December 22, 2012

Now You can Mention People inside Blog Posts with Google Plus!

mention people in BloggerRunning an online business through blogging can be really tough if you are not aware of how to manage your readers. What is generally seen is the fact that many bloggers often interact with their readers too friendly that their readers start taking their piece of knowledge for granted. There are no doubts about the value of the readers and a blogger should interact with his readers but again in a professional way.

Believing in the importance of smooth conversations in between the publishers and the readers, Google has now introduced a new way to link your devoted readers in your blogger post editor.

How to Link People?

Everybody loves to have an attention, its human nature. When it comes to your devoted readers, who contribute on your posts, sharing the best of their ideas, adding useful stuff on your blog, you really need to take them in consideration. With this new option, been introduced by Blogger, you can now add links of Google+ profile your readers, if needed. You can even link Google+ pages when you have to mention a person or a page in your blog

Here it is that how can you value your readers or people who somehow relates to your post.

1) Type “+” in your Blogger post Editor, followed by the name of the person who you want to add in your post.

2) The link would then be shown in your post

3) After sharing your post from Blogger to Google+, the linked person would be notified in the sharebox.

4) Clicking on the link would redirect the readers to the person’s Google+ account.

link people on blogger

Therefore, If you have some dedicated readers or hard-working co-authors like us, then you can now credit them by adding their Google+ links in your post.

Hoping to get some good notifications in my sharebox by Mohammad and other readers, (:D) from now onwards, leaving you on a note that value people who can contribute in your success!

Best Wishes,

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  1. Great new feature, I will be using the Google plus linking for my guest authors next time.

    My blog

  2. This is really good information for me.Thanks for sharing this tips.

  3. Great post Nida. thanks for making this blog very best as i want. Regards:
    How To Add The Google Plus One Button On Your Blogger Blog

  4. nice idea and day by day google+ enhancing blogger quite nicely. definitely gone use it.
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  5. Great One. It would have nice to have a demo.! :)

  6. I thought cool, but it can not make the blog slower?

  7. mohammad, sorry for inconvience, but please check your email once again.


  8. I need a Paypal account .... Pakistan mein kahan mil sakta hai ??? Please help meeeeeeee

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Paypal account kahan mil sakta hai Pakistan mein ???

  11. Thankyou nida madam i followed yours articles happy christmas from me

    How to index created new blog or websites to searchengines very helpful from me

  12. compose mode master :(
    here for look and eik eik eik :D

  13. And finally I got adsense, the posts from MBT inspired me a lot.Thanks MBT authors.

  14. @TechnononimoiusPaypal is not available in Pak.

    u cud use pyaza.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Hemant Verma
    Widget Gnerators

  15. Google is coping the content of Facebook as Cirle=Like, Share=Share, Creating Pages=Pages and also much more, and now this is mentioning peoples in the Google Plus Profiles. So, I think as Google does everything awesome and diffrernt than others. So, Google should do some differ than FB.

    But this is also good concept.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Hemant Verma
    Widget Generators

  16. Nice post but you need to explain better
    like I have explained on

  17. Nice topic.

  18. Simple but very informative very nice Nida

  19. Brilliant mind,,Try to customized your blog using this GENERATOR..

    Thank You..
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  20. Its great post, i'll try this in my post and can boost traffic to my site.

  21. Thank you so much for the appreciation :)

  22. This is a Good feature added by Blogger.

  23. Ya its a good feature by blogger... Nice info by you... I have already started using this... Thanks...
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  24. thanks for sharing this information :)

    Rahul Kashyap

  25. Hello Nida, this is rahul running an educational blog.. I read your this article and find very useful.
    You know Every Educational News is new for only today & yesterday it will be old. Now question is that should I replace Titles of Old posts & Re-post them?
    Like I posted about IIT Exam 2012 Next year I should replace the title to IIT Exam 2013 & so on...
    Is that post Index by Google? Any Idea....hope you get it...


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