Top 10 Blogs and Bloggers In America

Top 10 blogs in America
Blogging and freelancing have become really popular, especially in developed countries, where the trend is more towards self-employment rather than a regular 9-5 office job. In countries like America, this activity is on the rise, and America perhaps  has the largest blogging community in the world, which is why it has become the industry leader, and most popular blogs are based there. We started a series on the most popular blogs in different countries, and we thought, why not rank the blogs in America?

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Blog rankings

Blogs are, of course supposed to be ranked based on their traffic stats. But accurate statistics are never revealed out to the public, which is why there is no accurate way to rate blogs based on how popular they are, and how much traffic they get.

Most blogs are usually ranked according to their Alexa Traffic rank. But again, that's not as accurate as you'd wish. And Google PageRank is an absolute rather than a relative scale. So these parameters aren't enough to rank websites.

Another parameter to look at for blog ranking is Technorati rating, and the number of blog feed subscribers. So the ten blogs we have chosen are the top 10 based on all these parameters, and the rating within them is then based upon their worldwide Alexa, so as to prevent any biased decisions. So here goes our list. Enjoy :)

Top 10 Blogs And Bloggers In America

1. The Huffington Post

  • Alexa (U.S): 22
  • Alexa (World-wide): 85
  • Technorati Authority: 938

2. Mashable

  • Alexa (U.S): 214
  • Alexa (World-wide): 273
  • Technorati Authority: 886

3. BusinessInsider

  • Alexa (U.S): 174
  • Alexa (World-wide): 374
  • Technorati Authority: 855

4. TechCrunch

  • Alexa (U.S): 262
  • Alexa (World-wide): 390
  • Technorati Authority: 846

5. TMZ

  • Alexa (U.S): 106
  • Alexa (World-wide): 411
  • Technorati Authority: 855

6. Engadget

  • Alexa (U.S): 340
  • Alexa (World-wide): 427
  • Technorati Authority: 851

7. BuzzFeed

  • Alexa (U.S): 195
  • Alexa (World-wide): 503
  • Technorati Authority: 878

8. The Daily Beast

  • Alexa (U.S): 290
  • Alexa (World-wide): 1,097
  • Technorati Authority: 858

9. Gawker

  • Alexa (U.S): 306
  • Alexa (World-wide): 1.246
  • Technorati Authority: 851

10. The Verge

  • Alexa (U.S): 1,043
  • Alexa (World-wide): 1,538
  • Technorati Authority: 863
Most of these blogs are not owned or managed by an individual. Rather, they are owned by companies or organizations, and are managed by multiple people and contributors who get paid for their work. Hence, it's not possible to attribute these blogs to one blogger. But in any case, congratulations to the people behind these ten successful blogs, because they aren't just the top in the U.S. They also happen to be the top in the world! Be inspired, and share the knowledge :)

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    1. yup dude me also want to know India's top 10 blog name.

    2. India's No. 1 blogger is still considered Amit aggarwal. He is one of the first few successful technology bloggers who managed to quit their job and do blogging full time.

      At present, 2016, he doesn't blog that much. But still, makes to the top of all curated lists of top Indian bloggers

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