Facebook Offers: How to Create an Offer for your Fan Page?

Facebook Offers
Facebook has just recently launched a new feature for brand pages: Page offers. Page offers are basically rewards for your audience or customers who can claim them by visiting your store or online website, and also share with their friends. Not only does this engage your current customers or audience on a new level, it also extends the reach of your service or brand. Offers require a budget to run, but could worth be the investment your brand has been in need of. So let's take a look at how you can create offers, and what you can do with them.

There are basically three types of offers. In Store Only, Online Only, and In Store and Online. In Store Only can only be redeemed by customers visiting your brand's physical location. Online Only can only be redeemed by visiting your website, and In Store and Online can be redeemed in both places.

Getting started

Go to your Facebook page, and look at the sharing tool (from where you publish new posts). Click on  Offer, Event +, and then click on Offer. You will now get to choose from among the three types of offers we just discussed. For online offers, you can set a redeem code, and for In Store offers, you can set a bar code. We will be talking in detail about the bar codes and redeem codes in our next post.

Now its time to fill out the details. Think of a strong headline for your offer, such as "Buy one get one free" (or something of the sort). Also upload a photo for your offer. And select a limit for the number of offers. You can either restrict it to a limit, or make it unlimited.

Next come the Terms and Conditions. Every offer has its terms and conditions, right? You can set your own by clicking on Terms, and typing them out. You can also set an expiration date by clicking on Today and clicking on a future date.

Now you're almost done. Just click on Preview, and see if it looks all right. If so, then move on to the next step.

Cost and budget?

Running offers require a budget. Generally, the more you pay, the more reach you have, and the more people can access your offer. While creating an offer and adding a budget, you can click on More Options to see what payment methods and advertising account you are using.

More Budget Options

While creating an offer, you can choose from among some suggested budgets, or set a custom budget from the Ads Manager by checking the option Promote Later Using Another Facebook Ad Tool.

As mentioned, your reach will depend on your budget. This is the number of people who see your offers in their news-feed. More budget means more people will be able to see it. You can see your reach automatically when setting a budget.

How does it work?

Well, offers are pretty simple. People get rewards for visiting your website, or your brand's physical location. When someone claims your offer, they get an email with detailed instructions on how to redeem the reward. The email will also include a Redeem code or a Barcode, and the Terms and Conditions of that offer along with its expiration date.

What products can be promoted

As far as Facebook is concerned, you can post offers for promotions of any products. But be mindful of the law in your area, and whether you are legally allowed to promote them. Keeping that in mind, you can promote anything, even alcoholic products and pharmaceutical drugs etc.

Any problems?

Are you having any problems with creating offers? There's one thing you should know. You can't post an offer if your page has less than 400 likes. And if you change your mind, or if there's a problem with your offer, and you want to stop it, you can simply do that by deleting the offer post from your Page's timeline! Simple!

If you have more questions, feel free to ask. We'll be covering bar codes and redeem codes in the next post, so stay tuned. Also, make your comments below and tell us what you thing of this latest Facebook Marketing feature? Peace :)

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