We are Coming to Pakistan Festival 2014!

Mohammad with Pakistan-Festival-Team

karachiites surprise! Pakistan Helpline in association with Talib e Ilm Society, Anima and students across Karachi has organized a mega event on 23rd March 2014 at EXPO center, to share the spirit of being a devoted and loyal Pakistani. 23 March holds great respect in attaining a separate state for Muslims. It was that famous resolution at Lahore that led to the creation of this great new country for Muslims.

It was a pleasure meeting President of TALIB E ILM Society (Syed Ali Raza) and Ayesha Gull (President Anima "Towards Light" ) at my house.  After a detailed talk we have confirmed our participation in the event at the annual Pakistan Festival at city's biggest EXPO Center. I was extremely delighted to meet Ayesha and Syed Raza Ali, people with extreme potential and energy. It is amongst the biggest events that will bring a crowd of over 3000 people from across the country on a single platform. I have a lot to share with you all, that most of you missed at Unexplored Success Treasures. Its time to meet Karachi with a lot of fun and excitement!


Team Pakistan Festival 2014

Registration Details:

Date: March 23, 2014
Time: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Venue: Karachi Expo Centre

For Tickets Contact

Syed Ali Raza ---- 0331-2024481
Muhammad Uzair: 03452924241
Faraz Ahmed: 0313-3848986

Festival Activities!

The organizers are working day and night to offer tonnes of exciting activities to keep you entertained throughout this entertaining hangout!

  1. Cultural Fashion Show
  2. Patriotic Plays and Skits by School Students Theatre
  3. Motivational Training Session - That's our part!
  4. Panel Discussion with Experts
  5. Inam Pakistan – A Give away question answer session
  6. National Songs by Young and Celebrated Artists
  7. Interactive Stalls of NGOs, Handicrafts and Articrafts
  8. Folk Performances depicting Cultural Harmony
  9. Fund Raising Activities
  10. Bachay Man Kay Sacchay Session with Nadeem Jaffri
What this time?

After the latest developments in internet such Facebook acquisition of whatsapp at $19 Billion and the rumors of Facebook's bid to buy internet at $54 Trillion, I guess it is equally important to let the youth understand the power of internet today. From Playstore to Appstore, making Millions of dollars worth revenue per month and fastest development at Silicon Valley, are our youngsters being trained enough to understand their God gifted potentials and do they really understand the basic definition of an entrepreneur or an innovator? In order to share some light on this topic and motivate youngsters to understand what treasures are they missing,, we have chosen the following topic to answer all questions related to the socio-economic conditions of youth today.

"Online Business - The Love Affair"

Following will be the core topics of my presentation:

  1. Types of Online businesses
  2. Blunt Lies being told at School, Colleges and Universities!
  3. Your Priceless Assets, resources and their smart use.
  4. The Fake Earning Mechanisms Online and the Black Giants
  5. Black Hat Techniques - concept of Halal and Haram Earning.
  6. Underground world of Freelancing Communities - Good/Bad Realties
  7. Blogging, Blogosphere - The Misuse
  8. The underestimated Golden Eggs!
  9. Advertising Networks - PPC, CPA, CPC, CPM etc.
  10. Art of Web Development and Mobile Development
  11. Affiliate Marketing - The Working strategies
  12. Some Funny yet practical real life stories!

Who is coming?

This event is heavily advertised across the country and people from all aspects of life are coming. Including great TV anchors, Journalists, Artists, Actors, celebs, NGO Heads, renown country entrepreneurs and who not! I am sharing below some pics to let you know who you will meet.

Fatima Suraiya Bajia

Mr.Faheem Siddiqui - GEO FIR

Aaj Tv Host Sherry


Dr Fouzia Siddiqui

ARY TV Famous Anchor: Iqrar-Ul-Hassan

Sir. Muhammad Ali Shyhaki

Any Questions?

Unexplored Success Treasures was the first and biggest conference held in the heart of Pakistan by STC Network and it went on to attract people from all aspects of life. UST indeed was a successful event that aimed at nothing but bringing Motivation and Inspiration straight from the heart of Pakistan! Where we shared love, joy and Hope all on a single Platform. But wait! Did we stop? In order to attract far bigger audience and create awareness and patriotism amongst the forcibly depressed youth, we are coming in Public again. We therefore request all MBT readers and STC Network followers not to miss this mega event. Its not just about attending an event, such events are rare in our country and when they come, they always change lives and give birth to new talents and national faces. Make sure you be amongst those who may make us proud tomorrow! Come along with your family, friends and colleges.Please let us know if you need any further details regarding registration. I am here for any help needed. Peace and blessings be upon you all buddies.

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  1. Dear Mustafa,
    No words to say about this great event on 23rd March, the awesome point in the venue is that; it's in the heart of Karachi, so whenever there is an event at Expo, thousands of people including families come to join and make it remarkable.

    And this time, you will also be HITTING the hearts, so in my opinion, it's a huge gathering ever in Karachi. Let's make it the biggest of all the time. See you there Buddy Inshallah.

    Abdul Wali - OnlineUstaad.com

    1. I would agree to that wali. Expo is the only place where families and people from all age group love to come and interact with another.

      These guys have put alot of efforts into making it the biggest event of the country and we all wish them the best of luck and would love to play our part to make it a memorable one inshAllah

      I am really pleased with your kind wishes and I would make sure to meet you in this expo. Like always, we would have a great dine out with remaining crew! :)

  2. that sound's cool buddys would become a great festival in karachi history inshallah

    1. Thank you waly and make sure you meet us. Your presence would mean a lot. Looking forward to see you :)

  3. And this time, I will finally be there too :)

    Wishes Brother

    1. You certainly will be to represent STC Network in EXPO. I have already submitted your name :)

  4. This post is not just an article but an inspiration and motivation for all of us. May Allah Bless you bro!

    Many best wishes for every step ahead.

    1. May God be with you always Ayesha. Thank you for inviting us again. I hope this event turns out to be as successful as PACC. :)

      Catch you at EXPO !!

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  6. Dear Mustafa
    Great Work, I appreciate Keep It Up

  7. you are doing great job,good keep it up

    1. Thank you pavithra, wish to see our indian fellows one day. We will be there too someday. :)

  8. brother.
    i want to copy post from your blog and post it my blog,
    and give credit to your blog,
    will u permit it ???

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