sense that they impact factors like responsiveness, load time etc negatively....hence impacting SEO overall

  13. @Iftikhar uddin yes exactly....this was the point I raised in this article

  14. @Rohan Mod we're glad to be of help :)
    stay blessed buddy

  15. Hello Qasim Zaib kindly help me aboit this issue please

    i am having this problem

  16. Nice post Qasim,
    But how do i calculate the exact distance between the flash game and the ads..

    and Sir do visit my blog
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  18. Hey qasim,
    Nice post. I want to ask you a question. Can i use position:fixed tag with adsense? Is it safe? Please check my site and do inform me dude..! :D

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  21. I like only flash game, because the graphic of other games can be harmful to children eye. Flash games are simple therefore children can play it and these games are less harmful then other games.

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