5 Best Ways Bloggers Can Do Keyword Research

5 Best Ways Bloggers Can Do Keyword Research
Your online Money Making business highly depends upon your understanding about two things in particular, first being the most productive domain to start with, and next to it is an effective Keyword research. Keywords are the most powerful ingredient of your Search Engine Optimization which drives traffic to your site from the search results. However, attracting a considerable traffic to your site/blog is directly related to your knowledge about the keywords utility. This means that you need to think from your potential visitor’s point of view that what he might be looking for. Effective keyword research does not only drive traffic, in fact beside increasing your followers, it helps boosting your overall site statistics, while on the other hand, generating huge revenue.

Things to Take Care of

As the competition is increasing in every domain, your potential readers/clients/ followers might not know about your existence even. This means that they might not be searching your company on the search engines, in fact, they would look for the services that the domain you own, provides. Now if you are smart enough to show your expertise on SEO, mind it that your readers are not going to anywhere else.
Before we go on with the most useful tips, you need to discover some most common keywords for your niche by answering the following questions.
1. Keywords to Describe Your Site?
2. What’s Unique about your product/services?
3. What makes you better than competitors in your domain?
Once the Idea is clear with sufficient relevant keywords in hand, Now all you need learn is how to do a unique keyword research for your articles to make them SEO friendly each time.

1. Use Google product search

The first name that clicks when you need to search anything is obviously ‘Google’, so why not to start with it? Click on Google Products and enter the major key phrase in the search box. For example, if you are writing an article on London Olympics (the most happening these days), Just like, we have been writing on our Sister Blog, and you will see a drop down with lots of relevant phrases that you can consider your keywords and use them in your post.
keyword research with Google product
Not only this, but you can also click on a particular, most suited phrase to know more about it and find out what is pre-written and what is attracting more traffic. Visitors who come to your blog with the following keywords are determined to know all about you are sharing, decreasing the bounce rate.

2. Use Shopping.com

Just following the same procedure that we shared in tip #1, go to Shopping.com and search for the same topic London Olympics. You will see new phrases appearing in the search, giving you new ideas, first of all, and secondly providing you with a list of keywords that you can include in your post and enjoy targeted visitors who want to search everything about London Olympics.
keyword research with shopping

3.Use Ebay.com

Ebay is yet another great platform when you are looking for worth adding keywords. Whether it’s a product or a service, Ebay is rich enough to hold a great variety on it. Repeat the similar activity that we did for the above two, and you will see all new keywords appearing.
keyword research with ebay

4. Try Amazon.com

Amazed with how easy it is to collect keywords for your post? If not, then try Amazon too. Although following the same procedure, the results are somehow much satisfactory. Enter your main keyword in the search box and you will see set of phrases, that can turn out be the most successful keywords of your post.
keyword research with amazon

5. yahoo product search

Just like Google Product Search, Yahoo is playing it safe with its product search engine, though not that effective as Google, still trying to survive. You can expect some Good keywords with this method too. With the scrolling arrows, you can always explore more phrases to choose best suited keywords for your post.
keyword research with ebay

Keyword research is a highly recommended tip to search about and use in your blogging career. Hope the following tips turn out to be useful enough to give you more relevant keywords for your articles.

All the Best

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  4. Well I always hated doing keyword research. After I saw I was actually was getting some results by doing a research, I started using Google Keyword tool a few months ago. I think you have not included it as topic is mainly based for product research.
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  5. @ bhavesh bro
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  19. Nice post Nida.
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    Youtube search is another relevant but rarely used option by most bloggers.


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  23. hi mohammad after reading your few posts i am changing entire meta tag including keywords ,descriptions and labels for blog.i used high paying keywords with high traffic volume and result is very few organis search results all i have is referral traffic.so i am rebuilding my blog with Niche low competition and high search voulme keywords.
    I need your suggestions also that should i build a new blog or update the old one. i am actually confused now !

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