"99 Coins" - The Dream to Earn Just 1 More Coin

99 coins story

As you grow more mature, your tastes and hobbies change. When we were young we often used to watch cartoons a lot but today as time has changed we hardly watch them anymore. Believe it or not I often accompany my niece in watching cartoon programs especially the ones on POGO TV. My Paendu friends often laugh at me for this but that is just ok. I often get inspirational ideas from short animation films. It may sound funny but just yesterday I learnt a brilliant lesson from a story based on rich landlord and a poor farmer. Which I would like to share with all of you. I just hope my narration puts the same impact on your minds as that of the animation I saw yesterday.


99 Coins Story - The Landlord & Farmer

The story went like this. There lived a rich landlord with all luxuries of life. He had a huge livestock and owned 1/3rd Land of entire village. He had no wife and had several servants for his service. Just next to his palace, lived a poor farmer. The farmer lived in a small house with his wife and a son. His entire family depended on his daily wages. He hardly earned 10 cents daily but the entire family was happy on whatever they could earn to survive. He lived really happily and enjoyed laughing and playing with his 8 years old son.

The landlord asked himself that why can't he feel the same happiness as that of the farmer. Why can't he sleep peacefully and comfortably the way that farmer does. Why can't he likewise laugh and feel joy and fun. He couldn't even remember the last time he laughed. The only thing that accompanied him was growing numbers of wealth and property.

One day he was approached by his  manager who had a solution for all his psychological problems. The manager told him to place 99 coins inside a pouch and when it gets dark he may quietly place the pouch in front of farmer's door. Landlord insisted to know why the manager was asking him to do so. To which the manager replied that the answer to all his worries could be find by carefully observing the farmer's behavior for three days.

Early in the morning the farmer was surprised to see a pouch full of golden coins placed in front of his door. He got very much excited and started counting the coins. On his first count he found that they were a total of 99 coins so he counted again to see if a coin was missing. He kept on counting the coins because he had an illusion that may be one coin is missing. He started searching for the coin here and there like a mad man. He could not find any. He didn't tell his family about this discovery and hide the coins under the soil. He started dreaming about that one extra coin needed to make it a total of 100 Coins.  He could not sleep as he normally did because there was a growing thirst within him for that one extra coin. He started working double his normal working hours so that he could earn more wage. He requested the manager to let me him work more and more. To which the manager agreed. He now started earning twice more than what he was earning before. On the second day his son requested him saying "Dad I wish to buy that red Baloon" He replied with anger and said: "Keep quite, you are too big for that. Grow up! I don't have money to spend on that useless thing" His son then requested the farmer to play with him but he again replied with anger and said he is busy in work. His tone started changing, he was no more the same kind and loving dad and neither a kind husband fulfilling all wishes of his wife gently. He grew more harsh and the lust for that coin even snatch away his sleep. He could not sleep anymore and always seemed in worry. He started saving his wages rather spending them on his family. He would count the coins daily and would think about it all day and night.

 "Eureka!" Said the landlord I finally found out the answer!

At the end of the cartoon show, that landlord gave half of his wealth in charity to the poor and needy. The sigh and relief in his face is unexplainable. He finally discovered how happiness can be bought.

Moral of the story

The moral of the story was that happiness is snatched away when your lust to earn more and more increases. Lust for money never ends. The brain always sets targets to achieve and in this struggle you lose peace of mind, you get so much indulged in it that you slowly and gradually lose to value love and happiness around you. Happiness can never be achieved with money. If you are earning only in order to grow rich and not for the sake of people around you then you are actually moving towards a mental disaster. What's the use of that money and luxury when you can't even sleep peacefully?

Brothers and sisters, we all are busy in our struggle for survival. As bloggers, web masters and freelancers we often look at ways to maximize our profit and that's indeed a good thing but is your income just for the sake of display or for the welfare of the poor and needy around you? A question that we must ask ourselves. People are dying of hunger and starvation. They can't even read and understand what you can, they can't multiply their income as you can and neither do they know about the existence of the technology that you use. They deserve your share of income, they deserver to be looked after, to be educated just like your children and to be given the right to live and breath. Don't earn just to feed yourselves, earn for a better breathing generation, earn for the happiness of those who are deprived of basic necessities of life and earn for those who look alike irrespective of caste, colour, creed and blood. Only then you deserve the right to call yourself "Successful"

Peace and blessings pals. :)

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  1. please concentrate more on hostgrator posts please man please

  2. very nice and amazing story , this is some thing new in this blogging world

  3. Excellent moral. Was much needed for me (you know why?) :)

    @ahmed safwan
    Sometimes such posts are very useful for refreshing your mind and giving a sense why you are living in this world. Its good to be sometimes out of the topic because we read tutorials all day so why not refresh this mind by reading something else.

    Hope you got it :)

    Thank You

  4. Great Post!
    This one was Completely different, a little bit out of topics but a great story which forced me to think about it around 2 hours, and believe me I forgot to drink my green tea and now it is completely cold and undrinkable. In past, once I had maked a promise with myself that I will give 5% of my all incomes to those who are needy (ofCorse when I start earning right now I am student) and this story maked my those promises stronger then ever.
    And one thing else I also Watch Cartoons

  5. Thanks for your post sir mohammad.Its just true my friend even me I just finished my computer study in different short term courses of the government.That's whay I just teach computer literacy for 14 years to the poor people likewise to the people.In just 500 pesos I'm also graduate of this 500 pesos training in whole duration.I just wanted to teach programming even in my little knowledge in html through blogging and may you can help sir....

  6. well, i have been a regular reader of mbt but not a regular commentator. This was really a good post. We all know of such stories from childhood and I am familiar with this one too. However, we often tend to forget the morals. Thanks for a change. You can have a new blog just for ethics :p

  7. @Ahmed
    This post is more valuable than that however I just published it HostGator Best Hosting Plans For Bloggers

    Always welcomed buddy :)


    I just hope lucky guy that this post helps you in some regard. :)
    I hope that you still remember that advise on blogging niche in mind bhavesh? :)

    You reminded me a great thing. Green Tea is what I can't simply ignore while writing tutorials. I am really pleased that you found it an interesting read and apologies that your tea got cold!
    At least someone accompanied me in having the habit of watching Cartoons. :>

    I would agree buddy. The childhood moral lessons are the basis of principles behind any man. And don't worry such topics will come more as long as I keep accompanying my niece. :p

  8. @Mohammad
    Yes I remember that and I have even mailed you back.

  9. Can some one please search for the cartoon, online....i have also seen the same and i love it.....please reply to chandresh098@gmail.com

  10. Thanks for this story bro, Money can't bought happiness :)