Facebook and YouTube Banned in Pakistan For Promoting “Draw Mohammad Day” !!

Facebook-and-Youtube-Banned Never expected a leading social networking website like Facebook and a video casting blog like YouTube will take such un-professional steps in promoting anti-religious activities. Just few days ago a group at Facebook was formed called "Draw Mohammed Day" (i.e 20th May). The group encouraged a "contest" of drawing caricatures of Prophet Mohammed(PBUH). This group again outraged the Muslims worldwide and countries Like Pakistan have temporarily banned both Facebook and YouTube till 31st May. Upon the orders of Lahore High court the Pakistani Telecom Authority (PTA) immediately put a ban on these two websites. They have also banned browsing in in cell phones like black berry. On the other hand both Facebook and YouTube are facing major threats in terms of revenue, traffic and security. Servers of Facebook are continuously under threat by hackers from every corner of the world. Reports from several sources have proven that some Turkish hackers have badly damaged the Facebook servers and especially the website “Draw Mohammad Day”. Twitter has suffered too!

What’s New?

Today I have chosen such a topic because it is relevant to the category “Social Media” There are many important things that we will learn today. I am writing this post not because I am a Muslim who is outraged but as a Blogger who always promises to discuss what is important. In today’s tutorial we  will learn many things that will help you in taking good decisions when dealing a crowd in millions. For you as bloggers understanding your readers and their behavior must be among your first priorities.

How will “Draw Mohammad Day” effect Facebook’s reputation?

Just  imagine a website with PageRank 10, Alexa Rank 2.0 and with millions of unique visitors per day has lost its reputation in the eyes of approximately 47% of its traffic. There are 1.57 billion Followers of the religion ISLAM worldwide.  The second largest religion in the world. If we assume that only 50% of this population use social networks like Facebook then the traffic that Facebook receives from countries like Middle East, USA, North Africa, Asia will mount up to 785, 000, 000 visitors per day!!

I received many text messages and emails where Facebook’s revenue statistics were shared but most of them were almost difficult to be trusted when put to logic. I decided to do a simple calculation and tried my best to come as closer as possible to the daily, monthly and yearly revenue that Facebook generates from its Muslim visitors. Below I have shared a table where all data is my mere deduction and observation and slight research. Hope it will clarify many things.

FaceBook’s Estimated Revenue Chart 2010

(Earning through Muslim Visitors Only)

Worldwide 1.57 Billion 785 Million (estd.) 235.5 Million 2.36 Million 70.65 Million 0.85 Billion
Pakistan 180 Million 47 Million 14.1 Million 14,100 423,000 5.08 Million

Lets analyze the above table now:

World Wide Facebook Revenue Analysis 


I found it through Wikipedia that the over all population of Muslims in the world is 1.57 billion. Then I estimated that what will be the daily revenue earned by Facebook from Muslim visitors if suppose just 50% of this population use Internet (i.e 785 Million. I then assumed that 30% of the entire Muslim Internet users are Facebook users i.e 235.5 Million. Then I took 0.01$ as average cost received by Facebook for Pay Per Click(PPC) and Page Impressions. This has logic like advertisements in Facebook that are based on Life Insurance, Technology, Cell phones, Digital Camera’s by Sony and Canon, College and University and renown services and goods can pay up to 7-$25  for each click made by the user.

Note:- I took all amounts as minimum as possible while in fact Pay per click can mount up to $7-$75. Adword Keyword Tool by Google can be used to compare Adsense Paying scheme to that of Facebook’s

And of course not every visitor will click the ads so surely Facebook is not earning $7 or $25 from each and every visitor. Some ads can be as cheap as 0.001$ (PPC). So if we take $0.01 as an average for PPC then it is not a bad approximate. I multiplied 235.5 Million visitors by 0.001 to derive 2.36 Million US Dollars and this is the amount Facebook earns daily from all Muslim Visitors put together. Then Monthly and yearly amounts in the table were calculated by multiplying the daily income by 30 and 12 respectively. The yearly amount that come up is 847.8  Million US Dollars! And this is what I approximated as annual income earned by FaceBook from the Muslim Nation.

But can you just guess how much is Facebook earning yearly from all traffic put together? The answer is 15 Billion US dollars!! (Source –> Times Online ) So 0.85 Billion US Dollars from 1/3rd majority of the world is again not a bad approximation. In fact the earning from Muslim Nation can be far far greater than $0.85 Billion but this is calculated as minimum as possible for better assumption of FB’s revenue.

Pakistan’s Facebook Revenue Analysis


For Pakistan I adopted a more correct approach. From many sources I found out the 47 Million people in this country use Internet. I then let 30% of this population to be Facebook users i.e 14.1 Million. Since most of the visitors in Pakistan are usually normal surfers and browse more for fun so I estimated the average Pay Per Click to be as less as $0.001 i.e Ten times less than the International Muslim Internet Users. By doing the same calculation I came to an annual amount of 5.08 Million US Dollars! which again is a big amount but not as big as 15 Billion US Dollars! Since Pakistan has banned Facebook till May 31st, we can easily calculate that the average revenue loss to Facebook can go up to 155,100 US Dollars and of course this amount is no less than a peanut to Facebook’s Overall Daily revenue!

In what Possible ways can Facebook badly suffer?

If a developing country like Pakistan is causing just a loss of 155,100 US Dollars to Facebook which is almost negligible loss in the eyes of the Mega Social Media Giant then how come this bring a nightmare to Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook's 23-year-old chief executive). Well the story doesn’t just end here. Below I have shared some of the points which can badly effect Facebook’s reputation in Internet if you see them in long term and with a more broader approach.

Advertisement on any website depends on many factors like Number of Daily Unique visitors, Pageviews, PageRank and Alexa Rank.

  • There are a lot of Muslim Web masters and if they all start a campaign of removing the Facebook links from their websites or tagging them as nofollow then this can turn out to be a disaster for FB’s Search Engine Optimization(SEO) department. The PageRank 10 that Facebook has achieved after shedding a lot of sweat and tears can decrease to 7-8 with-in a month or two if web owners do start such a campaign.
  • Pakistani Nation Banned FaceBook till 31st May only and authorities at Pakistan have promised that they will discuss this act of FB in OIC and UNO too and if other Muslim Nations do agree to ban Facebook in their respective countries then advertisements from these Muslim countries will seize up!
  • If Facebook is banned in Middle East then this can cause a lose of approximately 1.1 Billion US dollars to Facebook because most of the ongoing world investment is done in UAE, Saudi Arabia and Persian Gulf.
  • Muslim visitors can remove their Alexa toolbar which can dramatically reduce FB’s Alexa ranking which is the second most significant ranking in terms of attracting advertisers after Google PageRank.
  • Further The company’s security can highly be threatened from Muslim hackers all over the world. Since past records have shown that Facebook has been abused and attacked several times and today under such crucial period the risk of hack attacks are even larger. If Chinese Hackers can hack Pentagon’s highly secure computers then why not Facebook?

In a nutshell if Facebook does not make quick and professional decisions in the coming days then from what we have deduced so far it can clearly be seen that it wont take long for this Giant Social Media Website to crumble to its knees and loose all advertisements, loyal visitors and customers.


If Mark has read this post then I am sure his mind would have blown off!

What are your views?

The publication of satirical cartoons of Mohammad (PBUH) has always hurt the sentiments of the 1.57 billion Muslims all over the world. Muslims believe in Prophet Mohammad as the last and final Prophet after the decent of Prophet Adam, Solomon, Abraham, Moses and Jesus (Peace Be Upon Them All). Depiction of the images of a Prophet is strictly prohibited in Islam and is considered as blasphemy. In Islam After Allah (God) Mohammad (PBUH) is considered as the highest authority and they consider him as a master, guider, preacher and love them more than their family. Do you think freedom of speech and expression means that you can humiliate even such scholars and personalities of highest eminent?

I request all my loyal readers and visitors to post their views and comments about this latest happening and about the stats and info shared in today’s article. Kindly also cast your votes below and let us all know what you think. God bless you all!

Do you support or do not support anti-religious activities like “Draw Mohammad Day”?

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  1. I would Agre3 to m0st of th3 po!nts raised above but Pakistan should not have banned Facebook. That was not cool thing to d0!

  2. Hey, I just read this page and I strongly don't support any organization or group of people who make racial comments. I'm not a Muslim. But I have a policy that you live and let others live on their own will and their principles. I've also voted so.

    But Mohd. I don't agree with your chart of Global internet users.

    According you your chart it says out of 785 million internet users worldwide 47 Million are from Pakistan. Mohd, we can understand the emotion you have but you shouldn't compromise the quality and credibility of the information you are posting in your page. There are people who can search for the exact figure and they may leave coming back to your page when they find incorrect information in your page.

    I just wanted to let you know my view of point in this matter and I stated the second para because I'm a regular reader here and wrong figures may cost your visitors and credibility and reputation of your Blog. Sorry if you felt bad.

  3. @Sreejesh

    Dear I guess you have mis-interpreted the chart. The chart is only about Muslim visitors and not world wide internet users. Further it does not say that out of 785 Million, 47 Million users come from Pakistan but rather the table says that there are approximately 785 Million Muslim internet users world wide and in Pakistan out of a population of 180 Million people only 47 Million use internet. I hope this might have cleared your misconception.

    I always respect your comments pal and I fully understand the flaws of sharing unauthentic info. I hope you will be convinced now :>

  4. Best article on the current situation, as a 20 year age blogger its not necessary to pick up such points, but as you have raised this point, it reflects your true sentiments. facebook should be banned until Mark says sorry to all those people whom sentiments have been hurt by his decision of making DRAW MUHAMMAD DAY!
    We respect the prophets of all the nations, but i don't know why they always attack on the character of our beloved prophet.
    I can simply say that we have the personality by whom they are jealous and have cruel(terroristic) ideas but they have no one on whom we can point out!
    SO please Mark if you are reading this, say sorry to all people, ban the page and gain your lost reputation, we don't hate Facebook, but at the same time we can't listen or hear any word against our beloved prophet.

  5. I just heard it now & am equally shocked!! It is clearly mentioned in fb's TOS not to promote any racist compaigns thn hw come a company so dominant make such a mistake?

    AnyWays Muhammad you did a remarkable job again! I am impressed as usual. Kindly keep updating.

    Mohd is right. Kindly re-read the table.

  6. Are you from Pakistan Mohammad? It is so bad :(

  7. Hmmmmm at the end of the day, this is just not cool. Religion is a sensitive issue, not to be made fun of, whatever da cost...this is so uncool of FB... :(

  8. Assalam-u-alikum,
    Whatever you said is true,But on the other side what the most sensible thing we could do was NOT to ban facebook instead we should have gone for creating another page/website which could counter the DrawMuhammad page or rather honour Him page-as in Islam,you are always taught to tolerate and act sensibly when something of this sort happens...What we have done now is like ,"You broke my toy..I'm gonna break yours"-This is not the way!
    And now when they are apologizing for their serious misconduct so what's the use of being stuck on a typical thinking??
    Remember,Our Muhammad(Peace Be Upon Him) always forgave the jews and other non-Muslims instead of taking revenge.
    I hope I gave some good points.
    Waiting to hear from you.


  9. salam
    i want to raise one more point why this sort of unethical activities happens once in a year and we all muslims always become happy with the temporary action taken by any source.being a muslim we always threat against the potrat of prophet muhammad but other unthical activities are not so condemn.as far as facebook concerns it is good dat it has banned by PTA .

  10. @Asjad

    I understand your feelings bro but adopting a lenient approach is more productive. I respect your views. Thanks for taking time and posting your valuable comment :>


    Thanks for the kind remarks pal and yeh thanks for backing me on Sreejesh's comment :p

    Yeh bro I am from Pakistan. Born and cherished here. And yeh it is not sad because I don't use Facebook frequently, just seldomly sign in for blog promotion ;0


    I am glad mariuca that you respect religious dignity. Thanks for your vote!


    Your points indeed are praise worthy. I am afraid I will pull your leg on one point and i.e that you said: "And now when they are apologizing for their serious misconduct so what's the use of being stuck on a typical thinking??" Did they really apologized? I believe no such report is heard as yet.
    Further I fully agree with that "toy" point. That was sounding!

  11. Well,I read it in a newspaper yesterday or day before yesterday that Facebook along with that cartoonist Molly did apologize...And that Facebook said that If they would have known that such an activity is taking place,they would have surely removed it.

  12. What's wrong in drawing cartoons? After all they are just images!

  13. Assalam-u-alikum,

    Well done Pakistan...this should be the spirit of all Muslim countries...this is a very clear message to everyone that Muslims cannot compromise the honor and reputation of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), and Muslims don’t love facebook more than our Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). I do request all Muslims to deactivate his/her facebook for few days to condemn “Everybody Draw Muhammad day” The more facebook lose users, the less revenue they generate from advertising.

  14. well 1 thng iz for sure facebook has lost all there muslim users and its a proven fact that pakistan has the strongest hackers in the world and they can bring facebook down for good

  15. Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu
    Well according to me if kuffar present false information about Islam, we must present the correct information simultaneously. If they criticize the so called drawbacks of any commandment of Islam (eg criticizing Hijab or Beard) we must outline the advantages of observing Hijab or wearing beard, and so on. If they spread any misconception about Islam, we must try removing that misconception about Islam with Hikmah and so on...

    ALLAH (S.W.T) says in Holy Quran:
    "Invite (all) to the way of yout Lord (Allah) with wisdom and beautiful preaching, and argue (and reason) with them in ways that are best and most gracious. Indeed your Lord (Allah) knows best the ones who are deviated from the right path, and (the one) who receives guidance."

    "So (O Prophet) exhort them (to the right path). (for) your task is only to exhort. You cannot compel them (to accept the truth). Whosoever turns away and disbelieves, Allah will punish him with a mighty punishment. Surely to Us they will have to return, then it will be upon Us to call them to account (for what they used to do)."

    i have presented the AYAH'S of the Glorious HOLY QURAN to support my view point,but i havent senn a single muslim quoting any HADEES or AYAH to suppot this boycott....
    and remember PROPHET MUHAMMAD (PEACE BE UPON HIM) never boycotted the kuffar,rather he continued HIS efforts of the hoping for the Hadiyah of kuffar by ALLAH(S.W.T)....

  16. Ban all the internet web sites because internet was also invented in the western world so y r u people using rest of the internet…and also ban people using computers bcoz computers was not invented by pakis…can any one tell me the name of the person who invented windows and operating systems that u r using on ur computers…y u r using it stop using it bcoz for ur information BILL GATES IS A JEW and he is an american…if u don’t believe me go and see on google…SO FORMAT UR WINDOWS AS WELL BCOZ MICROSOFT IS AN AMERICAN COMPANY NOT A PAKI COMPANY...so i was talking about bans…plz ban yahoo and hotmail as well…PLZ BAN F-16 FIGHTER JETS AS WELL THAT OUR AIR FORCE USES BCOZ F-16 WAS GIVEN TO PAKIS BY AMERICANS AND the IRONY IS OUR GREAT AND HIGHLY EDUCATED LEADERS GO AND BEG IN THOSE COUNTRIES FOR FINANCIAL AID AND ASSISTANCE AND THE EMBASSIES OF THOSE COUNTRIES ARE STILL OPEN HERE…i know truth is bitter…KEEP ON BANNING EVERYTHING…I AGREE WITH THE BAN OF FACE BOOK BUT NOT YOUTUBE....IF THERE IS SOME WRONG MATERIAL THEN JUST BLOCK THAT CONTENT OTHERWISE THE INFORMATION THAT THEY ARE TRYING TO HIDE CAN ALSO BE FOUND ON GOOGLE SO PLZ BAN GOOGLE AS WELL....AND ALL OF U THROW ALL WESTERN THINGS OUT OF UR HOME...EVEN COMPUTERS...BCOZ THE PROCESSOR IN UR COMPUTER IS EITHER OF INTEL OR AMD....AND ITS AMERICAN TECHNOLOGY....so y u r using, throw it away…

  17. Assalam o alikum
    i agree with you but it's not a right thing making your mind that our contribution will not make any difference even if does'nt make any difference we should'nt give up and yes our religion teaches us to forgive and to adopt a lighter way but they people have crossed their limits .Thank u Mustafa for recommending possible ways. May we take them into practice Ameen.
    your blog is just superb Lo@dz ov beSt lUck 4 future.
    @ asjad
    dear,you don't need any apology of mark even it will not make any difference

  18. What it is good when you are forced to see what they want you to see, when you are forced to do what they want you to do and all of these in the name a religion? Remember, friend, religion is something untouchable, it is something that has not connections with internet or racism.
    I saw hundreds of satirical drawings with Jesus or Buddha and noone banned that sites in the countries, everybody had fun etc.

    The problem with muslims is the extremism, and this extremism is injected by the countries like Pakistani or Iran. They want to make you believe that muslim is the real deal. Let me translate this: They want you to dance like they sing.

    I know that Allah or Mohammad dont want to see you making such noise. They want just to believe in them.

  19. NOTICE
    Some things to notice,

    1. Respected Readers the post above is written solely with neutral approach. Neither in there, it is encouraged that Facebook should be banned nor did I support anti-religious activities. As a Blogger, adopting an unbiased approach was my Job and bringing you the most authentic info was my first priority. Therefore there are many comments posted here and many will be posted after this comment of mine but It will not be appropriate for me to answer any reply for the sake of maintaining the neutrality of the post. Hope you all understand. The debate is now amongst my readers (You Guys) and I will answer only those comments that may be related to the Topic points on a logical basis.

    2. The best comments are those that come with reasoning, quotations and that are dressed up with civilized tones that may portray the intellect of the author. Vulgar comments will result in immediate deletion.

    3. Kindly don't comment as Anonymous and while posting comments choose the option that says Name/URL and if you don't have a URL then simply keep the blank empty and just write your name.

    @Maryam Sabir
    Pal I have not suggested ways that should be adopted to harm Facebook but just pointed possible threats to Facebook in the Future as a reaction from the Muslim world. And yeh thanks a bunch for the kind remarks about MBT blog!

  20. Assalam O alaikum!
    Facebook and other social networks have created hate groups against Islam and Muslims..If they say that if they knew that this sort of page or group was there they would have deleted it,i would like to tell that thousands of people everyday reported against that page..Where were the facebook administration then?
    Go have a look at hate groups on facebook,you would find hate groups only and only against the Muslims..
    For all those people who say that it was just a cartoon or a picture and there was nothing to create such a panic..When you leave people without a punishment they redo those things..Each year they come with a new tactics to disrespect us and our religion..
    Inshort FB & youtube should be banned forever so the world can know the power of the Muslims..

  21. hello everyone,

    you say whats wrong in drawing cartoons?

    Well,in fact,there's nothing wrong in it if you take it that in your own way.Thats where the difference of ideas lies.One thing that doesn't matter for you,matters a great deal for us.its the same as a guy finds his girlfriend being untrue to him.It doesn't matter for the guy's friend even but it matters for that guy.hope i made my point clear.
    Now once you know it matters for us,why touch this topic again and again?If someone does it once,that can be justified,twice...a mistake but after that it just means one thing: trying to provoke the other person or in this case,a whole religion!

    I have the almost the same comments for you.A thing that doesnt matter anything to you,means the whole life to us.Muhammad(p.b..u.h.) isn't just apart of our beliefs,he is our LOVE!Since you know what a person might do when his/her beloved is attacked,you can easily understand our response.its not extremism,its the peak of love for Him.
    And I would also like to mention one thing,if you guys didn't react to some thing,why is it expected of us to act the same way? We have our own ways of responding to things.You don't mind such things because you people don't care,we respond to them,because we care!

    Besides,once they know we are touchy about a subject,why bring it up again and again?

    And in the end,comments regarding the article,

    a great one indeed but I personally don't agree to the idea of banning so many important websites.If you believe in giving a financial set back,leave it to people and ask them to deactivate...giving them the chance to do that and not just impose it on them!Besides,Face book didn't organize the event officially,it was organized by someone privately and its my personal observation that some of the events were removed when they got enough reporting.Why ban Face book?

    They say it was banned so that the obscene material cannot be accessed but I think it can still be accessed.If you tube wasn't banned,only those people would watch the video who would have looked for it,searched it deliberately.And it still remains the same,those who want to watch it,still would do that!

    I think we should look for something more innovative than banning,something that would bring no harm to our own nation and this has brought losses to us as well through banning of Wikipedia and youtube.


  22. @Fahad

    Do you think it is a nice solution? Further how will you respond to William's and Roomani's comments?


    Your comment is the most mature piece of writing that I have come across so far. I am impressed!
    While concluding your stand you pointed a great one indeed but I personally do not agree to the idea of banning so many important websites Did I really encouraged any such thing? :/
    And yeh I fully agree that no matter how much you try one can not stop someone from seeing what he wills to approach. There are so many sources of getting to those South Park cartoons and certainly banning each and every website is the worst PTA can do.
    Your answers to william and roomani are plausible!

  23. Yeah, I'm convinced and I sole heartedly support your clause. I suggest you to try to make awareness for making people understand the need to respect each others as humans. I hope you might have seen Avatar the English movie. That movie shows how terrible it will be when world starts to end. At that time people won't ask for identity cast region while getting help from some one or for helping some one. its only a matter of circumstances which we come across.

    I have a quote:

    "We are responsible for the actions performed in response to the circumstances which we are not responsible"

    I think it is not the entire website to be banned but the people who are doing mischiefs. This case, it affected many people and businesses because of few people. This shouldn't have happened.

  24. asslam o allikum
    first of all i would like to say dat we should be very proud of our muslim society dat we protest against the hate group people aur for those who tries to misrespect our religion...
    secondly fb and youtube should b banned in all muslim society forever so that the hate people should b well informed by the power of our muslims....
    in the end i would like to say that those people who try to abuse our religion,government should give them worst time of their lyf so that those people who think again and try to abuse itagain must b inform b this heavily protesting...
    thank you

  25. well buddie firstly m of the opinion that this debate does not comes under your domain.I mean your web is for blogging tricks rather than initiating debates.Secondly,as you have come up with such an effort you should try this post somewhere else (on any other forum).

  26. To the Youth of pakistan

    Islam is a way of life, Means islam is important to live your life. or in more simple words “Islam is life”, i don’t know how can you people accpet the insult of a Person who brought life to you.

    Facebook is not life, we can live without it.

    For you, today facebook is more important than our beloved prophet S.A.W

    If on the jugdement day If Prophet S.A.W ask you, there a website facebook which supported the cartoonist…………. what you did? are you going to answer, we kept on using it. Shame on us. Please Grow up, Please Grow UP and WAKE UP. They have successfully taken us away from islam, but still we have enough time.

    Or Youth don’t believe, they will be standing infront of Allah on day?

    Please stop it, DO SOMETHING TO STOP IT.

    Facebook supported the Cartoonists and you are not going to anything?

  27. now coming to the debate;
    i would like to ask MUSLIM community a question..why they are so easily provoked?What made them take emotional steps first and then organize debate sessions?And what sort of love and honor do they have for their beloved Prophet(s.a.w.w)?kind of love that is ignited by some sort of misconduct of non-muslims?is it okay for them to dishonor him if they themselves do so(by disobeying him), showing very few or no practical application of his teachings?
    amazingly, i have asked many questions but i hope ASJAD,MARIYUM,ANONYMOUS and others will easily answer all these qs.

    As far as the ban is concerned,its just a way of recording a protest and theres nothing wrong in doing so.May be thats the only way or suggestion PAKISTAN's govt had in response to such acts.As its not the first time that such an attempt is made and this time they as ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN has decided to send their msg in a more powerful,threating way.They have also decided to take this issue in U.N.O,according to some reports.And, why they are doing so,is obvious.Their religion does not allow them to make even pics of their PROPHET and they consider it as dishonor if someone else does so.Every religion has its own teachings so no debate whether they are right or not.The thing is ALL RELIGIONS DESERVE RESPECT and one should not make attempt to dishonour someone else's belief.

    In response to amna, haris etc i would like to say
    "Guys, go n have some fresh air, they have banned it for a particular time period only ,after that create your pages to potray true picture of islam n yeah send me an invitation as well or no worries i ll search you out on fb on my own.

    but i would love to ask MARK a question as well
    "Bro,what made you take such an immature step?where were all your finance advisory and your business skills?

  28. @Sreejesh

    I thank you for understanding the point buddy!

    @Purmal khan

    Dude I clearly mentioned it in the post under the heading What's New that this topic is linked with social media and I will share ways in which a growing business can suffer huge losses if not driven using proper Internet Marketing skills. So there is alot to learn from it brother and each single in the post above has a lot to teach about how a website runs, earns and at the same time should control their traffic by respecting their sentiments.

    However as far as your second comment is concerned I must say you have a great sense of humour! =D(Your last two paras)

  29. @Mustafa
    Hey mustafa tremendous article, one may belong to any religion but he has no right to abuse other religion! and the Facebook economy will certainly go down because many of the muslims including me will not use Facebook even after the banned has removed!

    Narai risalat
    Ya rasoollulah

  30. There is something about pakistan that makes it Islamic. Even though the goverment is pretty corrupt but Islam is engraved in the people of Pakistan and also their constitutions. Arab countries don't dare to take a step like such. The whole of west is forced to keep balance in east due to PAK. Its the same country which sent fighters to fight Israel. Pakistan is bound to become an Islamic model state in near future (purpose for its creation)
    It is worth mentioning that it wasn't the corrupt goverment that banned Facebook but High courts virdict.

  31. Asalam u alekum i agree that facebook should be ban why we compromise with our HOLY PROPHET(P.B.U.H) It is a fact if we make cartoon of common person he really fell bad But our holy prophet is not a common person. he is really recpectble person so why any one cold do like this.


  32. Facebook Fiasco: What Would Muhammad (PBUH) Do?
    For me, the antidote to that pain is in the teaching of the Prophet (PBUH) themselves. What would the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) have done in such a situation.

    The one thing I am absolutely positive of, is that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) would not have done what we are doing now: making an international public spectacle of ourselves. Most likely he would have just walked away and ignored (the ‘look the other way when someone throws garbage at you’ model), he might have negotiated with Facebook on the basis of their own stated rules (the Hudabia model), he might have reasoned with detractors (the discourse and discussion model). Nearly certainly Muhammad (PBUH) would have handled it with grace, with composure, and maybe even with a touch of good humor. Most importantly, the Prophet (PBUH) would have kept focusing on his own actions and proving his point with his own deeds rather than with slogans, banners and naara-baazi.

  33. Mr. Ahmedzai,

    You wrote that 47M of 180M Pakistanis use Internet and that you had learnt that from "many sources". Would you mind mentioning any one of those "sources". In my humble opinion, these are totally made-up, implausible figures and any sane person would have a hard time believing them.

    Your "minimum" assumption that 50% of Muslim population use Internet is so naïve! From [4], one can see that only 26.6% of the overall world population has access to the Internet. Also see below the figures from [2], which shows that except Malaysia, only 2 tiny Muslim countries have more than 50% of the population as Internet users. And Pakistan comes way down in this list as only 10% (18.5M not 47M!!) of the population use the Internet.
    Malaysia 65.7%
    Bahrain 55.3%
    Qatar 52.3%
    Iran 48.5%
    Kuwait 37.1%
    Pakistan 10.6% (18.5M)

    Also it would be even more naïve to assume that every Internet user is a Facebook member. To put this fact into perspective, out 1.8 billion Internet users worldwide[4], only 400 million (22%) are Facebook members[5].

    For a more realistic figure of number of Facbook members in Pakistan, it is also noteworthy to know that an insignificant number of dial-up Internet users use Facebook. Mind it that above figures are not of broadband Internet users. [3] shows the stats for broadband Internet users, according to which only 0.1% of people in Pakistan have access to it. Since these broadband figures are from 2007, so even if we extrapolate them to about 10 times, we will not end up anywhere close to 47M, that you have mentioned in your blog.

    Mr. Ahmedzai, as a blogger, you have a responsibility to quote authentic figures and not to make unrealistic and implausible assumptions. You also need to mention the source of news about the attack on Facebook by Turkish hackers, which I am unable to concur so far.

    [1] https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/pk.html
    [2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_number_of_Internet_users
    [3] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_number_of_broadband_Internet_users
    [4] http://www.internetworldstats.com/stats.htm
    [5] http://www.facebook.com/press/info.php?statistics

  34. Summery of response:
    It seems, Pakistan is far behind to Modern world and Muslims are still living in Stone Age. Let me tell you “it is age of reason not religion”. If you will never allow others to criticize your religion it will never evolve and it is becoming problem for you and non-muslims too. It seems Islam can‘t stand on open scrutiny therefore Muslims don’t allow it be criticized. Open it for debates on your countries, either It will rule the world or it will become the History.

    Keep in mind “freedom of speech” on religions is pith in developed countries(Europe and American). They have left behind the religions in 17th century, most of them don’t take religion too serious so are progressing in this era. “Freedom of speech“ is non-negotiable in Modern World.

    When you ask for respect for Islam and your Prophet. You forget that prophet Muhammad himself destroyed idles in Mecca in the first place without caring other religions, Taliban in Afghanistan did the same way but never was such response. When you burn flags of other counties, is that not offensive for their nation.

    Through out the Islam expansion period Muslims destroyed other religions not with preaching with sword too.

    When Hindus ask you to not eat cows because it is like God of some Hindus, you laugh at them. This is the way you respect other religions.

    "Islam is religion of peace and Tolerance" is a slogan from moderate Muslims but Muslims never show any tolerance; see how your react in Pakistan showing tolerance and peace.

    Instead of asking other to read Quran and Hadith, better read it yourself first in translation. Which state that: ”you can beat your wife.” ‘Earth is flat” “Star are made to make sky beautiful” ”Muhammad married 9 years girls while he was 52 years old” “Kill the infidels” ”Jews can’t be your friend (even there was no Israel)” “Universe was created in seven days” “Islam orders kill the apostate” There are many more contradiction of science and human right with Islam. I know Islam is not bad but these are the issues which need to be discussed. When your religion causes “suicide bombing” “hijacking plans” “killing Journalists”.

    After having all these issue how world can put it above criticism even there is no exception for other religions.

    Only the problems with Muslims are they attached with religions too firmly and never negotiate on this. Please think that your religion can be false. Keep in mind that all religions are man made. Take them seriously in every wake of life is problem now because they were make centuries ago. “Peace””Love all humanity not only muslims brothers also Jews can be your brothers if you love them too.”

    Imran khan

  35. hey mohammad this is rahul its sad to here this news

    one more news or rumor i have herd that soon Google adsence will not allow any new publisher account in pakistan and they will make a group of specialist which will remove crap sites running google ads from Pakistan and India also


    @anonymous 17:

    You are being so biased by saying that we should ban everything we have, I think you have not read the article with full concentration, it’s just on the issue what facebook and youtube had done regarding “DRAW MUHAMMAD DAY”, I don’t know why you are arguing like babies that give me my that toy back and that one as well, I am being so polite to you but If you want to understand it like babies than listen:

    You have argued that you people have made everything from the beginning than, let’s start from the beginning, who made the police first, we, then why are you using it?, we made the bridges first, but there are a number of bridges across the world of yours, then why are you using it?, who made the ships first? we, then why are you using it?, I think its enough, I cannot act like you any more cagga coogoo J now tell me do I have to format my windows first or you are returning our everything first, ( I am saying this after having linux backup in my laptop ! for your kind information LINUX code is made by a student and it can be used and altered by everyone!) . Tell me why we ban our jet fighters as we have already paid it. The real purpose is not to ban and boycott all the websites and technology but the real matter is why the facebook has taken an immature step to support such unreligious activities.

    Please be brave and use your name next time.. its being so strange calling babies anonymous every time!

    @marium sabir 18

    I didn’t understand why it will not make any difference, please simplify it for me, in my opinion if he cuts a sorry finger than this will prove automatically that they were wrong, and that’s what we are trying to deliver!

    @Purmal khan 28

    I simply didn’t understand what do you want to ask, please be clear in your question, what I have got and want to reply is, being a Muslim, when it comes to MUHAMMAD (p.b.u.h) our emotions are automatically attached to it, you can only and only understand it when you have true love with someone and some other person try to insult him/her in any way then tell me what would be your emotions? Are you going to praise him, keep meeting him and would not say a single word to him/her to stop that thing???????????

    Waiting for your reply.

    COMMENT CONTINUES...........

  37. @Anonymous 36:

    Hey! You have written something like to bring a new version of religion every time, sorry we are not like that, we have a constant religion and there’s nothing to be changed or improved in it like other religions. I don’t know what religion do you believe, but there must be a respect of one religion in the eyes of other religions. We have always respected every religion because we know that it’s the nature of human being. You have pointed out a number of points whom you think are the strong one but believe me you have either referred to the wrong books, in which writer has given ideas by thinking of his own imagination, or you have your own ideas, I cannot clear all your points not because I don’t know, but because I don’t have so much time. You are listen, watching and thinking what the media is giving you, you don’t have any choice, you have two false options and the real true one is hidden, you have to select any of the false option and at the last the result is FALSE! You can’t compare taalibaan to true Muslims because that’s not the true face as I have mentioned above about media that you are thinking what they want you to think. I don’t know why it comes to freedom of speech the only topic that you have is our prophet, there are a number of other topics for this freedom, and this is not enough, when this freedom comes to us, and we want to raise our voice against any issue, we have been banned ( just because they don’t want our voice to reach outside because if any intellectual person will think on that topics he would easily understand this dual policy. “You can beat your wife” is the part of the book you have read giving wrong idea, now read the whole Para:

    If your wife is involved in bad acts you have to say her to stop that and tell her the facts, if she is still not listening to you then you should not sleep with her, even if she didn’t understand then you can slap slowly but not on face! Its restricted to slap on face either it is women or child.

    This is the true context; please go through some good books of scholar, because if you don’t have complete knowledge you can not criticize someone. Like what you have said about 9 marriages of the Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h.), you have to search it on your own.

    We love all human beings and believe in peace for everyone, and who said Jews our Christians can’t be friends, it just the matter when people pin others to show their reactions by making such fool days, we want love everyone as our prophet p.b.u.h. had told us.


    Hope I have cleared my views to all of you, and please don’t take it personal.


  38. AOA!
    This is first good step taken by PAK. govt. V hav appreciated the govt. 4 taken this major step.
    V hav a appeal 2 the govt. 2 dissmiss FOUZIA WAHAB(INFORMATION SECETARY) 4 her usin of ill manners against the 2nd Caliph of ISLAM HAZARAT UMAR!
    I hope tht all of u agree with my this statement!

  39. 1973 :organization of arab petrol exporting countries stoped selling petrol to USA

    american citizen boycotted using petrol

    RESULT: oil crisis was finished

    2008:people in pak boycotted sugar when prices were increased by 100%

    result:after 7 months prices were decreased

    in 1940s: when britsh gov refined indian salt and use to sell them with 200% mark-up,gandhi suggested his followers not to use british made salt in order to give them handsome profit

    what my point is boycotting things can be handy but in long term this would be a stupidity.. in my opinion motivation will not be there for a long period of time poeople arent willing to boycott facebook for life....

    but my dear friends every action have equal and oppisite reaction if u wont let them(facebook) know how much u r hurt by this draw MOhammad day will they be carefull in future?????????

    loses even are minner they are losess infact, people will worry even there is a very minner loss 10 day ban by pakistan gov to me is fine ..this is so unfortunate that no muslim country took this seriously,baining facebook for 3 to 4 days could let them worry.....

    regards: fahad sarwar .....

  40. banning sites is not the solution at all... by banning these sites v are actually letting non-muslims get their way to do watever they want and v wont be there to defend our religion... besides i am disappointed not only because of the above mentioned point but also because i had learned alot from facebook and youtube (for studies, it had alot of online information on all subjects)people themselves must be sensible enough to decide what they have to see and what they are not supposed to... these sites even had some intellectuals who students could interact with and hold discussions... now that its been banned, well..what can i say...its just sad.. btw..the campaign against the blasphemous page had more users but since it got banned that campaign could never work...

  41. banning sites is defintely not a sloution as i earlier mentioned no one are willing to boycott fb for life but ,banning for only 3 to 4 days can alarm facebook

  42. it is written in terms and conditions of fb that racism is disallowed them y should we let them do?

  43. it is written in terms and conditions of fb that racism is disallowed y should we let them do?

  44. @asjad
    in simple words , better be sensible rather than emotional.
    Hope u ll get my point now.
    n yeah dun wait for any further response coz m not gonna visit this blog again

  45. Mohd, I think My last comment got deleted or didn't even get posted. Anyway. you've done a hottest post on web. After my comment [on 2nd] there were more than 47 comments here. And among 100 who read a post only 20 may comment, so I can assume how much traffic you've gained from this single post after a long ga==ap.

  46. Asslamoalikum mustufa bhai!!I highly appreciate your effort regarding this serious issue..our government has taken certain incentives too but banning facebook is an unintelligent thing to do..our religious intincts are highly governed by our emotions..its good to be emotoinally attached to Islam and Holy Prophet(SAW) but sometimes we do certain things in this emotinal attachment that should not have been appreciated by Allah Almighty and our Prophet(SAW)..i have heard that people have literally abused the one who has drawn these sketches..just think what our Prophet(SAW) have done if he has enountered something like this..what he has done during all those preaching years when people were literally ready to kill him..he has just prayed to Allah to show them the right path..and we should do the same..we should pray for all those misguided people and we should take some steps(apart from emotional one)that can make them see what our Muhammad really is..people have abused and they have protested,taking banners etc but how many of them has got up and done something to show the true piture of Islam,the true face of our beloved Prophet??how many of them has promised themselves to get up and pray five times a day or to promote the message of our Prophet??
    The thing that we are lacking is the effort to get up and stand by what has been taught to us..
    We have to work with reasons and proves rather than with emotions!!

  47. @Aamir

    First let me thank you brother for taking time and doing some research on the figures quoted above. I sincerely appreciate reasoning based comments like yours!
    Dude you questioned many sources and proposed your sources too. You also claimed that the figures above are totally made-up and implausible Amazingly there is no doubt in it! except one thing.. Follow up,

    I had only 3 hours to write a post and publish it because I was requested by few friends and readers to write on such a controversial topic. During this hurry I made just one mistake and that was I forgot to add an extra column in the chart above. That column will be added today. In this column I had assumed that 30% of all those Muslims who use internet use FaceBook. This will indeed make more sense.

    You asked for a source for the 47 million internet users in Pakistan and the source is,


    You asked for a source of Muslim Turkish Hackers and also claimed that you could not come across any such thing while Googling. So I just did a simple Googling and came across many sources like,

    1) http://thecurrentaffairs.com/facebook-hacked-by-turkishbbc-facebook-lossfacebook-page-hacked-by-turkish-muslimfacebook-drawn-muhammad-s-w-a-day.html

    2) http://www.allpakistaninews.com/turkish-hackers-facebook-and-drawmohammed-com.html

    3) http://www.lifedork.net/post/turkish+hacker+of+fb.html

    4) http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/292371

    And many others..

    I hope you are convinced now that sharing authentic info is what MBT aims for. BTW I thank you again for taking time and for sharing some great sources which will help us in giving more accurate approximations.

    Note:-The column will be updated today and it will further clarify you with your questions.

    So you spot the knot! :

    @Areeba Khan

    You made me proud dear! You spoke far better than your age. Thanks for taking part in the discussion and for sharing your valuable views.

  48. In response to Fahad Sarwar ( 41 )

    You are right in your own way but the thing is
    "It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them.They went out and happened to things." - E.Smith

    Actually,this is the time when we NEED TO INTERACT with the non-Muslims,we need to convey our views and beliefs to them and get their response so that the wrong beliefs may be cleared out.Because they are making a fuss of our belief all over the world just because they dont know what we believe in and WHY we believe in...so instead of doing a boycott...we should talk to them

    "Life's a rehearsal-each day is a new show;no repeats,no rewind,no retake.
    Do the right,Fear No Man."

  49. Mohammad and internet! What a joke! You pretend that are so religious but you put your idol and internet in the same boat. Please make your usual tutorials, they were very good, dont walk on this hot path, you will get burned! Leave Mohammad and Jesus alone, remember, anyone has a religion and yours isnt the best because Mohammad doesnt want to be represented in a picture or a draw. You all muslims are so angry because you have so many behaviours that are religious, but we, Christians we have also too, but we dont make such noise like you do. We are in the Fast Century, you dont want that Maohammad to be anonymous as a face, but you use internet, TV, etc. If you are so perfectly religious why dont you live in cave, eat mushrooms and drink spring water?

    You make me sick! SICK!

    PS: Muslims isnt the right religion because you think so!

  50. The subject of a special brother Mohammed, as usual,
    I do not blame the temerity to draw the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, but thrown all the blame on Muslims, or more especially presidents, rulers in Muslim countries, for lack of standing as one face of this onslaught of the enemies of the religion of Muhammad, each Muslim unity and solidarity in the face of Disservice to the greatest creation Muhammad peace be upon him and to the Great Islam.
    Thank you once again for this Trg

  51. Muslims must choose to ignore all these things, :)
    Because each writer or journalist failed;Try to be known..
    Rush to write such abuses and should not give them this opportunity.
    This became an ancient game for anyone who wants quick fame makes a picture of how the Messenger and publish.
    Also, insulting to the Prophet indicate the extent of its effects on the whole of humanity!

  52. @Moo Hamas

    Dude this world is not that complicated. Some Angels (people with broad principles) are still alive and for this reason the world around us still seem lively. Your words indicate a spontaneous reaction but I am sure that if you re-read your comment after taking some time to pacify your soul, you will find your self worried in tones. If you think the way people from other religions do then all your questions will need no answers..

  53. >>>Moo Hamas

    Get a life! Things in your world are 2 dArk. I am glad Not everyone thinks l!k3 you.



  54. @aamna

    as u said we need to interact with poeple who are supporting DRAW MOHAMMAD DAY
    i dont think it would be a right move,everyone there is to ENJOY its just like u entered in a BAR and adviced poeple not to drink bear..

    It's all knowing what to start with If you start in the right
    place and follow all the steps you will get to the right end


  55. banning sites for LIMITED TIME is not a sloution but the initial step....


  56. if somebody have intention to do sumthing he probably wont listen to anyone even he knew he is wrong..

    like i have cheated many times in exams even i knew its wrong...


  57. I see you prefer to resolve the problems like your pakistanis did: banning! Why you deleted my comment? Because I suggested you to return to your usual work which was very good, I mean blogging? Because I used a name that you considered offensive: Moo Hamas?

    When you will learn that you are not the WORD, you are not the RIGHT, you are just like us?

    Muslims are not the right religion in general. It is just the right religion for its believers, like Christianity it is too. Don't make me waste my time again, because I promise you I will try to give you a well deserved page rank null. I made you at least 500 visitors. My advice, BLOGGER IS BLOGGER, RELIGION IS THERE... SOMEWHERE, WE DON'T CARE!

  58. Yes bro, a social media like facebook should take control of their user. This is another effort to make muslim people angry and whe we angry they will said we are terorist, lol!
    Be patient my muslim brother and Allah will help all muslim people.
    Thanks for sharing this awesome article.

  59. @Boohabed

    Neither was your previous comment deleted (#51) and nor will I delete this one. Feel pity that people like you exist. The post above was written solely based on the category to give readers an idea of how a running business can be effected and what revenue means for web masters. It gave good info with regard to Internet Marketing but people like you I am sorry will always take things upside down. You lack civilized tone!

    You said "Don't make me waste my time again, because I promise you I will try to give you a well deserved page rank null. I made you at least 500 visitors" No professional speak that way but milk feeders! Take care.

  60. WOW, nice estimate! But not all living in Pakistan are Muslims, and banning isn't the right option. I've a friend from Pakistan and she's a Christian and b'cos of "Draw Mohammad Day" She can't access Facebook and Youtube, is that fair?

  61. there is 97% mislim population in pakistan.....
    poeple are extremly emotional about religion if pak gov not taken this step there could have been serious after effects...


  62. To our friend (Anonymous 35), rasing Qustions against Islam without having any knowledge about it. It would be an honour to answer these queeries with advice to study ISLAM in true sense. I shall try to provide answers to the best of my knowledge

    Earth is flat: I don't recall any AYAT or HADIA mentioning such: IT say that Universe was created in Layer( Also in Ensitnes theory some 1300 years later). Universe started as a small particle (Big bang theory), There are seven skys and only one earth

    "We created above you seven universes in layers, and we are never unaware of a single creature in them." (23:17)
    ( The idea is under serious discussion among scientests and is known as Multiverse (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universe).

    Stars and made so you can ponder upon creation of God,
    "Behold! In the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the alternation of night and day, - there are indeed Signs for men of understanding."

    ”Jews can’t be your friend", “Islam orders kill the apostate”. Sir, Islam is tourchbrearer of Human rights. Please do not derive meaning from A PART of AYAT or HADIA also without reference to time or topic being discussed in Surrah. A simple example you may reason is ISLAM allows to keep slave, Yes in those times it would upset balance of life if slaves were freed. Instead it gave way a gradual process to abolish slavory forever.

    "All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab;
    also a white has no superiority over black nor a black any superiority over white " TheKhutbahofHajj-ul-WIDA

    Islam gave right of vote(BAIT) to women 1300 years ago while in in west it was decleared as far as 1918 (ENGLAND).

    Islam provides complete freedom of religion, if it were not the case the Great Muslim Empire over Europe (SPAIN) and INDIA would surely reduce non-believers to minorities yet their rights were safguarded and were provided complete freedom of religion.

    “He who has created seven heavens in full harmony with one another: no flaw will you see in the creation of the Most Gracious. And turn your vision (upon it) once more: can you see any flaw? Yea, turn your vision (upon it) again and yet again: (and every time) your vision will fall back upon you, dazzled and truly defeated.” (Quran 67:3-4) ”

    May GOD PROVIDE Belessing to all and guide you to right path
    I assure you there is nothing in HOLY Quran which contradicts Science as of yet and ther will never be. Even so ALWAYS remember that only GOD has ultimate knowledge, u cannot give preference to the scientific knowledge over QURAN. Even
    Scientific laws may be wrong in some aspect (NEWTONS LAWS in light speed). There are ofcourse many false transtations about QURAN and HADIh on internet. I Advice you to purchase an athentic translation of Quran and HADIA

  63. We honour your work Mohammad Mustafa. Keep up the good work

  64. @peace

    Thanks bro for that useful info. And yeh thanks for those kind remarks!

  65. it sounds really unethical when people insult other religions and their gods. I feel sympathy with your religion and fully support the view that anti-religion activities should never be supported. Love all and spread this message.. leave the crap thinking aside

  66. Reading these... well, you are the best religion in the world, rite? What a great nation is the arab nation. Long live my god Barbarian (HSOAB)
    Barbarian (HSOAB)is the best!
    Wondering what means HSOAB? It is like your PBUH, but it means He S@n Of A B^tc%.
    Long live islam your the man! Bleah!