Top 10 Blogs And Bloggers In Indonesia

Top 10 Blogs and Bloggers in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of those countries that underwent rapid progress in the past few decades. And now, many countries look up to it for clues on development. And as in many other countries, the online community in Indonesia has grown as well, hence giving rise to many proactive bloggers. We have already talked about the top blogs in Malaysia and in the World. So we continue our series on the top 10 blogs and bloggers in Indonesia.

Ranking criteria

These blogs aren't ranked solely on the basis of Alexa ranking, because as we've seen, Alexa rankings aren't very accurate. The initial selection of the top 10 blogs is done on the basis of many factors, such as Google PR, Alexa Ranking (worldwide), blog subscribers, social media following, and so on. This is because only one parameter cannot decide how popular a blog is. Once the selection is done, the blogs are then sorted according to their Alexa rank in order to avoid any biases. We have also included some blogs that although have a very low ranking, the people behind them are popular and proactive bloggers who participate in social events etc (such as Unspun).

Top 10 Blogs and Bloggers in Indonesia

1. Indonesia Matters

Indonesia Matters

  • Alexa (Worldwide Rank): 98,492
  • Alexa (Rank in Indonesia): 4,065
  • Written by: Mau Ke Mana

2. Jakarta Bars

  • Alexa (Worldwide Rank): 163,534
  • Alexa (Rank in Indonesia): 3,341
Jakarta Bars

3. Diana Rikasari

  • Alexa (Worldwide Rank): 329,382
  • Alexa (Rank in Indonesia): 6,277
  • Written by: Diana Rikasari

4. Blogger Indonesia

  • Alexa (Worldwide Rank): 289,201
  • Alexa (Rank in Indonesia): 5,388
  • Written by: Fatih Syuhud
Blogger Indonesia

5. Glisters and Blisters

  • Alexa (Worldwide Rank): 884,670
  • Alexa (Rank in Indonesia): 25,628
  • Written by: Michelle Koesandi
Glisters and Blisters

6. Perspektif

  • Alexa (Worldwide Rank): 1,014,654
  • Alexa (Rank in Indonesia): 25,573
  • Written by: Wimar Witoelar

7. Good News From Indonesia

  • Alexa (Worldwide Rank): 1,179,203
  • Alexa (Rank in Indonesia): 28,293
Good News From Indonesia

8. Budi Putra

  • Alexa (Worldwide Rank): 1,672,583
  • Alexa (Rank in Indonesia): 61,660

9. Unspun

  • Alexa (Worldwide Rank): 2,311,234
  • Alexa (Rank in Indonesia): N/A
  • Written by: Ong Hock Chuan

10. The RAB Experience

  • Alexa (Worldwide Rank): 2,759,835
  • Alexa (Rank in Indonesia): N/A
  • Written by: Rob Baiton
The RAB Experience

Our analysis

Most of these blogs are run by really innovative and proactive bloggers, who are good writers as well. Reading some of their posts, I noticed the level of insight some of them have. But you might be asking, so why do they have low Alexa rankings? We'll as you might know, Alexa traffic rank is dependent upon the traffic that has the toolbar installed. And most of these blog readers are locals, who don't have the toolbar installed. Hence, the low ranking. But that doesn't mean the blogs aren't good.

Another thing we noticed about these bloggers was, they focus on the message and the social aspect of the blogs more than blogging itself. Hence, many don't apply blogging tricks and SEO tips. If they were to follow the tips discussed in the blogging tips niche, then their blogs have the potential to become internationally famous. But then again, it's all about what purpose the bloggers have in mind for their blogs.

Hope you like this top 10 list. If you have suggestions, then feel free to comment below. We're looking forward to your response. And we'll be back with some more lists. Cheers :)

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  1. Waiting for the Indian one .. :)

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    thanks for the post and info.. even me as one of Indonesian didn't know that top ten list.. arrgh... yeah.. i'm no good on blogwalking.. ;_O

    btw, Bro.. on the subtitle, u mistyped "Indonesia" as "Malaysia". :D

  3. thank you for this post, Indonesia is my country (y) :D

  4. Great job brother but the sites Alexa ranks are too good.

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  6. Great List..of blogs..
    Its really good that you have collcted info about top 10 Blogs of many countries Like USA and malasiya..
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  12. Great post and wonderful information; guys who r devaluing such posts actually don't know how difficult it is to post daily. The great bloggers like John Chow and Darren Rowse sometimes stuck up to post anew and rely on guest post or refreshing the older one.
    posting daily is dam difficult and Mohammad you are doing really a great job by posting daily with really fresh contents. keep it up

  13. nice post.
    Some time ago, there are a few names such as; Priyadi, Enda, and Budi Rahardjo.
    Update ... update ... update. :)

  14. really suprised.. :D

    Indonesian people must be pride.. :D

  15. Thank you for your attention to the Indonesian blog progress by making this post Qasim ...
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  16. good info ..but I think a SOP should be follow to establish a good ranking blogs like this ...

  17. @MUXLIMO Corrected :D
    And don't worry, you'll be there some day hopefully :)
    Good luck

  18. @MUXLIMO Corrected :D
    And don't worry, you'll be there some day hopefully :)
    Good luck

  19. @A--l--I AkBar thanks :)
    And yeah, I am eager to move to india and pak as well :D
    thanks again for the appreciation

  20. @Camera well, my friend, these series is research-based, and can not be found on any other blog, which is why we decided to write on it. Good day :0

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    yeah, but people don't come at MBT to read these type of articles.Its fine if you talk about one or two TOP 10 articles here but whats the point of writing so many on the same topic when people want to learn BLOGGING TIPS AND TRICKS, And GADGETS.These are just meant to attract some traffic or update blog daily.

    Qasim, why don't you mention the reasons for their success? Dude, extract atleast one golden tip or the best point about every blog you mention and no criticism will be left.
    Best of luck

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  23. Why "Blogger Indonesia" get number 4?
    He got 289,201 Alexa's worldwide rank. That's higher than number 3, right?

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