Announcement! More Amazing Tricks yet to be published After a Month!

Will be back soon! Dear Readers,

In order to get more familiar with Search Engine Optimization and CSS and HTML, I have decided to take some professional classes. Currently I am working on a project and am badly busy. I will continue blogging just after a month. I am thankful to everyone for supporting and promoting this blog. I will be back with more interesting, successful and professional tips and tricks. Till then take good care of yourselves.



Please don’t hesitate to post your demanded tricks in the comment form below. I will serve the first comment first!

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  1. i`ll misss ur knowledge sooooooooooo much
    i was need your help in Google friend connection
    how to add it

  2. All right, study hard and bring us back all kinds of good information. Will be waiting at the edge of my seat. Thanks for letting us know.

  3. @ha198000
    I promise the upcoming tricks will not just change my life but yours too. I have got a very beautiful template for you just like mine. When I come back I will let you know how to replace your current template with the new one :)

    @Allah Rakha
    don't worry about search engine optimization , my upcoming posts on seo will let you dominate Google and I promise!

    thks for that good wishes. I will let you all earn real money from your blogs using honest and fair ways. Your blogging experience will soon change into unexpected realities :D

  4. I think you are doing very hard work for it. Nice stuff! keep it up!

  5. Hi, We all are waiting for your Amazing Tricks please do fast!

  6. Hey, friend, I am really waiting for your new & awesome trick...

    Anyways thanks for the past tricks..

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