Don't have a Credit Card? How To Buy a Blogger Domain?

credit cardsProbably most of you are students or housewives. The problems that we all often face while entering into online business is how to get paid? How to receive a payment when you don't have a bank account or you don't hold an online account like PayPal? Now lets discuss a possible way through which you could buy something online like for instance if you wish to buy a domain from blogger then how do you do that.


Approach a Person who has a Credit Card

This is of course the most easiest thing to do. You can ask a friend or relative to let you use their Master Card or visa Card. I know it would be difficult to convince someone to let you use their credit card but most often this tip works. It worked for me!

You must get your personal PayPal account as soon as possible. Again in this case you can take the help of your closed ones. If you have a brother or sister abroad then I am sure they will be generous enough to help you in this case.

For using PayPal in banned countries you can read this post

Why are you buying a domain from Blogger?

I wonder why people buy domain from blogger at such an expensive rate while they can buy it themselves for less than $10. Most people buy a domain from blogger because of automatic DNS settings but honestly speaking it takes just 2 minutes to set your DNS and CName records. I will write a post on it today. Blogger takes commission from its registrars for the domains that it sells to its users. Normally domains are cheap as low as $5-$7 if you approach a local domain host company. I have hosted MBT at a local domain web hosting company and I am pretty comfortable with them. I have many options to pay them. I can pay online, through PayPal, credit card, Bank deposit, Cheque and of course Direct Payment (CASH).

So if you are a student and don't have any friend to help you out and neither a family member to create a PayPal account for you then I guess you must try the local way which is payment through CASH. Always choose a local host and choose one that has some reputation and is recognized locally. You can Google for best Domain hosting companies in your country and I am sure you will be able to find a good host easily.

I will conclude this post with one friendly advice and that is please get a PayPal account as soon as possible. Nothing is more worth than PayPal. It is trusted worldwide and many advertising companies accept PayPal only as the safest money transaction service.

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  1. Thank you for your reply post. But it does not satisfy me enough. But I am happy on your immediate post on my yesterday doubt.

  2. This idea is perfect! I have used my officemate credit card to buy my domain!

  3. Thynx For Considering my Comment Bro.......I was eagerly waiting 4 ur reply yesterday.........But 2day all mah queries are solved !

  4. Hi!

    Buying via Google for $10.00usd per year is a great price. Why? Because it also includes keeping your info private so that you will not get spammed or not as much, I should say.

    Without the privacy, your name, street/p.o. box address, and your email is for all to see. So you can get spammed via email and snail mail. Not to mention that your info can then be sold to advertisers/spammers.

    Use any "who is", enter a domain name and you can see lots of private info.

    Lots of those cheap registrars will sell you the option of keeping your info private for an extra $10.00usd.

    Also, to open a PayPal account, you don't need a bank account. You will eventually need it to withdraw money.

  5. use netbanking on and u can keep ur info private on the site without paying even a penny and u can use a lot of coupon codes and get a doamain for cheap no need of a paypal account or credit card

  6. @Mruthyuvu

    No problem buddy you are always welcomed. I just wish you find a way out soon. :)

    Nice domain pal. :>

    My pleasure brother. You can always feel free to post your queries. :>

    I respect what you said pal but I am using a local host and the EMail ID i registered with is an alternate one that I don't use frequenntly and I still have my main ID saved. There are always ways to solving the problem and I am pretty comfortable with how things worked for me. Why buy a domain for $10 when you can buy two with the same price?

    For PayPal I would agree that no bank account is required unless you want to withdraw cash but at the end of the day Cash is what we are working for. A bank account should be there.

    thanks buddy for the kind advice. I am sure it is a great option and will be helpful to our kind visitors from India.

  7. urgent!

    your content is on another website-

  8. Hi!

    Confused here. Your "local" is not my "local". ;)

    When you say "local host", are you referring to YOUR "local web host server", meaning the country you live in?

    If you are (web) hosting your blogger website with Google, their servers are in the USA.

    If you are talking about registering a domain name using a "local host" (registrar), meaning the country you live in, then that is different.

    Google uses Godaddy to REGISTER your domain name and HOSTS them on their (web) servers in the USA.

    I see you point in asking "why pay $10.00usd to register a domain name when you can register one cheaper?"

    I think it is because there are thousands of Registrars all over the world that are competing with each other and offer different options. Like privacy. Plus, privacy may not be such a big deal in some countries or with some people. Yet in some countries the "local" government may not allow privacy as an option.

    Some webhosts in the USA offer domain names ranging from one cent, 99 cents, 1.99usd,...etc. to even a free domain and free webhosting for a certain amount of time. It is not advised to get a domain name either free or paid AND use the same company to host your website, at least in the USA. As usual, it is always best to read the terms of service.

    I like to use the FlagFox add-on from Firefox to see where the servers are located. Using this tool does not tell you where the owner is located, just the server they use.

  9. @Sunshine
    We deleted his post successfully.
    Thanks for informing pal.

    I really enjoyed your great thought on this topic and yeh I mean the web hosting company closer to your residential area. For it is the best thing to do when you dont own a credit card and wish to buy something online. They will also help you with your future plans if you wish to expand your server size limit.

    Again indeed it is best to look for privacy and take decisions wise by reading the norms.

  10. tell me the hosting company u had choosed .........
    how much prfit u get through this site MBT

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  12. AOA. How To Setup DNS And CName Records Etc And What Are These. Plz Explain It. I Am A Blogger. If I Want A .com Domain Then Which Site Is Best To Buy?

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