A Review of Wrike: Best Online Project Management Software

A review of Wrike as the best Online Project Management Software. Wrike helps us easily manage projects, save time and get more work done.

When we launched STCnetwork as a registered company for developing web apps and mobile applications, we never thought collaborating with team members, meeting deadlines, and sharing resources among project members would be that difficult. We relied on traditional tools like email correspondence, private bulletin boards, or sharing files using Google docs, but as we grew we needed a more reliable, faster approach to increase our work productivity. I started a search to find the best online project management software to help improve our performance and work efficiency. Fortunately, one of my colleagues from India recommended we try Wrike, an online project management tool used by companies like Google, Paypal, Amazon, and HTC to improve collaboration, save time, and get more done. Since then, managing our blog network, collaborating with team members, distributing our work load, and meeting deadlines has been headache-free.

Wrike Best Project Management Software


Why Use an Online Project Management Software?

I’ll explain why we at STCNetwork collaborate, manage, and track all our projects, deadlines, schedules, and other workflow processes using Wrike.

Before I begin, allow me to introduce my team members:

  1. Ahmed Nasir from Karachi
  2. Ramesh Kumar Khatri from Karachi
  3. Abdul Rehman from Afghanistan
  4. Haris Ahmed from Dubai
  5. Nida Zaidi from Karachi
  6. Qasim Zaib from Islamabad
  7. Yusra Adil from Dubai

You’ll notice that our team is spread across several different cities and time zones. As a result, we have to put in extra effort to collaborate effectively, make sure we distribute our tasks efficiently, and stay on the same page regarding responsibilities and deadlines. This is where Wrike’s online work management and team collaboration tools come into play: because it’s a shared, real-time workspace, we each have full visibility into responsibilities and tasks, as well as high-priority projects and deadlines. All our work is easy to mange, and we’re able to track work status, share files, discuss new ideas, and get great work done together all in this one tool.

STCnetwork Team

One of the features we rely on is the real-time Activity Stream, which displays updates for the tasks you follow. Any update or comment that a team member makes to a task can be viewed in real time by the rest of the team, so we’re all up-to-date without having to send emails or hold status meeting calls. We don’t have to worry about emails getting stuck in spam filters or being buried in busy inboxes. We also use the @mention feature in task comments to send instant notifications to specific colleagues or entire teams, which keeps the momentum of our work high since we don’t have to wait for emails to be read and responded to. Communication and visibility is immediate, so we get work done faster.

STCnetwork Team

Since Wrike is an online collaboration platform, you don't need to download and install a large software kit on your operating system, and our team can easily access Wrike online through their laptops or smartphones by logging in from anywhere in the world. No headache of software installation, updates, or incompatibilities, and all our work data is stored and backed up through a secure cloud server.

Wrike has helped STCnetwork so much that we recommend it to anyone who’s looking for an easy solution to their work management and collaboration headaches.

How We Collaborate Online With Wrike at STCnetwork

We normally start managing an online project by creating a folder. Each folder houses a series of different related tasks. Tasks are then assigned to members of our team, with details and instructions included in the task description and a specific due date set. Here’s a snapshot of our folder structure in Wrike:

Our projects at Wrike

These are some of the projects we need to complete within the next 2-3 months. Here’s how we use Wrike to distribute tasks among our team members:

Wrike Projects Table

As an example, the Android Development Kit project covers our mobile app development projects. Since Ramesh handles the mobile app development services, all the tasks that he needs to complete are contained within this folder:

Wrike: Assignment of Tasks

When you click a task, you get full instructions of what the task is about, what is its duration, who is assigned to complete it, and the current status of the task. With Wrike’s live document editor, you and your teammates can each update the task description simultaneously, and you’ll see everyone else typing and making changes in real time. You can also attach files directly to their related tasks, and edit those documents without saving them to your computer and reuploading them. No need to send email attachments back and forth ever again!

Wrike's editor includes formatting options, from text formatting to including checkboxes and tables. Nida often uses it to format blog posts. =)

Here is a screenshot of the task where I informed Ramesh about a client's SRS and asked him for a fresh Android APK:

Wrike Document Editor

Attach files either from your computer or from cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and Microsoft OneDrive.

Wrike Attachment

Team discussions are included at the bottom of the task in the comments section.

Wrike threaded comments

You can schedule time duration during which the task must be completed.

Wrike: task scheduling

If Ramesh forgets to update me about the status of his assignment, then we can send him an email requesting a status update.

Request status update at wrike

Wrike: Status Update Email

Another one of our favorite Wrike features is the interactive Timeline view of your projects. This Gantt chart maker gives you a helicopter view of your progress and an overview of all the tasks involved in your project. We also use the Workload view to get quick insights into who may be overloaded with work and who is available to take on a new task.

Wrike Projects Timeline


Start Using Wrike For Free!

Wrike currently offers three pricing plans:

Free Plan

For small teams up to 5 users who need basic task management. We started with this plan and later upgraded to Professional our team grew. I strongly recommend this free plan if your team is under 5 members and you are in startup phase.

Free features include:

  • Task management
  • File sharing
  • Real-time Activity Stream
  • Free iPhone and Android apps
  • Integrations with Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Microsoft Office 365, OneDrive and iCal
  • 2Gb of storage space


For teams up to 15 users who need project planning and collaboration. This is the plan we are currently subscribed to. Investing $10 per user/month (less than our weekend McDonald's expenses!) on such a useful tool will more than pay off in increased productivity and efficiency.

Professional features include:

  • Dynamic timeline (Gantt Chart)
  • Subtasks
  • Mass actions with tasks
  • Shareable Dashboards
  • Search filters
  • Email Add-ins
  • Additional Integrations 
    (MS Project, Excel, iCal, RSS)
  • Storage space starting at 5Gb


For teams with 5 to thousands of users who need robust project management, custom reporting, and advanced security. Contact Wrike for a custom price quote.

Enterprise features include:

  • Custom Fields
  • Custom Workflows
  • Workload view
  • Time tracking
  • Critical Path
  • Real-Time Reports
  • User groups
  • Custom calendars
  • Salesforce integration
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Extended security controls
  • Folder permissions
  • Controlled admin permissions
  • Network access policy
  • Branded Workspace
  • Storage space starting at 100Gb

How Do You Manage your Projects?

Using Wrike’s marketing project management software is so far the only tool we at STCnetwork use to manage and track our projects, deadlines, schedules, and other workflow processes. Before Wrike, I was found it extremely difficult to keep emailing and texting my authors and developers about new assignments, but for the past 2-3 years, managing work has been extremely easy thanks to new technology and tools like Wrike.

How do you manage your development projects? How do you distribute work among your team members, and how do you keep track of progress? Are you able to meet all your deadlines? Share your productivity and work management tips with us!

Wishing you all a happy project management experience, free from stress and hassle. Peace and blessings buddies! =)

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  1. It is a great tool, for sure, helps in synchronizing the team altogether! I am really loving the transparency of task that it comes as an added benefit to this!

    1. Indeed Nida. Probably it is the only way I never forget reminding you about blog updates and schedule new topics for you. It was surely not that easy before using email correspondence or phone SMS. I am glad our team found a better way for communication :)

  2. Hello, Mustafa bhai!

    Excellent tool you introduced with us! I am sure gonna sneak peak into it and see if we can adapt it! :)

    For me, I use Asana for my blog-related. It is simple yet powerful for the individual projects. You can say it does the job well. :)

    At work, we use TeamWork, BaseCamp 2 and BaseCamp 3. We also used JIRA back in the time.

    Good intro you shared with us! :)

    ~ Adeel

    1. W.salam brother Adeel,

      Thank you for sharing so many other resourceful tools. I have not tried them yet. I will surely check them out. If you remember "Evan Derek" he also mentioned Asana.

      The only problem I faced with these tools is there limited features when it comes to integration with storage services other than DropBox.

      Another problem is the delay in email notifications.

      Apart from that all services have same support. I like the quick 24/7 customer support of Wrike and their extremely fast cloud servers that makes team work extremely joyful.

      I will still try out the other tools you mention and share my insights.

  3. Thanks for introducing this to us....i will consider it whenever am doing buiding the team.

    1. you are most welcomed uthman. Do share your feedback once you try it. :)

  4. Amazing Tool :)
    Surely will use it in future as we don't have a big team today but one day :)
    BTW, It's Just AWESOME

  5. This is such a comprehensive article but mind telling me how Wrike fare against the other popular project management software like Trello, Asana and Bitrix24?