Facebook Will Buy Internet At $54 Trillion! Really?

Facebook Will Buy Internet At $54 TrillionThe name Facebook is not new to anyone, it is today’s most famous online social networking website or service that came from a idiom for the encyclopedia which was handed over to some of the students of some American university. The founder of Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg in collaboration with the colleagues named Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. It is due to its immense success that now it is considered as worlds 5th most successful startup company of all times in terms of its market capitalization, in terms of its revenue generation and the speed of its growth. After a chain of great successes, Facebook is now again ready to surprise its users by making its largest requisition.

Facebook – As the most powerful requisition company

The value of Facebook in 2014 has reached up to the limits of 104 billion dollars and its market capitalization has mounted to 134 billion dollars. Today it is being said that Facebook is in complete preparation to make its net move and the biggest purchase ever. It is according to the news given by TechCrunch and CNBC that Facebook is in collaboration with the authorities in order to buy the drone manufacturer Titan Aerospace for $60 million to which they will make utilizations as a vehicle to help make user that the use of internet is even and completely spread all over the world.
most powerful requisition company
This is though a very strong acquisition for Facebook, buying a drone manufacturer like that, but most remarkably the major focus is to buy the purchaser technology corporations and apps along with the establishments including WhatsApp and Instagram but according to the initial reports of the outlets it is being said that the purchase will attend internet.org which will be considered as an initiative that has been launched by the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg that is meant for bringing the entire world close by means of internet.

The Real Story

It is being supposed that Facebook will buy the Titan Aerospace, makers of near-orbital, solar-powered drones that are supposed to fly continuously for five years without having to land on earth any time soon. The prices which are being set for the acquisition is supposed to be around 60 million dollars and form the understanding of critics, Facebook is attentive in making the most of these such high flying drones to cover up those parts of the world who are in dire need of an internet connection in the areas.
The commencement of this project will start from Africa and major parts of it which are without the access of a decent internet connection. The company is thinking about building around eleven thousands of these unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), specifically the “Solara 60″ model. An example of such models can be easily seen on YouTube and other sites which will explain how these drones can be considered as atmospheric satellites that are made-up to carry out the conduction of the operations of an orbital satellite system but are much cheaper in price and are more modified than the other ones.

Titan Aerospace-As a gigantic company

These drone models are supposed to fly so high which is as much as around 65 thousand feet which is far more effective in working as a satellite device with much less operating costs, making them cost effective and also what their company calls them “atmospheric parking”. The models of such drones are considered to carry up around 100 kg of the entire equipment.
Titan Aerospace  a gigantic company
It has been claimed recently by TechCrunch that Facebook is showing interest in buying some of these solar powered devices or drones which are allowed to remain into the space for about five years without causing any hindrance in the hope that they can effortlessly be improved to provide great internet connection in the areas which are in calamitous need for an internet admittance.

What to Expect Out of This Acquisitions?

According to the owners of Facebook it is very easy to take those people for granted which have complete access to the internet connection but only 2.7 billion people in the world are lucky to have such resources and others are un-able to stay connected to the world. The major objective of this project is to connect everyone right now but with the aid of some melodramatic changes possible.
facebook and Titan Aerospace
The plan might be a little eccentric than it seems but if Facebook can convince the authorities to use Titan’s drones to do such experimenting on the internet then it is possible for them to get deeply and entirely hooked up in to the world of social media and services which will help them turn into a money-spinning lifetime user. Facebook is playing the long game here actually and hopefully everyone will have access to an affordable internet connection in the coming times which will help them join acquaintance economy and gain more procurement influence.
So this is really interesting to see Facebook growing with such a great pace.
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