Facebook Printable Posters Now Available For Download

Printable Facebook Posters
Facebook is a very powerful social media, not just for networking, but also for marketing. For the success of any business, its presence on social media, especially on Facebook is a must. |This is because according to an estimate, around 75% of the customers (for any product or service) use online streams such as social media to learn more about that particular product before going for it. And since Facebook is the largest social media with more than 900 million users, you can see how much a company would be missing out on if it didn't have a Facebook page. Facebook isn't just for online businesses either. Much like Google Places, local businesses can also utilize Facebook for promotion and to bring in customers. And for such local businesses, there's a good news! Facebook Printable Posters are now available for them to download and use for their business' promotion!

The Facebook Marketing Team has recently released Printable Posters which you can now download, customize, and put up on your stores as posters or on your website as banners and drive audience and customers to your business!

Download Facebook Printable Posters

These posters come print-ready. You can simply customize them to display your Facebook Page URL, such as facebook.com/MyBloggerTricks, just like we have done with the intro image. Once you've changed the URLs, you can download them and send to your printer. Click on the link below for the PDF file.

What's the use?

The most obvious use for these posters is advertising and promotion. Small local businesses, such as shops, restaurants, fast food junctions, real estate consultancy, or any other such business can download these posters and send them out for printing. These posters are print ready, and Facebook has even inverted them for printing ease. All they need to do is, edit their Page URL before printing. These posters can be displayed on billboards or front windows, encouraging customers to like the Facebook page for that business, or check in while they are inside the shop/restaurant etc. The only condition, of course, is that, businesses need to have a Facebook page. Otherwise, what use are they, if customers can't 'Like' anything?

Facebook printable posters

These posters can also be used by website owners to divert traffic to their Facebook page. They can link the banners to their Facebook page, and encourage people to follow them and like the page. This way, online businesses can easily retain their customers, and send out updates for their benefit.

Download these posters/banners now, and start advertising your Facebook Fan page to generate more leads! All the best :)

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