Can't Undo Facebook Timeline For Fan Pages?

Guest post by Rahmeen Ahmad Khan. She is MBT"s Gold Star Contributor

undo facebook timelineAfter introducing timeline profile design, facebook has successfully launched timeline for facebook fan pages. Facebook has officially replaced old layouts with the timeline on 30th March, 2012. This time line has been more controversial rather than sensational. So, we are going to dig out why is there so much disturbance regarding a layout and why we can’t undo, disable or remove Timeline. But, we don’t believe in criticism only so we will also find out what should be our next step.


Why Controversial:

Despite the incredible success of Zukerberg’s marketing strategies, he made a mistake four years back when he introduced Beacon. It seems as if Mark Zukerberg loves to take great risks for amusements only else how could an entrepreneur ignore user feedback? Facebook has automatically replaced all the fan pages’ to timeline layout without giving an option to undo it. People are a little angry and much annoyed at this forced change. Has Zukerberg launched a campaign convincing all to switch, the situation would have been better today. People dislike this layout because they find it difficult to customize and maintain.

Why Time Line?

You must be thinking now and most of you have surely searched it; Why Timeline? Well, of course Zukerberg would have some solid points at his side to justify timeline. Let us share a few with you:

Be Unique:

No one can ignore the basic marketing secret of “Being Unique”. Since its launch, facebook has always been unique in its facilitation, services and social networking approach. Facebook was doing perfectly fine with the old profiles and almost everyone was satisfied with it, including Zukerberg. There was no need to completely change the way people communicate with each other. But due to the emergence of its newly born rival, Google+, Zukerberg had to think seriously because Google+ offered almost all the features of Facebook with a little modification in them. May be this is the reason, why Zukerberg did not wait for positive user feedback and changed the game all alone.

Simpler Design:

Simplicity is one the key points in designing. Had there been two different layouts, things have been more difficult. To be technical, more complex algorithms would be required to manage the interactions and the transference of data properly. It could have also resulted in incalculable bugs. A question could also have arisen about the way search robots crawl information. To keep things simpler, it was a better choice to allow only one layout.

Uniform Outlook:

Facebook is the most widely used social network, used by people of all ages and interests. If you are using old profile and your friend is enjoying TimeLine, it would be difficult for you to understand his profile and organization of data, events, posts etc he has done there; because you are not used to it. So, it was a necessity to keep the uniformity in its user interface; else there could be a rise of two conflicting user groups of the same social network; one in the favor of time line and the other totally against it. How on earth, could one afford such a mess?

Accept TimeLine:

We can understand why people are so reluctant to this new feature and wish to deactivate Timeline. It is just like, you have been living in your home for many years and someone throws you out of it and asks you to live in the home he has chosen for you. And now, you have to get new furniture as well because the old one is totally outdated in the new home. We do not like when any one orders us! Also, many people are not technical out there and they are used to simpler facebook layout. They find this new customization as an advanced one and can not absorb it. But, just as in our daily life, many things are beyond our control; we made compromises for them and accept things the way they are. We have to accept this time line as the only option available. Relaxed are those who adjust themselves with the changes easily but genius are those who turn these compromises into opportunities.
So let’s see what we can make out of this controversial change. Facebook fan page has come up with the following options for marketing your brand:

Cover Photo:

Cover Photo is not less than an immediate showcase or flyer for your brand. Although image dimensions are 851*315 pixels, but your uploaded image should be at least of 399 pixels so that it will stretch to the larger size. You can change your cover photo as many times as you like, and a news feed is displayed to all the subscribers. This can be an exciting option for all those who are designers, photographers or advertisers to show off their talent. However you can not display contact info or any discount packages, coupons or any sort of call to act on cover photo. Just hold on, you are provided with some better options.

Admin Panel:

A much better organized admin panel is provided with five subdivisions.

  • Notifications
  • New Likes
  • Insights
  • Messages
  • PageTips

Notifications are the same as previous. New likes and insights help us to keep a track of who is engaged with your website and the page itself. You can contact directly to the page owner via “Messages”, as you would message any of your friends. This eliminates the need of a separate contact form.


Now, this is the feature I am really interested in. Page admin can pin any of the posts and it will appear on the upper left .These will last for seven days. You can use this option to promote any of your required post .For examples, if you have launched an e-book, developed a widget or achieved anything big you may prefer to pin that.


And here comes another exciting feature. Set your celebrations and greetings once and they will be displayed at their time accordingly. You do not need to put any more reminders. You can schedule your posts for a week and can enjoy free time easily because milestones are provided to set specific dates to things and it will appear at the specified time and date.

Display Tabs:

Display tabs or apps provide a more dynamic way of access. It has twelve tabs. One is reserved for your photo and this is static. Rest can be used to display any of your custom icons, url or facebook likes etc. But at most three can be displayed at a time (other than photo) and you need to hover over it to see the remaining apps. So, you need to prioritize the display order.

Your Valued Opinion:

We have been so kind with this timeline layout and hopefully this post would make it easier for you as well to manage with the new and doubtlessly visually great layout. Share with us how you have customized your fanpage and what opportunities have you patterned?

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  1. I would say you are 200% true in this aspect.

    When this feature introduced by the Facebook, I was not aware this cannot undo. I used to try new things, reason being I changed immediately because it is new UI. After opting this feature I came to know how big pain it is.

    I am living with it without an interest because I have few visitors to my website (

  2. @Rehana Sulthan you can still undo it for your self for your visitors it will be remained the same

  3. I think timeline is best than old interface. It improves with many features. Try to get advantage with facebook timeline.

    Shine Mat

  4. I think timeline is best than old interface. It improves with many features. Try to get advantage with facebook timeline.

    My Blog: Shine Mat

  5. I don't like Facebook Timeline feature.
    Always old is gold.

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  6. Mohammad I am still waiting for your mail. Are you still stuck with university?? Please someone let me know.

  7. As someone who is trying to promote a "community" one thing that I do not like about the timeline is that on my fan-page other people's posts are hard to find and see. They are hidden in a little box on the top right with only the first line showing.

    I liked when others posted their recipe pictures and everyone could see and comment on them. Now someone posts a picture and asks a question and I am the only one to answer... not a community.



  8. thanks for sharing information..

  9. Well, after some days of sudden change I can now easily move with time line too.

  10. I agree with Laura. We are a non-profit and the new Timeline is nice if you are selling something, but we are providing resources and building a community so it stinks. Our interactions have fallen way off and the Timeline is confusing and too busy...terrible design. Looks like it's back to Twitter and our website.

  11. This timeline profile design looks messy, I still prefer the old one.

  12. nice information ......
    Tips, Tricks & Tutorials

  13. @Rehana Sultan
    welcome to MBT rehana.We rarely get feedback from female readers.

    yes, he is still stuck with uni.Actually the session is wrapping up so a lot of tests,assignments and projects going on.Btw , where were you for so many days?

    so you people think you can leave facebook now, as all of you are hating it?

  14. @Pardeep
    wont you share with us ,how have you managed to move with it so easily, when others cant?May be that could help some other users

  15. @Rahmeen
    I am here only keeping an eye on every comment. Some were spam obvious but no over spamming. Good to see spam is reduced compared to some months ago.

    When he will be free?

  16. @bhavesh
    he did not tell me.But may be after 10 or 15 of april

  17. @Rahmeen
    Oh that would be late :(
    Lets hope he gets back soon.

  18. i my opinion timeline is best soon i will post a guest post on MBT from which you will be able to get the true timeline features it does attracted me and so as you...all you need is to look at it in by the eyes of a publisher then you will be able to love it :D

    highly appreciated ! because i was also thinking to write one but now i am waiting for yours

  20. @Rahmeen Ahmad Khan

    No Problem as i have almost reached the ending soon email to SIR let see if it get selected..keeping the finger cross :D

  21. I tried most but no result on this technology

  22. Timeline is one of the awesome feature in facebook

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  23. @Mohammad Sir

    Just 1 min a Go Send you my Guest Post Please i will love it if you publish it today :D

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  25. @SBR-Technologies
    We welcome you to mbt family:-).Hope to see you regularly

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