Woohoooo! Got PageRank 1.0 and 30 reviews in just a month!!

woohoo! A PageRank 1 and a beautiful review I am extremely excited at the moment. My newly born blog made it to Google Page Rank 1.0 in just one month! I published My Blogger Tricks on March 2009 and thanks to God, just within a month it started gaining popularity in blogosphere. It received 1300 hits with impressing bounce rates. The little baby also succeeded in achieving 30 reviews within a month among which is the highly remarkable review written by Joella. To read the review on “MBT” written by Joella please Click here, Review by Joella!

Joella is the author of blog with wings which is a pretty useful site equipped with dozens of tips and tricks a beginner and pro blogger will wish to read. She is the right person to approach when it comes to taking blogging advice. She discusses a range of topics, which includes ,
  • Blog Layout & Design
  • Blog Promotion
  • Blog Success Strategies
  • Blog Writing Style
  • Blogging For Beginners
  • Free Blog Widgets
  • Free Blogging Software
  • Free Online Blogs
  • Make Money Online
I thank all my readers and reviewers for reading, supporting and promoting TNT by STC. I will strive much harder to serve you all to the best of my ability. Each Month will be welcomed with a PR Increase InshAllah :)
Update:- Just after 25 days of this post, I received a PR 2.0. My wish came true :D
Take care and hurray to My Blogger Tricks apploud

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  1. helpful post
    but can you tell me if i`ve e-book i want to sell
    how to make other download it

  2. well if you have to let your users buy your e-book then try Amazon They will give you a widget that you add to your sidebar with the price of the book on it.

    If you want your users to download it for free then you must upload your ebook on any of these services Google Sites, Boxstr, SigmirrorOnce you have uploaded it on one of the above services (I would recommend Google Sites) simply add the direct link to your sidebar or post
    If you want to add a download image to your sidebar as I have done then let me know so that I could give you the code

  3. You welcome Terry. I will surely check out your new baby :D

  4. Announcement Update:-
    Amazingly Just after 28 days of this post, my PageRank is updated to a PR-2.0 !!
    I am really excited with the fast progress of this blog. I thank my readers for their extreme support.

    I think my SEO skills are helping me :)

  5. I am sorry to say your google page rank is 0.

  6. you do not need to be. Its common to loose pageRank while you change the domain name. Fortunately I will get it back within 3 weeks :>

  7. But how do you it?? Why do we loose page rank when we change domains?? How do you get back it within 3 weeks?? please can you share me your ideas?? please sorry for being Anonymous.

    My id is buzzer_round@yahoo.com

  8. @anonymous

    The PAgeRAnk that we get are based on the number of incoming links to a specific page. Take your homepage for instance. If you have even one quality incoming link to your homepage than your pageRank will increase. If you get one link from a PR-4-5 web you get a PR-1 or even 2 for it. Since I have more than 100 quality links so it will take sometime for google alogrithm to reconsider my PR after an immense change in my URL. Its just like when you discover that your friends home address have suddenly change so it will take sometime till you find his new address. PR gets resettled once Google rediscovers all those incoming links to my blog.

    Hope that was clear.

  9. Thank you Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai for this helpful information> But i cannot see more than hunderd of quality incoming link to your homepage?

    Any ways Thank You in advance:)
    Sorry for being anonymous again.

  10. Best of Luck!!!

    You have full of knowledge of SEO!! Better if u created a post about increase google page rank:)

    It will be very helpfull:)

  11. @Anonymous

    Just as I said two weeks ago that I will regain my PageRank, I am happy to announce that I actually regained my PAGERANK 2.0 just this morning.

    I hope you will be more convinced at what I said weeks ago.