Why Buy a Domain For Blogger Blog From Godaddy?

$7.49 .Com! Score SavingsWell, beginners often get confused when it comes to getting their own domains for their blog. Its far more easy than what i thought of, before having one for myself. As recently Blogger's Custom Domain Setup Process Simplified making it far more easy for the beginners to jump of this barrier.

Godaddy, that is the largest domain registrar in the world that provides hosting too. They are linked with Google Blogger when it comes to domain registration. You can buy a domain from your blog through Blogger settings >> Publishing options. The process would require you to add your credit card details. This is how you can get your domain from Blogger.

Godaddy offers a domain for 11.49$ (it was 7.49$ a few days back in sale) where as you get a domain from Blogger at the rate of 10$ per year. Godaddy offers some exciting features and support with its domain package that is very rare in the market. Below are the listed 8 Extras that Godaddy provides with their domain registration. Please note that you don't get these features when you buy a domain directly from Blogger but buying from Godaddy will offer all such exciting features.

1. Hosting With Site Builder

Now when ever you buy a domain from Godaddy, they provide you with a free site builder (a basic one for beginners) by which you can create your one page website. Beginners often love to have a website of their own and this can be a good opportunity. Though it doesn't attract me at all, as there is no way i would be using a single page website. (may it be for contacts for what ever).

Though its great for the starters as the hosting for that single page is free and it could be really pleasing to have a website up in a few minutes. There are few templates (themes) that you can apply to your page. You can create small family private page, contact page or a brief portfolio for your self. It can anything.

2. Personalized Email

This is something great as its not offered by many domain host companies. What you basically get is your own personalized email address. Like presently you might be using yourname@gmail.com etc. But with this free feature, you can get something like yourname@mybloggertricks.com.

A domain name that is specified with your blog name. Thats indeed a great offer. Other wise, you have to buy this feature separately with other domain registrars.

3. "For Sale" Page

This is indeed a very useful feature. How? Imagine you have been blogging from years an now you want to quite your blogging career for any reason, and for that you dropped down your hosting company, and your blog is no longer live to the world. Plus now you want to sell your domain name too. So for that purpose, you get a hosting area for that particular sale page with Godaddy, so that you can at least sell your domain online.

So it can be handy.

4. Go-Daddy Photo Album

Godaddy provide you with a personal photo album that would be linked with your domain name. There are password protection rights available for the album too. I don't really think such an album would really make eager to get the domain but still its one of those features and it may attract beginners.

5. Getting Started Guide

Godaddy has provided a getting started guide where by they aim to give basic of getting started online and setting up your first website in simple ways. It can be really help.

Total DNS control

As with most of the other popular domain registrars, Godaddy provides with full DNS  (domain name hosting) controls where you can set up your sub domains, email
addresses etc. Its a must feature.

6. Status Alerts

Another great feature that i liked was status alerts. With this feature, you no longer have to remember expiry date of your domain. If you have provided the credit card details, Godaddy would automatically renew the registration fee at the end of the year.

7. Domain Forwarding And Masking

Normally domain forwarding cost some extra sums but Godaddy provides this for free with their domain sale. Its the process where by you can forward, redirect your domain to any other, like change your blogspot.com blog to your own custom domain.

So Godaddy is one of the great domain registrars to opt for. Even though it cost a little bit more than other registrars (our local ones) but provides in with some very useful services that we can avail.

Guest Post by Hassam Ahmad Awan. MBT's Gold Star Guest Author.

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