Our aim: Turning Bloggers Into Entrepreneurs

Guest post by Rahmeen Ahmad Khan. She is MBT"s Gold Star Contributor

Mybloggertricks logoWe are so pleased to display our new logo and present our new tagline "Turning Bloggers into Entrepreneurs" we really mean it. We have been in this field for three long years and we have now decided to experience something big now. Today we will find out how to incorporate the spirit of entrepreneurship in the blogging world. Most of the people are engaged in blogging for two main reasons; to make money or because they are passionate. Very few of them think ahead of it.

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Your Blog - Your Organization:

Have you ever thought that your blog is not a mere online diary of yours but something more than it? It is your Empire; it is your organization. Just as in any company there are different departments and sections for handling different tasks; in the same manner you can think of your blog. As we have previously shared, we take this blog as our business organization. We make sure to plan each and everything, even the font sizes and the color schemes. MBT lab is our Manufacturing department. Blogger widgets, plug-ins and tools are our products. Daily posts on MBT are output of our Research Department. Advertisements on MBT are handled by our Sales and Promotion department. Our readers are our customers and like every big organization we entertain their queries as well through comment section .As in business we need to develop every department, same is the case with blog or website. Revisit your blog and identify your departments.

Your Targets:

You must be thinking now why do you need to take this trouble? It is because every field and every department requires a different approach. You can’t think like an advertiser when you are writing an article. And you are supposed to think innovative when launching any of your products. At the same time, you should have a business mind when making deals for your ad-spots. You have to set your targets accordingly. Let’s have a sample target sheet:

  1. Number of posts per week:
  2. Number of widgets or any other specialty per month:
  3. Targeted number of daily visitors:
  4. Targeted number of monthly unique visitors:
  5. Targeted number of facebook likes in next 3 months:
  6. Targeted number of twitter followers in next 3 months:
  7. Targeted number of google recommendations per post:
  8. Targeted average number of comments per post:
  9. Targeted worth of ad-spot in the next six month:
  10. Targeted Alexa Rank and PageRank:

Your Strengths and Weaknesses:

Now this is the time, you should take a critics’ opinion about your blog. Review it yourself as well but make sure to get free of prejudices. Determine your strengths and weaknesses. You can’t be all in one. Remember the famous, “Jack of all, Master of none”? So find out your expertise and accept your weak points. For example, if you are not good at colors; that’s fine. You can hire a designer to provide you with a better interface for your blog. You may also need to seek SEO advices from any consultant. All I want to say is be truthful to you. The day you start thinking that you are perfect; you will start declining. Also, if you think that you don’t have any skill; you are again wrong. Accept your skills as well and work to enhance them.

Your Game Plan:

You are now done with half of the journey. You have now a clear objective, a clear goal and insight of your resources. Some more challenges are still awaiting you. Being an entrepreneur is not easy. It requires a lot of hard work and disciplined approach. You are now supposed to design a game plan to achieve your targeted market share. Being a blogger, your game plan is how well you are at managing post quality and frequency. Let’s take MBT as our example. How would I prefer postings here? Since, we have a variety of topics available, so we can make them into groups. Instead of random postings, I would arrange posts in a regular pattern … Blogging tips, Social Media, Make Money Online, Web designing. Blogger widgets and webmaster tools would be my fortnightly special. Any freebie, e-book, template or plug-in would be provided at monthly intervals.
It was just to explain you, how can you think of making a game plan. As you can observe, it requires a lot of time .But if you need to compete well in the market; you are supposed to invest your time.

Your Determination:

Keeping all the above said aside, the most important of all is your determination and believe that you will succeed. Are you the one who enjoy day dreaming or you believed in making your dreams a reality? All the planning would be useless if you are not indomitable to practice it. There are a lot of hard ships in the beginning of journey but once you have decided not to step back; you will find solution of them .Just stick to your dream and do not give up.

What’s Next:

This time we are not sharing any future topic with you. It is your time now, to take the next step. Fill up the shared sample target sheet and design your game plan. You may find yourself in reading biographies of different successful entrepreneurs and the most dominant Steve Jobs. Stay blessed!

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  1. May Allah Bless you Mustafa bhai and Also Rahmeen Sis .. .This Blog is awesome ... If today i m Earning little money and little fame it is just because of dear Allah and MBT ..... Keep Rocking guys .....

  2. I Was Wondering what is Entrepreneurs.Why Mustafa Bro is talking so much about Entrepreneurs even he changed the slogan being a young boy don't use to such heavy difficult words to pronounce lolz your tongue get twisted when you read it :D but this post surely explained every thing to me.Thanks you Rahmeen Ahmad Khan Fantastic Guest Post Feels great when we young guns can also make it large.....Thanks agains...and Mustafa Sir you too.Syed Faizan Ali Recently Posted Blogger New Interface Upgraded - Why to Switch - Old interface Retiring

  3. @haider
    so finally someone has counted me in as well.I am grateful:)
    I am glad that it cleared your mind.Entrepreneurs are basically those people who believe themselves and that they can bring a change in market.And for this they set a target and select their path.We have provided only blogger's aspect here.

  4. good one http://getnetgyan.blogspot.com

  5. @Rahmeen lolZ ... My Pleasure Sis :)
    ur posts are always awesome :)

    This post is i can say The Best post on MBT till date. in my 1 year blogging experience i have tested all the points mentioned in ur post and i totally agree. due to lack of time and and also due to lack of my English i was unable to start something like MBT and so i thought to start blogging on the man i love the most :p
    i remember the first day of my blog when i gave the title THE BIGGEST SALMAN KHAN FAN CLUB and people were saying that with 0 members u r saying it The Biggest :p r u a fool ????? but as u mentioned it was my aim. although there are many Salman Khan websites but my goal was to make The Biggest Salman Khan Fan Club and i m proud to say that today i m The Admin of The Biggest Salman Khan Fan Club with over 100k members :)
    but still it is not ebough as u mentioned that the day when someone says he is perfect he is GONE !
    the next thing which u mentioned is that belieivng on our own skills. i totally agree with this also. i m nothing. i do not know designing and all this but the changes i have been doing u have seen :) sometimes i do not believe that i have done this :p
    with each passing day i m learning new things and i hope one day i will achieve all my goals. My Best Wishes are always with MBT. May Allah bless all of us. Jumma Mabarak :)

  6. MBT is really a rocking blog. Thanks for all you do.


  8. Dear Mohammed
    My google adsence rejected.Can you help me?

  9. @Tj

    Please Provide us some details so we can help you further
    1.Give URL of Your Website.
    2.Do you have any other Adsense Account.
    3.Do your Adsense Account Got Banned.
    4.Does Your Website Has Pirated Content.
    5.Does your Blog have traffic
    6.How much Old it is

    Gives These Details so we can tell why your account dissaproved

  10. Thanks MBT...


  11. Thanks for your quick reply.
    The details are :
    1. URL: http://cskollam.blogspot.com/
    2. No other adsense accounts
    6.430 days
    the adsense reply is :
    "after reviewing your application, we're unable to accept you into Google AdSense at this time.We did not approve your application for the reasons listed below.
    Issues:- Page type"

  12. This is Awesome!
    Well done Mohammad :)

  13. @Tj

    Sorry bro for late reply check your post lately

    1st:you site is Good But Look At Your Alexa Ranking it is Way Bellow it is about 14,487K That too bellow Check This To See its importance

    2nd:Your Site still need some more traffic atleast 1000 to 2000 page views per day at least.
    3rd:Google is no more accepting New Accounts From low Ranked website so Bro Don't be dishearten Your qualities are stunning

    4th:Your Blog has really good followers all you need is just to build more traffic and increase Alexa ranking.

    I suggest you to don't apply again an again as it will annoy Google apply only when you think you have enough to be accepted

  14. hI Rahmeen

    I THINK there is small error in the title you put

    you talk about "Entrepreneurs" but you put "Entreprenuers"

    good luck

  15. @Abel
    mmmm...i am unable to locate this error.But thankyou dude, and i apologize:)

    thankyou all for your feedback and appreciation

  16. Thanks for realizing me my Targets MBT and Guest Author :)