Leaked: Google Forced to Release their "Search Quality Ratings" Secrets!

Google Search Rating Secrets Finally Revealed!Google quality rating secrets had been leaked several times by different third party agencies and most often by evaluators hired by Google itself. A time has come when Google has finally decided to release the full version of their Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines PDF ebook consisting of 160 Pages with in-depth knowledge for webmasters, Bloggers and SEOs around the globe. The Pandora box of what exactly a Low Quality and High Quality Content has been finally disclosed with tons of illustrative examples and case studies. This ebook is the most precious resource that Google's team of quality raters uses to rate a website and decide its fate. It is the only thing you need as a blogger to learn what it takes to be a top ranked website on Desktop and Mobile! You might have seen a sudden disappearance of AdSense Ads from our Posts and changes to our site's above-the-fold content. All these changes have been made today to make sure we abide by the rules Google wants to rank us higher on SERPs.

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What's is so Magical about it?

Google never wanted you to read all of this ebook if it had not been leaked in chunks in recent years. This ebook is basically a training guide for agents Google hires to research the web and rate websites/blogs based on the guidelines Google proposed to them. So this ebook is never intended for publishers like you and I but we are fortunate that Google finally made it public and we can use it to get immense SEO knowledge from it.

It answers all the confusions revolving around the web on how Google ranks content, how its penalty algorithms like Google Panda and Penguin works and how exactly does Google identifies a Low Quality content from a High Quality content. After reading it you will be able to figure out all the mistakes you had been making that caused you consistent loss in search traffic.

1. Page Quality Rating Guidelines

This is the most important part of this ebook and the soul of it. Here you will find examples of sites that Google considers to fall in the category of Pages which are Low Quality, Lowest Quality, High Quality and Highest Quality. The Page Quality Rating scale is all that you need to understand.

Page Quality Rating Scale

In page#58 Google discusses the Top Three most important (Page Quality) PQ considerations which you must read.

2. Understanding Mobile User Needs

What do you do on your mobile smartphone? :)

Google answers it here through an image:

what do you do on a smartphone

Here the book discusses Mobile users, Mobile Queries and Mobile results. More and more people are preferring mobiles over desktop devices for searching and this is one reason why you must make sure your blog design is fluid and responsive. We have written a detailed tutorial series on this for BlogSpot blogs which you can read:

3. Needs Met Rating Guideline

You can surely skip this part if you want. Here the book discusses. Here the rating is done by focusing on mobile users by deciding how helpful and satisfying a certain search result is for the mobile user and whether or not it meets his needs.

Needs Met Rating Slider

4. Using The evaluation Platform

You can skip this part if you want. The Evaluation Platform is the system raters will use to acquire and rate websites. Only Authorized users can access it through this page.

Don't have time to read all the book?

No worries!

If those 160 pages are giving you a headache then I strongly recommend that you at least read the following pages and view the Image illustrations in each example:

  1. Example of High Quality Pages ---------- Page#23
  2. Example of Highest Quality Pages ------ Page#27
  3. Example of Low Quality Pages ----------- Page#37
  4. Example of Lowest Quality Pages ------- Page#48
  5. Example of Medium Quality Pages ------ Page#55

What makes a High Quality Page?

According to this book a High quality rating requires at least one of the following Characteristics:

  1. A satisfying amount of high quality Main Content (MC)
  2. The page and website are E-A-T i.e Expert, Authoritative, and Trustworthy for the topic of the page.
  3. The website has a good reputation for the topic of the page

Does your blog qualify for any one of the above mentioned PQ requirements? Even your About Us, Contact Us Pages help you rank higher! How regularly you update and maintain your blog also counts a lot. This book is a must read and I strongly recommend that you read it the sooner possible and act upon the advices given.

It's Time To Celebrate!

Indeed this ebook is all that we as publishers needed to better understand what exactly Google wants from us? It is surely no less than a treasure for bloggers and small web publishers.

I have started making some monetization changes by changing the locations of Ad slots to make sure they do not interfere with Main Content (MC) of my site and have placed all ads inside the Supplementary Content (SC) which includes your blog header/sidebar/footer. I will see how it effects our monthly stats and revenue.

I will keep you updated with several new interesting tips and will discuss some tutorials to help you improve the Page Quality of blog posts.

Let me know how any new discovery that may come across you after reading this ebook and share it with everyone here in the comments section so that we may all learn further from it. Did you now find the answer for your low search ranking? Do share it openly without hesitation! :)

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  1. AWESOME! Thanks for clearing it out! Gonna read that eBook now as i didn't know exactly what it has in its pages.

    1. Do share your summary of whatever you read dear Umar. Its the best remedy to every SEO disease. A best tool to better optimize your site for sure :)

  2. Hi Mohammad,

    Thanks for sharing this wonder information. I don't believe, Google has shared such a secret information to all the webmasters/bloggers.

    Now, Every authentic webmaster/blogger will try to maintain the Google webmaster quality guidelines.


    1. Indeed Reshma.

      The most interesting thing is the illustrations which highlights even some of the renown blog hosts which gives us a clear idea of which section needs more of our attention.

      I am just testing the new Ad placement changes that we have made and I will share the report in a week after analysis

  3. Thank you very much I will read full ebook.

  4. This is very good for webmasters but I think this ebook contain much information for internet users..

  5. Thank you shearing this eBook with us :) It's something that I've been looking for years...

    1. It is something that is surely what we all waited for =)

  6. Thank you for sharing a great post! Every webmasters need to know google's ranking secrets.

  7. Thanks for sharing a great post. This post really helps for every web blogger. Definitely will read this e book.

  8. How did you view the example pages linked in the document? If I click on an example of a page, it goes to something like this...
    And it says
    "User xyz@gmail.com not authorized.

    Error 401"



    1. Looks like they have blocked unauthorized access to these images. It is surely not a good news. But I am sure all these images will be leaked again.

  9. Wow! this is great information. I'm new to SEO and will read this ebook! Thank You