5 Best Ways To Give Back To The Community

Do you believe you have some responsibility towards your community or the society you survive in? Do you feel you need to pay back to your community? Do you feel like helping the members of your society and being helpful in any humanitarian acts? If yes, then there are so many opportunities available to us which makes helping the community a lot easier.

give back to community

Some of the simplest ways include volunteering at a local school or a hospital, helping the victims, serving the elderly, respecting the neighbours in every way and most important and easiest of all is to access yourself and be a good human being for everyone around.

On the contrary, there might be some people who would negate this concept of helping others and the community. They might question this culture. Why is there a need to help the community? Why should they put in efforts to pay back to the community? What would they receive at the end of the day? Or who helped them during their struggles?

To all such questions, there is a similar answer: everyone, during their different phases of life, has received some help or assistance in reaching the position they are in at the moment. There is not a single person who can honestly claim that he has earned all the success on his own. There always are some hidden factors and well-wishers behind every person. Therefore, everyone has a debt to clear and a solid reason to pay back to the community they live in.

Apart from this being a responsibility of every person, helping others also helps the person in being contented and satisfied with his life. It gives a sense of happiness and a meaningful life. Serving the community not only means helping financially, but it also means giving your time, energy and efforts to a certain cause and contribute personally to the society.

Let’s have a look at 5 best ways you can give back to the community!

1. Volunteering at a School

If you think closely about opting to help the community, the simplest and nearest option is to volunteer at local schools for extracurricular activities, field trips, music, story classes or counselling. There are so many ways to assist the schools and be of some good use.

volunteer at school

The educationists are already overburdened with many responsibilities and at times, it gets quite difficult for them to handle all such activities other than the regular coursework. Therefore, one can always visit the schools over the weekend or for a few hours on the weekdays just to beautify the gardens, decorate the classrooms, help in maintenance and clean up, keep a check and balance, take students out for an interactive session or an adventurous yet safe trip.

There is so much to do only if you have the desire to. Children always follow their roles models, they need guidance on every step hence, it is a good opportunity to fix one’s own self and become a role model for those innocent minds. Make them believe in humanity, bring positivity to them and teach them how to pay back to their own community.

All these efforts will be repaid today, tomorrow or someday and you will be contented after looking at those cheerful faces.

2. Connecting Victims of Violence to the Specialists

Another most important service to humanity would be to help the victims of violence in any possible manner. Do the best of what you can and assist them no matter what.

This is exactly what the founders of Trustify are doing. Danny Boice and Jennifer Mellon - the founders of Trustify have created a platform for the people suffering from violence of different sorts and are trying to help them by connecting them to the best specialists and investigators.

His teams of experts consists of the former military and intelligence members, law enforcement members who are deeply involved in the cases that they accept. This is one of the biggest services to humanity and all the credit goes to Danny Boice. Building the whole structure on his own and funding it in every step from his own pocket has really earned him a lot of respect, dignity and honour.

Since Danny Boice himself has been a victim of both physical and sexual abuse, he struggled and created such an organization which is ready to serve the victims in the best possible ways and at affordable rates.

Danny Boice helping victims of violence

He understands the pain and destruction of personality faced by the victims after violence. Be it physical or sexual abuse issues, domestic violence, financial investigations, social media and online investigations, domestic and infidelity investigations, human trafficking, personal and family safety investigations, background checks and identity verifications or determining the location of people or property; all such issues are dealt by the organization of Danny Boice.

Danny Boice is the true face of helping the victims and paying back to the community. He has crossed all boundaries and limits to set new standards and limits to help those in dire need of rebuilding their trust in themselves, regaining their self-esteem and become ready to face the world.

Danny Boice

Danny founded the company with his wife, while having 5 kids. These proud parents are running a company with a deliberately diverse culture i.e. 70% female  and 40% self-disclosed ethnic minority.

In order to facilitate people from all walks of life, he has kept his fee lower than the rest of the private investigators who pile up wealth and do not deal with the clients appropriately. The investigators hired by Danny Boice are accountable and answerable at all times and they use a portal to stay in contact with the clients who keep on receiving notifications regarding the current progress of their case.

There must be other philanthropists as well but very few make sure to meet the standards and help the community by being selfless and just working for the sake of the community they live in.

3. Organize Sales for Charity

If you believe you are talented enough to deal with administration, organization, marketing and business tactics, then you must organize sales over the weekends. These sales will help the poor by donating them all the funds generated as a result of those sales.

There might not be a single household who do not have unnecessary or less used stuff at home such as household items, electronics, clothes, furniture or other accessories.

Such things might not be valuable to you but hey might be recycled to bring them into working condition and could be sold in less prices for charity purpose.

4. Helping the Neighbours

Being good to the neighbours and helping them whenever possible is also a good way of paying back to the community.

In previous times, the people used to interact with their neighbours a lot and organized activities together, beautified their neighbourhood and had proper sittings in the parks during the evenings.

helping your neighbours

That not only used to build a sense of neighbourhood but also helped people in getting to know each other better, share their problems and reach to conclusions with mutual consent. If all this could be brought back, then this would be another great service to pay back the community.

5. Volunteering at the Hospital

Above all, one can always volunteer at the hospital and help the community this way. There are many options such as consoling the patients and visitors, helping in food and water supplies, pushing the wheelchairs, looking after the children, assisting the admin staff, checking on medical supplies and lots more.

Giving back to the community never goes in vain. It is always appreciated, respected and honoured!

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