Best 'Yoast SEO' alternative in WordPress Plugins

YOAST SEO alternativeMost wordpress SEO Plugins including Yoast SEO are too overwrought and heavy-handed, especially for users who implement stuff like .htaccess, robots.txt and sitemaps via their own optimized methods. I love Yoast SEO plugin when it comes to optimizing blog posts and URL structure but I don't like it's XML sitemap generator tool which often fails to get all posts indexed by Google webmaster tools due to (maybe) its paginated format. For that I often use alternative plugins like Google XML sitemap to get the work done. Another issue with Yoast is that it does not provide keyword research support. You are not given keyword suggestions that could help you target quality organic traffic.
As a result of all these deficiencies, we researched and played with various WordPress SEO plugins but rarely did I find anyone plugin as advanced in features as WebTextTool (WTT). Indeed Yoast combined with webtexttool provides you with ultimate support to make your content SEO proof.

Install Webtexttool in your WordPress site

Before we begin I would recommend that you first install Webtexttool SEO plugin from WordPress plugin directory and activate it using your Webtexttool username and password.
  1. Go to the Plugins tab in your WordPress dashboard and select Add New.
  2. Type in webtexttool in the Search Plugins box.
    Note: Webtexttool has launched their WP SEO Plugin just few weeks ago, we are lucky to have tried it first since we are already subscribed to WebTextTool's silver plan. Webtexttool SEO Plugin
  3. Press Install Now to install the plugin.
  4. Activate the webtexttool plugin from the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  5. Webtexttool will now appear in your WordPress dashboard [on the left]. Webtexttool SEO Plugin for wordpress
  6. Click on webtexttool and login using your webtexttool credentials. If you don't have an account, you can create one for free in the plugin. Webtexttool SEO Plugin
Once installed correctly you will see it being displayed to the right of your WordPress editor.
Webtexttool Wordpress SEO Plugin
you will also see a meta description box at top for easy access:
webtexttool meta description box

How To Use Webtexttool on a non-Wordpress site?

If incase you don't have a wordpress site and run a blogger blog or squarespace blog or tumblr, you can still use all WebTexttool tools, features and services by directly using their web application which can be found here.
  • Sign Up to WebTexttool Web application

Is WebTextTool The Best Yoast alternative?

It will be injustice to compare both these great plugins but satisfying a customer need is sometimes  impossible using a single tool or plugin. Sometimes you need to try out multiple things at the same time to achieve your desired objective. Optimizing wordpress sites is no more a complicated job or too techy task for bloggers today thanks to these easy to handle DIY plugins like WebTextTool and Yoast. This article will help you identify how webtexttool has a better front-end UI edge over Yoast and what are the unique webtexttool tools that Yoast does not support so far.
Yoast vs. WebTextTooL
Following are some areas where I found webtexttool extremely handy to use and more productive compared to Yoast SEO Plugin:
  1. Advanced Keyword Suggestion Tool
  2. More illustrative (no mess-up)
  3. More Descriptive and precise
  4. Real-time SEO Page Score tool
  5. Tracks Google Rank and Progress

1. Advanced Keyword Suggestion Tool

Yes webtexttool (WTT) has surely nailed Yoast in this feature without doubts! Our team is now addicted to WTT's awesome keyword research functionality that helps us find best keywords for our content based on Volume reach and competition. I have written a detailed tutorial where I explained step by step on how to do keyword research before writing your blog post.
For example I recently optimized our co-author Nida's post at richincomways using webtexttool:
Her blog post was on how Swede Mason became popular at youTube. So I picked the primary keyword as "Swede mason" to see what other possible keyword combinations we could use inside the post that people will be interested to search for.
webtexttool keyword suggestions After clicking the "Give me suggestions" button, these were the related keywords I got:
webtexttool keyword suggestions
I came to realize that he was more popularly searched as masterchef. Thus the idea clicked and we integrated these keywords in the blog post.

2. More illustrative (no mess-up)

The following is the content analysis reported displayed by YOAST SEO plugin:
Thing I didn't like is that all data is shown in one single bullet list in one go with no headings or illustration. This often gives content writers a headache and provides poor readability.
Yoast content Analysis
and following is the real-time optimization suggestions and analysis report displayed by WebTexTool.
Which one do you think is more illustrative? I let you guys to decide.
Webtexttool realtime SEO suggestions in wordpress

3. More Descriptive and precise

WebTextTool highlights each important SEO element in a separate section and gives you suggestions on how to improve it. Whether it be the image tags, meta description, title length, keyword density, intelligent use of Bold/italic text or heading tags, you are given clear and precise suggestions on how to make your content even more optimized and presentable for search robots.
Clicking any section will toggle display the best SEO practices that you need to follow in order to optimize your article.
webtexttool SEO suggestions

4. Real-time SEO Page Score tool

How can you get a quick idea of how optimized your blog post is? The only was to know that is through a scaling parameter that could quickly keep you updated with your optimization score. The higher your score, the better your content SEO. For this webtexttool makes use of a real-time SEO Page Score tool that automatically scans your content and calculates its SEO score based on the SEO techniques you applied. 
Webtexttool SEO Page Score
This score is all that matters for you now. As long as your score is above 80% you are good to go!

5. Tracks Google Rank and Progress

This is another unique feature of WTT that helps you track the Google rank of your published blog posts. I have written a detailed tutorial on how to track the SERPs rank of your blog using WebtextTool. Please read it for perfect clarification.

Shall you Stop using YOAST SEO Plugin?

No you must not!
Yoast is an excellent SEO plugin that can help you in several other ways. You can continue using it to optimize your URL and permalink structure, edit your .htaccess, robots.txt files and choose which pages to index. Yoast can also help you with real-time snippet preview.
As far as blog post content optimization is concerned I strongly recommend that you use webtexttool for major boost in your on-page optimization rankings. Your content is the only thing that matters more, it's the sole of your blog and is responsible for bringing you both traffic and search penalties. If you are careful in optimizing it, you will see your search organic graph climbing up and up. 

Have your tried WebTextTool yet?

Webtexttool SEO plugin has just been recently launched. Let me know how many of you are already using it and how has it helped you in better optimizing your wordpress sites. Our entire network blogs are now optimized using WTT and we have so far seen productive results. Do share your insights on this latest SEO plugin.
Feel free to ask for any help or assistance in the comment box below. Peace and blessings buddies. Wish you a healthy and optimized blogging career! =)

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