How To Turn Your Blog Posts Into A Video?

Turn blog posts into video

One of the greatest influence in the online word is the power of the written word. People, especially bloggers mostly make use of writing to convey their message to their readers. But have you ever thought of using images, or videos to do the same? Of course, a lot of people use videos and images on their blogs or websites. But how about presenting your awesome blog posts in the form of a video? Maybe not every follower of yours is following your lengthy blog posts that you share on social media, So why not try something new, and present your blog posts in a whole different way?

At this point, you might be thinking you don't have the time or maybe the know-how to create and edit a video, so why bother? Well, say hello to Wibbitz! This is a nice little tool that will help you make a video from your blog posts with little effort!


Basically, Wibbitz is a web app that will crawl your website or blog, and extract the most important information. This will then be converted into an audio and video presentation. The audio can include narrations of your latest blog posts, so that your readers can hear those updates rather than reading them.


This is a relatively unique concept, which you can make use of to better advertise your website. A video can say a lot about your website, and will get you more followers as a result of your video marketing.

Create a video for your site

Visit the Wibbitz homepage, and look at the bottom. Fill out the email and site URL fields, and click on Create Your Clip. This might take a few minutes, since it involves a lot of processing. So sit back and relax!

Once finished, you'll get an embed code for your video. In all likelihood, this is all you need. But if you want to tweak the video a little, you have the Customize Clip option below. Here, you'll get to re-size the video, put in a voice over, or put in Loop or Autoplay. You can also change the Soundtrack from among the six different options. Once you're done, simply click on Update Clip, and you're done.

This is a pretty good tool, and will create HTML 5 embed code for you, which will be accessible across multiple devices. The voice synthesizer is pretty good too, with just a slight hint of synthesized speech. The biggest hitch though, is that it can't process special characters such as the apostrophe, and hence speaks out the HTML codes for them, which sounds pretty awkward.

But overall, it's a pretty good tool, and will bring a smile on your lips if nothing else :). Share it with your followers and friends, and have fun. Cheers :)

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