Google PageRank Update Nov 2011

PageRank update 2011This is a quick announcement to inform you all that a minor PageRank update took place just two days ago i.e. Nov 8th. The last update took place in August 2011. Fortunately this update proved fruitful for most and especially to MBT guest posters with a PageRank rise up to PR 2.0 and PR 4.0. It feels great pleasure when we see new faces joining the blogging community and proving a productive resource to all of us. I hope the sudden Google algorithm update this time might have brought a positive output to you all. If you didn't receive any change in PageRank then you must relax and work harder. Same goes for me. However if you have experienced a PR drop then it means that you still have a chance to improve your on-page and off-page optimization. The following topics will prove helpful to most of you,


What's your PageRank?

Do let me know how good was this update for all you? Peace brothers. :)

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  1. Bhai, i got Page Rank 2 :)
    Thanx to Dear Allah and You :)
    I am Very Happy ....... InshAllah next time it will more better i hope so ..... Dear Mustafa bhai, can you comment on my blog ? Your views ........

  2. And one more thing bro, you mentioned above MINOR UPDATE , it means Major Update is soon ???? Any clue when it will be ????

  3. @Haider

    Congratulations! :)


    Don't worry too much about PageRank. Losing and gaining it is normal. I think we should pay more attention to our social signals from now on since it will have an effect on our future rankings across the board.

    Care to create social rings of our own? We all could benefit from it. :)

  4. I have got My Fast Page Rank. And Today 10th November my Blog Approved by - I am very happy :)

  5. My blog homepage jumped from pr 0 to pr2.

  6. Hi Brother, I have got My Fast Page Rank I got 2PR.

    @Abu Shaleh Congrats Bro That You Approved From

    And Next Page Rank Updated On Expected in March 2012. So Be Prepared for it......:)

  7. i had just started blogging so how many months it take to get page rank

  8. My 4 months old blog got its first PR rank and luckily, it is now PR4 :D Thanks for this news.

  9. hello my frind My 3 months old blog got its first PR rank and luckily, it is now PR4 :D Thanks for this news.

  10. Hi,
    my site page rank was decreased for some sites, and some sites are not get page rank still now. how many months will take for getting page rank for new sites

  11. Awesome, My Site is blessed with Google Pagerank=2............ WOwowoowowow

  12. My blog got PR 3/10 I'm so Happy my blog report is given below:
    Pageviews today
    Pageviews yesterday
    Pageviews last month
    Pageviews all time history

    and Alexa Rank is world: 338,194 Pakistan: 2,605

  13. @Mairaj Pirzada
    bhai aap ki template kaun c hai

  14. I had only 10-13 posts in my blog now but I got PR1 after 4 months of my blog released.

  15. hy Mohammed
    very informative post and i only knew today about this PR update by google .. i was wondering why my blog can't get a google PR .. Its been 5 months i startes blogging seriously and still PR 0. Is it because i keep changing templates.My alexa rank was 150,019 before i registered a domain and now its pretty low however i have 1400 to 1500 pageviews daily and going well with ads as well.The guy above has just 408 views daily and still PR3 how.
    Can u suggest any changes that i should do to have blog is

  16. hai, I have given you head's up on this in your previous post. My food blog has 9 post and got PR1

  17. my blog page got Page Rank 2
    thx dear brother Mohammad

  18. Congratulations to all those who received or maintained their PageRanks and best of luck to those who are determined to work even more harder :>

    Congrax pal!
    Last time it was re-updated that is after the July update, a revision was made on August. Due to extensive amount of PR misuse, Google often and acan rescale the current updated PRs. Be careful :>

    I would certainely agree to that. Traffic plus readership is what that matters a lot in the end of the day.

    @Dinesh chand Thakuri
    I wrote the following post especially to answer your quest. :>
    3 Reasons Why Your PageRank is not Increasing

  19. TechNew.In Has The Highest Google Page Rank - 7 Points -

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  22. Hi, Mohammad bhai, my blog had to many page-views a day and i've got pr 1 on this update but that's not the problem the problem is for 5-7 days the daily page view dropped and it's huge,i used to get 10x more than this number and even when the age of the blog was only 10-15 days i used to get more ! And all these happened with-in these 5-7 day's,no errors in web-master analysis i checked , Please , save me .........

    Previous Stats of my blog

    This is my blog Click Here