Attention: Guest Posting Now Accepted at MBT

guest-postingUPDATE: We no more accept guest posts

This is an important opportunity for all those who wish to gain exposure in blogosphere by sharing their thought provoking posts with technology lovers. I am having exams in November so MBT will be set in auto posting and guest posting mode. Hassam Ahmad Awan has been chosen by us as our senior Contributor and Guest post Moderator. He will have complete Guest authoring authority. He is indeed a capable and smooth writer with tons of brilliant ideas in his mind. I am sure he will better entertain you during the month of November. If you wish to submit your guest post then you can email us the doc version of your post at AT Gmail. Authors are informed of the following guest posting guidelines and conditions:

Guest Posting Conditions and Guidelines

  1. Your post must be of at least 500 words
  2. The post must be unique in every regard, free of duplicate content and must follow copyright laws.
  3. Old Blogger tutorials and technology news will not be accepted.
  4. Standard English Grammar rules must be fulfilled
  5. Link builders are not welcomed here. Any duplicated article or choppy paragraphed article will be trashed. All posts are thoroughly scanned by copycat web software. Any copied paragraph if found will be considered as violation of copyrights. No future posts will be accepted from the same author and no MBT resources will be shared with him.
  6. Authors will be granted a link to their homepages with one line introduction at the end of the Guest post.
  7. Topics on the following categories will be accepted: Google Blogger, Web designing (CSS, HTML, JQuery, Javascript), Social Media News, Facebook, Google Plus and Blogging on smart phones.
If you managed to fulfill all these simple general rules then you are welcomed to post at MBT a thousand times and we promise to treat you the best we can.
This blog is surely yours buddies and I wish to help you out as much as you helped me with your consistent motivation and feedback. The only thing I request is obedience to these general rules because I often receive several guest posting requests but it hurts me badly when I discover that the post is a stolen one. The internet has surely become wide enough but there still exist easy ways of tracking the original source of the sent content.
I am suffering from some health issues and need your help in this time of need. Please come up with brilliant and worth sharing ideas and I will be more than pleased to share it with everyone. Need your prayers for my exams and apologies for slow replies to your queries. I will continue posting till 1st of November after which the responsibility will be taken completely by Hassam and you all. May peace and mercy of the Gracious lord be on all of you brothers.

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