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 This post is written by Ahmed Safwan. MBT’s loyal reader. He has started a new blog at To Start Blogging.

add hellobar to bloggerThere are many sticky bars that are all over the internet also MBT have some amazing sticky bars widgets and I see many people welcomed it at MBT so I came today with another good site that provide a service to create an easy customized sticky bar with a lot of advantages and this bar is also used on most of the popular blogs . You can see statistics for it and even add your twitter and RSS FEEDS. So now before we continue you may like to see live demo.


Live Demo

What is the benefit of this bar

Before I show some of the benefits I will show some of the widgets that is created by MBT:

As you see the widgets are coming from the good to the better to the best and I can say that hello bar is really the best bar that you can use lets know what is the different in it.

1- Installation is easy

2- You can update your sticky bar directly from hello bar dashboard.

3- You can easily customize it.

4- The best thing that it can return again after you close it.

5- There are many styles that you can add to it like gradient and many other things that you will like.

6- You can view a demo of it  on your site before you register on hello bar.

7- you will get many clicks to the link you view in it.

There are also many other feathers that I did not mention and some that is available for you after upgrade that I really suggest you to do, you have to upgrade your account but after you use it and like it and see how much is it and how can you benefit from it a lot.

How To Install It?

  1. you can go to the site by clicking here Hello Bar
  2. you can view your site on it by clicking on "Try It Out".
  3. Click on free sign up.
  4. Enter your email.
  5. Go to your inbox and use the information they gave to you to login
  6. Change your password after you login so that you can remember it after.
  7. you will be able to customize your first bar directly which will be named as my hello bar.
  8. Click on settings.
  9. Change it as you want.
  10. click on save.
  11. copy the code
  12. paste it just before


And Congratulations you have created your hello bar.

How to create a bar like the one which is in the image?

Here I will show the settings that I used to create the sticky bar which is in the image.

I have made the options as following.


Remains at the top of the page when scrolling? Yes

Pushes the page down when opening? Yes  

I have also add margin to my header 3 px up.

Show: immediately

hide: never

Open link in: new window

Closeable: yes

Wiggle Effect: no

Tab display: right side of the window

Link display: display as button

Now lets come to the most interesting part which is the style of the StickyBar it self lets see how I made it like this.

Message : You Can Subscribe To Our Blog Via Email To Recieve Updates Directly To Your Email

Link text : Subscribe

Link url : you add the one that you want to aear when any one click on subscribe.

The aearence: click on custom.

Font : gergia

Sticky Bar color: #028973

Texture: I choose stitch there are many other like gradient top, gradient bottom and many other.

border : off.

then you click on save.

And Continue As written up in the steps.

and congratulations again for your new sticky bar and your site new look also the no. of clicks you will get to the link you put in it.

That’s it!

Now I hope you know how to make a customized sticky bar on hello bar I hope that you liked this post and peace : ) .

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  10. Nice one but I think have click limitation on Free account and even if we paid. Anyway it's worked for me and good for beginners....easy customization and installation make it good. Thank you for sharing this article.

    see my blog where I installed it

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